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Going East: Travel Tips For China

For many people, a vacation means a trip to Disneyland or to a tropical beach someplace, but others want to immerse themselves in a culture that s different from their own. With a long history, different culture, and a growing relationship with the West, China makes a great travel destination, as long as you follow a few travel tips while in China. What follows is a set of travel tips for China that is intended to help you to better enjoy your time there.

Bring An Extra Bag

China offers a variety of products that are not readily available in the United States. For instance, silk and jade items are much less expensive in China than in the United States. So, for those of you who will be looking to purchase these bargains, the first of our travel tips for China that you should heed is to pack an extra bag! By ensuring that you have something to store your treasures in without overstuffing the bags with your clothes, you ll be able to shop worry-free.

When Do You Go?

Just as the United States covers a variety of latitudes, China also boasts a large expanse of land and varying temperatures. If you re looking to avoid cold and want to avoid the rainy season in the summer, then most people who give travel tips for China would suggest that you head out in May, September, or October. Like in the United States, temperatures should be neither too warm nor too cool, but you ll also avoid the wet season.


Undoubtedly, some of you will need to plug in a hair dryer, or an electric razor while in China, so the next of our travel tips for China is intended to prepare you for this. While some hotels will be wired for 110-volt current, used in the United States, Chinese outlets provide 220-volt current. In order to ensure that your appliances work while you re in the country, be sure to pack an adapter.

Go More Than Once

Finally, the last of our travel tips for China is a suggestion that you plan multiple trips there. For your first trip there, get a travel guide and sightsee to your heart s content, hitting the major cities, but keep in mind that Chinese culture can offer a wide diversity of experiences, just as regions of the United States offer different experiences. After your initial experience in China, take another trip and just explore one region to really soak in the flavor of the Chinese culture. You ll find that each subsequent trip to China offers something new and interesting.

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