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Maui Travel Tips  Getting Around the Island

Maui has the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii. It has more beaches than the main island and it is so beautiful that is takes your breath away. Maui is called Hawaii s Magic Isle maybe because of the magic that draws visitors back every year. Here are some Maui travel tips to keep you on you toes in Maui.

The very first of several Maui travel tips, is to know when to book your Maui trip. Peak season for travel in Maui are the colder months of Mainland USA. Actually, the weather in Maui is all the same year round except for strong winds and waves during the colder months. It is the cold months in the Mainland that sends travelers to Hawaii, more specifically Maui and not the change of weather in Maui because the weather is usually beautiful in Hawaii.

Another tip is to take the scenic drive on Hana Highway (Route 36) to Hana. Hana is a small place that is rather remote and not as progressive as the other resort town or cities in Maui. The drive itself is full of adventure and stops where you can take in the culture and the attractions of the island and Hana.

The next Maui travel tip is take care not to shop too much in Maui because you might be overloaded on the way home! Maui offers some of the most exciting shopping options in the Hawaiian Islands. You just might have a hard time choosing which souvenirs to bring home and what to give to your fiends and relatives from Maui.

The next of many Maui travel tips is to snorkel and dive in the south side of the island. The waters are calmer and ore tranquil here compared to any other part of the island. There are also many diving outfits that can cater to your needs although, it is best to choose the companies that are already well known and have trained professionals to accompany you out to sea.

More Maui travel tips are the North Shore waves are very exciting waves and many surfers just love to catch them especially during the windier months. For safer, windsurfing, the South side can also offer waves that are not as lethal as those in the North Shore.

Next tip in line is the reservation for the luau. Please reserve private luaus for big groups well in advance for the hotel to arrange it. Luaus are the equivalent of a party in Hawaii. These include a several local dishes, fruits and a roasted pig which is the center of the feast.

These are just a few of the many Maui travel tips that on can get from the internet. Researching for the best things to see and do in Maui is a great way to start planning for your vacation

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