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A Popular Destination Travel Tips For A German Vacation

Fifty years ago, Germany was not high on the list of top vacation destinations. In recent years, however, Germany has become a popular travel destination for vacationers around the world. From January to June of 2006 alone, more than 2.2 million Americans chose to vacation in Germany.

As in any country, Germany has several unique customs, traditions, and laws that distinguish it from other countries in Europe and throughout the rest of the world. A few travel tips for your trip to Germany will increase your awareness of these laws and customs, and enhance your trip to this beautiful country.

Before You Go To Germany Travel Tips To Know

One of the many Germany travel tips that many vacationers fail to follow through on is acquiring basic knowledge of Germany before they leave. You should know the regulations concerning your visa and passport, as well as what vaccinations you will need before traveling to Germany. (Usually, no vaccinations are required).

Learning about the German culture is one travel tip that will serve you well on your trip to Germany. Knowing the etiquette and customs ahead of time will prevent you from making any embarrassing social mistakes. Additionally, be prepared to follow the metric system and exchange your money for Euros.

Follow The Law

This Germany travel tip is not only for your convenience, but for your protection as well. Germany has several laws and regulations that might come as a surprise to unsuspecting travelers. For example, most items and material related to World War II, Nazis, fascism, or racism are forbidden to travel in and out of the country.

Driving laws in Germany might differ from your native laws as well. Autobahn, for example, is a road world renowned for the sections that are without speed limits. Germany also has many laws relating to driver courtesy that lessen the likelihood of accidents. The legal blood-alcohol content is typically lower than in other countries.

As in any foreign country that you visit, it is important to know the telephone information of the local law enforcement organization. Knowing this information could save your life in an emergency.

Join In On The Fun

If you are looking for your next vacation destination, jump on the bandwagon and add Germany to your list of travels. Don t forget to do your homework before you go, however. In Germany, travel tips are your key to a successful vacation.

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