Shopping For A Brazilian String Bikini

If you have worn a string bikini swimsuit before then you might have heard the term Brazilian string bikini used to describe certain bikinis. How is the Brazilian different from other bikinis? Well the main difference is in the design of the bikini bottom.

You will see that the bikini bottom on a Brazilian string bikini is V shaped from the front and the back. This type of bikini can be very unforgiving to your figure and may not be suitable for every body type. So while it may be fashionable think twice before you get a string bikini.

Choosing A Brazilian

If you decide to get a Brazilian string bikini the first thing you need to get is a Brazilian wax. This type of bikini wax came about specifically because of the way the bikini bottoms on this type of string bikini are cut. A Brazilian can be painful but many women swear that this is the way to go when it comes to bikini waxes.

The second thing you need to make sure of when you are shopping for a Brazilian string bikini is that you have the right body type. Petite women have the best body type for this particular bikini. This is because the string bikini offers very little support for the bust and provides very little coverage.

If you are at all self conscious about your body and how it looks in a bikini then this is definitely not the bikini for you. A Brazilian string bikini exposes quite a bit of your posterior so you will want to make sure that you are really in shape before heading to the beach wearing a Brazilian string bikini.

If you plan on simply sunbathing then this is the perfect swimwear to show off your curves while looking smoking hot. However you should exercise a great deal of caution if you intend to do anything besides tan yourself at the beach. The Brazilian string bikini is held in place with strings after all. You need to make sure everything is securely fastened before heading to the beach.

You could find yourself in for an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction if you play beach volleyball or go swimming in this little bikini. However for maximum sexiness and an ideal way to show off your killer curves there is nothing else but the Brazilian for the summer. Just remember that there are risks when wearing this type of swimsuit.

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