Retro Sexiness In Strapless One Piece Swimwear

At one time the strapless one piece swimwear was all the rage. Now the style that dominates is the micro bikini. Unfortunately not all of us have bodies that look good in itsy bitsy bikinis. In fact some of us might not be comfortable showing that much skin no matter what shape we were in.

For those of you beach babes who want the retro chic of the 50 s then there s nothing like strapless one piece swimwear. Far from dowdy these swimsuits can actually be very stylish and are very flattering to womanly bodies and for those who are proud of their curves.

Sliming Effect

If you have problem areas around your hips and stomach and don t feel comfortable in a two piece suit then look for the strapless one piece swimwear. It will highlight your shoulders and draw attention away from your bottom half. With the right details your swimsuit can also help to slim down your silhouette.

One effect or detail to look for in strapless one piece swimwear is a shirred front. You might also want to look for a one piece suit that has a tummy control feature. This will help you feel confident on the beach even when you haven t had time to hit the gym in time for beach season.

If you have a larger bust but still want to rock strapless one piece swimwear then look for a swimsuit that has some underwire support. This is also great if you are self conscious about your cleavage and would like to enhance it.

Support can also be found in a strapless one piece swimwear in the bandeau halter style. This is a very modern and chic style. It is great if you would like to go snorkeling or go swimming as it gives you support while still looking stylish when you are out of the water. The halter style is also great for drawing attention upwards if you feel your problem areas are on your bottom half.

The strapless one piece swimwear styles that are high cut are great for making shorter women look taller and leaner. Avoid one piece suits with boy short cut bottoms as this will only draw attention to your hips and make your legs look shorter.

However if you have a boyish figure then go ahead and wear skirted or boy short like bottoms on your strapless one piece swimwear. You can add curves to your figure in this way. The one piece will be a sure hit this summer.

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