Plus Size Swimwear Has Grown Leaps and Bounds

What used to be just one or two granny-type of swimsuits has now become a major segment of any swimwear fashion line. Plus size swimwear is no longer just limited to one or two styles. From halter tankinis to handkerchief style tops, there is a great variety of plus size swimwear out there now. So how do you choose which style is right for you?

Hide And Seek

What do you want to flaunt and what do you want to hide? A woman has to be comfortable with her body. Sure, not all parts might be perfectly proportioned but there has to be something that you like. Depending on what you are at ease with, you can choose a plus size swimwear design that accentuates the positive and plays down the areas you feel you still need to work on.

Two Piece Options In Plus Size Swimwear

If you are not comfortable with your belly bulge, you can go for a tankini, which is more like a tank top, only in swimwear-approved material. You feel as comfortable as you do when you are wearing your favorite tank. If you are uncomfortable with your thigh area, then go for a skirtini or boy short as compared to the regular panty-like options you get in swimsuits. Some short skirts even have ruffles and pleats to hide your rear end even better.

One Piece Styles

Some women just prefer the convenience and stretch that a good one-piece bathing suit provides. They too have options in plus size swimwear. There are tummy-tuck versions of plus size swimwear designs that drape the fabric on your mid0section in such a way that it looks like you have lost inches in that trouble area. Alternatively, a wrap around style also accentuates your arms and cleavage without focusing on the belly and bottom. If designers are out of your reach, there are several discount plus size swimwear options available too.

Prints And Colors

Once you have decided on the style of plus size swimwear that makes you feel the most comfortable; then experiment with different designs and patterns. Solid colors may give you a stretched out, even look but they are also the most telling of tiny bulges and creases here and there. Big prints may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a big floral or abstract print can hide many flaws. Animal prints are also in fashion and do wonders for problem areas. So see what you feel your best in and then just take the plunge – literally and figuratively!

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