Looking Great In A String Bikini Swimsuit

Every year women go through the ordeal of having to choose the right bikini. There are plenty of styles to choose from but unfortunately not all bikinis on sale will flatter your body. Being smart about the type of cotton string bikini you choose is the best way to look fabulous on the beach.

A string bikini swimsuit is a daring choice but with the right body type this swimsuit will not only flatter it will look simply amazing. There is possibly no other style of bikini that is as sexy as the string bikini. However this bikini can look like a disaster if you do not have a body that is suited to this style.

The Right Body

If you have long legs and have a slim body then the string bikini swimsuit is ideal for you. Your great legs will be accentuated in bikini bottoms that have ties. Your shoulders will look great in anything that ties around the neck and shoulders. Triangle tops are the best way to make someone who has a somewhat rectangular frame look great. You can show off your upper half and make your body look curvier.

It might sound surprising that pear shaped women look great in the string bikini swimsuit too. Choose small bottom with ties matched with a triangle top bikini can help to balance your shape. You may want to shop for bikini tops and bottoms that are sold separately to find the best fit.

If you are curvier then you should probably avoid the string bikini swimsuit. It can cause love handles to appear where a different type of bikini would flatter. The string bikini swimsuit is also not a good idea for anyone who is busty. This bikini doesn t offer much coverage and does not offer enough support. Choose halter style bikinis instead that have foam cups or underwire for support.

The string bikini swimsuit tends to have bottoms that are quite low waisted. If you have a boyish figure then avoid this style. High waisted bikini bottoms will look better on you as well as offering a little tummy control should you feel a little self conscious about this area of your body.

This bikini is also a bad idea for anyone who wants to be active on the beach. It can be quite flimsy and is best kept for the days when you want to lie on the beach with your favorite magazines.

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