All About The G String Bikini

The G string bikini is an item that can prove to be a real hit as it tends to make the wearer look sporty and sexy and is a lot of fun to wear as well. It is an item that is ideally worn by someone wishing to develop an excellent tan and it can be worn with abandon at pool parties and by the beach as well as on a romantic weekend at an exotic island. There are many different colors to choose from and typically a well suited G string bikini is one that has floral prints and which is also quite playful.

Feel Daring

If you feel particularly daring then you might want to sport a G string bikini that has animal prints or is glittering or even fluorescent and colors such as black and red and white as too solid yellow are classic colors that will ensure that your G string bikini looks good on you.

You need to of course pay special attention to the top which should be revealing and a smaller size will prove to be more ideal for a woman whose body is especially curvaceous. Other features to look for in the G string bikini top include ease with which you can tie and untie the top which is especially necessary when you with to do some serious sunning and even when you wish to enjoy having water splash your body without having anything on your body. Also, the G string bikini top should be easy to adjust so that you are always feeling comfortable in it.

The G string bikini bottom should be such that it accentuates all your main body assets. You need to for example ensure that the string straps will sit very comfortably on your hips and they should also adjust well to your body size as well as allow enough mobility while at the same time makes you look sexier as well. Typically, the G string bikini bottom comes with a tiny sized triangle at the back while there is a larger triangle in the front and these can be of any kind of color and pattern as well as design and even material. It is only necessary that your G string bikini shows off your curvaceous body in best light for it to be a hit.

String bikini underwear items are readily available and in fact some of the best known names including Hanes offer a wide variety of options. It is therefore a good idea to shop for these items online where you will find much variety and better prices.

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