Advantages of lighter bats

With weight, think light. A light bat makes it easier for your kids to control their swings. Don t let those old-fashioned coaching types tell you that you need a heavy bat to deliver the hits. Kids can actually hit the ball harder and farther with a light bat because they can swing a light bat faster. If you need proof, consider that the NCAA and high school rules officials have passed prohibitions on baseball bats so they cannot be 3 ounces or more lighter than the bat s length in inches.

When it comes to length and bats for kids, the rules state that Little League baseball bats must be less than or equal to 32 inches in length. Their barrels cannot be more than 2.25 inches in diameter. Of course, for kids in the Farm league (age 7 to 8) you don t want to push these limits. A length of 26 to 27 inches will do.

For the Junior Minors (age 8 to 9), try 27 to 29 inches. For Senior Minors (age 9 to 12), try 28 to 31 inches. And for the Majors (age 10 to 12), you can buy a bat anywhere from 29 to 32 inches.

Comparing Sirius and XM Radio

You need to compare Sirius and XM Radio if you want to buy satellite radio. Satellite radio has become the in thing in radio entertainment for your car, home, and office. You can t beat the freedom from commercials and static. No longer do you have worry about listening to those obnoxious jingles selling this item or that. No longer do you need to worry about traveling through the boonies, where you can only pick up signals for the knitting station.

Satellite radio solves all those problems. Its digital quality audio is second to none. Its commitment to providing you interruption free radio around the globe is unrivaled. However, there comes a problem when you try to determine which satellite radio provider to choose. The big two are XM Radio and Sirius. And the big question is how to compare Sirius and XM Radio.

First, understand that Sirius is the upstart in the couple. XM Radio has been advertising itself longer, and thus has the bigger listener block of 2 million people. It has had the time to establish an excellent system of 68 commercial-free music channels to listen to with a wide range of music. It also adds 33 channels of news, sports, leading talk shows, and entertainment programs to its programming mix. To top it off, it has revolutionized the satellite radio world by providing 21 channels of up to date weather and traffic for most major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Wireless Technologies for a gaming laptop

Of course, to maximize Web gaming, you should shoot for a laptop with the finest in wireless technology, such as Bluetooth and Wi Fi connectivity. These will add the mobile to your mobile gaming, allowing you to challenge the competition in San Diego, California and San Juan, Costa Rica.

When comparing prices and models, it goes with out saying that you should maximize your hard drive space, RAM memory, and processor speed. After all, these components are the backbone of any computer system, let alone the best gaming laptop.

Cell phone models and Service Plans

There are so many cell phone manufacturers that is now difficult to keep up with the options.  There are so many options now when it comes to cell phones, deal, plans and accessories how do you choose and are there really any major differences between the cell phone companies?

The first thing your will notice when making your comparisons is that the cell phone companies manufacture phones and other wireless products that can be used with different service plan providers and they various plans that they in turn offer to the consumer. Not all the companies make products that are compatible with all plans and deals. For example, if you want to sign up with T-Mobile and take advantage of their camera phone plan, then you can choose from phones made by Sony Ericsson and Motorola, as a preference.

Customizing the cell phone using accessories

The headset is a very important cell phone accessory because it is the safest way to drive a car and talk on the phone at the same time. It is proven to improve your awareness and reaction time compared to holding the phone to your head. With a built in digital camera, you have the ability to take a picture and send it anywhere right on your phone. You never know how useful and fun this feature is until you have tried it.

Cell phone accessories that make your phone more fun include faceplates, songs that act as your ringer, cell phone cases and games. You can get a faceplate in almost any design from your favorite football team to your favorite flower. You can even download your favorite song as a downloadable ring tone playing as your ringing sound. You can truly customize your phone to fit your personality and all you need is some cell phone accessories.

Selecting coffee beans for a gift basket

You know how hard it can be to pick out clothes to give to a friend or loved one for a present. What makes you think it should be any different when you buy a coffee gift basket as a present? Actually, buying a coffee gift basket for the java junky in your life is a fantastic idea all to itself. But you can perfect the plan by choosing the types of coffee for the basket that you know they ll love.

There are a handful of guidelines that the experts recommend for selecting the right blends for your coffee gift basket. The first guidelines is to decide what kind of coffee body your friend or family member prefers. For instance, do they like the bottom of the pot? That means they probably like their coffee stiff. Or do they usually add less than a whole packet to their pots of coffee? That could indicate that they like their joe on the light side.

Buying the right bat

Buying the right baseball bats for kids is as important as buying the right glove, the cleats, and every other piece of equipment for the sport. The right bat can directly affected how your kids perform at the plate, and conversely, the wrong bat can leave your kids struggling on the peewee team.

However, ask somebody how to buy the best bat for your kids, and you ll get the rigamarole. Some folks will say buy heavy and let your kid adjust for greater power. Others will say buy long and let your kids choke up on the grip so they can handle the extra few inches. Others will say pray to Jobu and hope he delivers the proper bat to you.

Just like he didn t cut it for Charlie Sheen and the boys in the hit movie Major League, Jobu won t help if you re looking to purchase bats for kids. The key is taking in all of the advice from experts, and looking for consistency. In this case, the chorus of voices says one thing: both length and weight are important.

The number of channels in Comcast and Directv

Or if entertainment, information, and sports are more your thing, check out such Comcast channels as Disney, Biography, The Golf Channel, E!, National Geographic Channel, VH1, and MTV. For those moments of reflection, work, or housecleaning, Comcast also can bring you as many as 45 channels of commercial-free music for every possible taste. Hook up your digital box to your stereo to pump out the jams in digital sound. The 35 pay-per-view channels on cable makes the Comcast Directv comparison even more difficult to make.

Directv and other satellite providers, though, can bring you nearly as many channels: more than 125. These include more than 30 premium movie channels, 60 pay per view movies, and 36 commercial-free radio channels. You can also pick up on your dish the local channels, too, if you live in or near a major U.S. cities. Wherever you live, you don t need to pay extra for digital sound.

Sports fans may find the Comcast Directv comparison tipping in satellite s favor. Directv has exclusive packages for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and any other sport under the sun, or dome.

Mobile chipsets and wide screen display for a gaming laptop

Nowadays, no matter what brand or model it is, the best gaming laptop must first and foremost come with Intel Centrino mobile technology. These new chipsets make sure that your notebook doesn t burn through its battery after only a few rounds of Doom III. All the while, this mobile technology maximizes the graphic output, making images and movement appear smooth and crisp, not choppy and blurred.

Of course, to properly appreciate these high-grade visuals, you need a large, potentially wide screen, display. Shoot for upwards of 14 or 15 inches, with wide angles and crystal clear imaging. The extra display size may make your laptop a bit more unwieldy, but you re there to play the computer, not lug it around.

The best gaming laptop

The best gaming laptop crown seems to get passed around a lot like every couple of months. The pace of technology is astounding. Then again, it can be pretty frustrating if you just bought what you thought what the king of gaming notebooks, only to have a new king appear on the market a few weeks later.

That s why it may be better to consider looking for certain qualities in a gaming computer, rather than a specific brand or model. Models get switched out every so often. Brands get hyped by the reporters and computer magazines one issue, only to have their reputations bashed in the next. Instead, hunt for consistent quality across the board instead of just a flash in the pixilated pan.