Republic Mortgage Insurance Company A Name You Can

Republic Mortgage Insurance Company A Name You Can Trust

The Republic Mortgage Insurance Company helps lenders by making sure they get reimbursed if a person ends up having to go into foreclosure. These losses can cost banks millions and without quality companies like the Republic Mortgage Insurance Company to stand behind the loans banks would quickly run into more serious problems and possibly even have to close their doors.

History Of Republic Mortgage Insurance Company

Beginning in 1972 Republic Mortgage Insurance Company has always prided themselves on their customer service. The currently have more then 2000 active customers they have a strong enough base to support the company without losing that personal touch. Currently the company is managed by Chris Nard, the acting OCEO. Together with other members of the senior executive team, Chris continues to lead the Republic Mortgage Insurance Company in a profitable direction.

The Mortgage Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Old Republic International Corporation. This company was founded in 1923, although some of their subsidiaries have histories extended farther back. This company is one of the top 50 largest shareholder owned insurance business in the United States. They provide a wide variety of risk management services to customers around the world. The primary focus is in the mortgage and personal property fields. They have served many of the United States leading industrial, commercial, and residential lenders for over seventy five years.

The Republic Mortgage Insurance Company offers a wide variety of services including lender paid mortgage insurance. Their operating philosophy is very similar to the conservative outlook of the parent company. The core values concentrate on core competencies dedicated towards strong capitalization with a willingness to forego volume in poor market situations. This long term view means that the lenders and their customers will be safe from fluctuations and down turns. They believe in long term relationships and offer knowledgeable and professional service.

One can trust Republic Mortgage Insurance Company to come through on their commitments and honor all true claims as quickly as possible. Not only will they get the lenders the money they need quickly but courteously as well. This company lives by its word and has been true to it since it was founded.

As you can see the Republic Mortgage Insurance Company has a long standing tradition of customer service and protection for its clients. If your bank is requesting that you get mortgage insurance, you are going to want to see the services that they have to offer.

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