Gold Jewelry Is Forever

All jewelry made of gold is very popular in India. Besides being an expensive metal, it has a deeper importance in the lives of all Indian women. It is a special adornment for married women and is also considered an investment, because its value appreciates much more than gemstones or pearls. According to the Hindu mythology, gold has a heating effect and it is also considered to be metal possessing maximum potency.

The artisans who create the exquisite gold jewelry in India belong to families, who trade only in jewelry. Of course, now there are designs and gold jewelry items which are made by machines, but most of the jewelry in India is handcrafted by experienced artisans of the trade.

Custom Made

Gold jewelry has an exclusive range covering a large variety of patterns. It is now made in several finishes and colors. Very often the customer can choose his pattern and order his item, instead of buying a ready-made product. Now, gold jewelry can be bought on websites, and also from jewelry shops which offer a guarantee of the gold.


The inclusions of gemstones for gold jewelry are also a popular feature of the Indian jewelry scene. The jewelry of Jaipur (in India) is popular all over the world now, as it caters to the Asian and the European women and can be matched to their styles.

In Italy

But countries like Italy in Europe also offer a wide range of designs in gold jewelry. The gold often used there is 14 carat, and the items are anklets, bangles, bracelets and Italian chains. They also have the latest exquisite designs of jewelry for men. There is also a range of religious jewelry which they offer. Gold designer jewelry offered by them comes with an assortment of various colored natural stones.

A Deeper Meaning

Jewelry is a special possession. It is a legacy because it lasts forever. The experiences associated with it can make you emotional and sentimental, so it gives you pleasure by evoking happy memories. So, when you buy a piece of jewelry, it becomes a unique treasure, which you can create and collect over a period of time.

There are several gold jewelry shops in India which will provide you a wide variety of exquisite jewelry. Quality is of utmost importance to them because they value their craftsmanship as well as their customer service. But check out the gold prices of the day before you visit their showrooms, and remember, that the strength of the gold is important, which should be stamped behind the item that you are buying.

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