Writing Fundraising Letters

If you are in charge of fundraising for your organization, you might be stressed or feel like you are in over your head. Do not despair just yet! Depending on your organization and level or notoriety among the local community and businesses, you may be able to fundraise by writing letters to local businesses and people in the community. However, you will want to follow some basic fundraising letter tips when asking for money through fundraising letters. These are easy fundraising tips that will help you to raise the money you need for your organization.

Do Not Plead!

The first fundraising letter tip is to not plead with your letter recipient. If you plead for them to donate money or services, they will most likely be turned off by your letter. Anyone sounding desperate or needy will most likely not do well with a letter writing fundraiser. Instead, here is a fundraising letter tip to get the most funds possible. Be confident! Tell the recipient what you are doing this year and what you will use the money for. Tell him or her what events you will be participating and explain how your organization actually will help the community. Instead of sounding needy, make the person want to donate to help, not to make himself feel better.

Write More Letters!

The next fundraising letter tip is to send more letters! You may think that you are sending enough, but try to double or triple that amount. The only way that you are going to bring in money for your organization is to send out as many letters as possible. Send letters to every business regardless of whether or not it is locally owned and operated. Locally owned businesses may be more willing to donate, but larger retail stores in your area usually have more disposable funds and the means to actually donate more money to your organization.

Be Grammatically Correct!

This may seem like a self explanatory fundraising letter tip, but one of the most basic fundraising letter tips is to make sure that your letter is grammatically correct. No business or company in the community will want to donate money if your organization does not seem to be a professional organization. One key component in making sure that your letter is grammatically correct is having several different people proofread it. Do not rely solely on your word program to check for grammatical errors as they can often times be incorrect.

These fundraising letter tips will help you to have a successful letter writing fundraising campaign!

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