Car Wash Fundraiser Tips And Ideas

A car wash can be a great fundraiser for your organization. People get their cars washed on a regular basis, and if they know that they can get their car washed and support a local organization, they are more inclined to use that car washing service. Plus, most car wash fundraisers charge lower prices than the local drive through car wash or coin operated carwash. However, there are several key factors in having the best car wash fundraiser possible. Read and consider these car wash fundraiser tips and ideas before holding your car wash fundraiser.

Car Wash Fundraiser Tip One: Location, Location, Location!

The first car washing fundraiser tip is all about location! If you want to have the best car wash fundraiser possible, you need to be in a prime location. Unless your high school or organization headquarters is in a central location, this is usually not the best place to have your car wash. Instead, talk to the local post office, large bank, church in town, or grocery store. These are all central places where many people go. You want to have your car wash in a very well populated area. A location in the middle of town is the best place to have your car wash as there will be many people coming in and around the area.

Car Wash Fundraiser Tip Two: Time It Right!

Just like with a fundraising letter tip, you need to time your car wash correctly. You cannot have a car wash on a Tuesday at two in the afternoon and expect to have optimal results. Instead, hold your car wash on a Saturday morning. More people will be out and about on Saturday morning and have the time to get their car washed. Even if you have a car wash early in the morning or late in the afternoon on a weekday, many people will either be heading to work or trying to get home after a long day at work. Having the car wash on a Sunday afternoon is also a great idea. This way you will catch people when they are leaving church and they might be in a generous mood!

Car Wash Fundraiser Tip Three: Price It Right!

The price of your car wash is also an important car wash fundraiser tip. Instead of having a set price, try doing it by donations. Most people will give at least five dollars, so you can guarantee that you will make that much off of each car. Others, however, will pay much more for that car wash. If you have a set price, people may not feel as obligated to pay larger amounts.

If you follow these car wash fundraiser tips, you will have a successful car wash fundraiser!

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