What is the Top Caribbean Cruise?

What is the Top Caribbean Cruise?

I have been on every Caribbean Cruise out there and for me there is one destination that stands out as the number one spot on any of the best eastern Caribbean cruises. What makes it the top Caribbean cruise spot? Is it the endless miles of gorgeous beaches? Is it the amazing shopping and cute little stores? Is it the unique snorkeling spots? The answer is yes to all of them. To truly be consider the top Caribbean cruise spot you really need to have all of those things.

The Number One Top Caribbean Cruise Spot Saint Maarten

Some people love Saint Thomas and Saint Croix, but for me the one spot I always have to go when I am in the Caribbean is Saint Maarten. There is so much to do here that there is no way that you can not consider it to be the top Caribbean cruise spot out of all the options. Whether it is snorkeling, shopping or just laying on the beach Saint Maarten has it all.

Orient bay has almost one and a half miles of beaches so that you have more then enough real estate to pick you spot. After a fun day relaxing on the beach you can go into town and try one of the many French Cafes that are all over the island. Offering first class cuisine in a unique and absolutely original environment, this area has been called the French Riviera of the Caribbean.

If you are looking to go shopping you can take advantage of the great prices at the islands duty free shops. Many of these stores will have prices at 25-50 percent less then what you would see in the United States in Europe. Merchant compete daily for your business and prices on jewelry and gems is very aggressive, so if you are looking for mementos this is the time to get them.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can go to Shipwreck cove and explore endless coral reefs and tropical fish. In addition there are actual shipwrecks that you can scuba to if you are a true adventurer. You can also take a Kayak tour of the many lagoons, estuaries and rivers that empty into the ocean. These trips offer a unique look at the many exotic birds and wildlife of the island.

As you can see Saint Maarten has a little bit of everything for everyone. This makes it to me the top Caribbean cruise destination in the islands. It is up to you, but whatever you want to do you can bet that you will find it here in Saint Maarten.

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