The Best Eastern Caribbean Cruise Destination

The Best Eastern Caribbean Cruise Destination

If you are looking to plan you cruise and want to stop at the best eastern Caribbean cruise spot there are many different locations to choose from. For me there are many different ones and choosing the best eastern Caribbean cruise location will come down to personal preference. While I can not tell you what the best eastern Caribbean cruise destination is, I can give you some advice on what to look for when finding your personal best eastern Caribbean cruise spot. Many of these same things will hold true for finding the best southern Caribbean cruise spot as well, so take note when planning your trip.

Must Haves For The Best Eastern Caribbean Cruise Spot

The first thing you need to have is beaches. Beaches are what truly make the Caribbean great, and miles of white pristine sand are the most iconic representation of this paradise. I would look for an island with extensive public beaches that are within walking distance of lodging. These should be easy enough to find and almost all of the destinations have access to this.

Part and parcel with the beaches is snorkeling and scuba diving. The coral reefs in the Caribbean are some of the fines in the entire world and if you enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving then finding a location that has unique and fun dives is a must. Several of the islands give you the opportunity to dive on a real shipwreck, and if you can I highly suggest taking the chance to take advantage of this.

Next up is shopping. One of the best aspects sometimes overlooked on the Caribbean islands is the shopping. Many of the islands offer duty free shops where you can get 25-50% the price you would normally see in the US or Europe. Specialties of these shops include jewelry and gems, so if you are looked for a prized memento I suggest finding an island that has many shops where prices are competitive.

Last up is dining. There are some islands that have unique restaurants and even more unique cuisine. I would take some time to do research on the islands and their local cuisine and if you find some you like, be sure to plan a stop.

As you can see there are many things that go into planning the best eastern Caribbean cruise spot. My personal suggestion is your first to the Caribbean to schedule as many different stops as you can. This way you can see as many different things as you can and find what you truly enjoy to better plan your next trip to this paradise.

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