The Absolute Best Western Caribbean Cruise Costa Maya

The Absolute Best Western Caribbean Cruise Costa Maya

If you are looking to do something different on you Caribbean cruise, I highly recommend looking into Costa Maya. Costa Maya has quickly become very popular and is now when of the best western Caribbean cruises you can take. If you are looking to go to Mexico, but do not know what to look for then this best western Caribbean cruise is perfect for you.

What Makes Costa Maya The Best Western Caribbean Cruise Destination

Not rich in history but rich in history may sound strange, but it is this that makes Costa Maya stand out as the best western Caribbean cruise. The best way to describe it as an amusement park for adults on a private island. This area was created from scratch specifically for cruisers and tourists, so naturally it has everything you would want to make it a best western Caribbean cruise. Nestled right near the border of Belize, this man made village has bars, restaurants, shops and pools all around. There are performance stages and all manner of entertainment for travelers including its own crocodile pit.

One of the big fears traveling throughout Mexico is the drinking water. The founders of Costa Maya worked with Coca-cola to create an internal water sanitation system so that all of the water in the park is safe to drink. While this is all interesting and makes Costa Maya great, it does not put it on the level of best western Caribbean cruise destination. For that you will have to venture a little bit outside the friendly man made village.

Here you will find Chacchoben, a Mayan city dating back to 350 A.D. Here you can explore and experience the ancient history of the Mayan peoples and still be able to venture back to the comforts of civilization when you are done. This crazy juxtaposition of worlds is what makes Costa Maya truly unique and the best western Caribbean cruise destination.

You can also visit Majahual, a costal sea village home to fisherman and some of the freshest and most ceviche you will ever find. White sand beaches, shallow surf, and many locals make this a hot spot for relaxation.

If you get a chance, swing by this new and unique tourist destination and see everything it has to offer. With some of the most modern amenities in the Mexican Caribbean, you can truly enjoy everything that this paradise has to offer.

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