Choosing The Best Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

Choosing The Best Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

There are so many spots to go on your Caribbean cruise that choosing the best southern Caribbean cruise destination is almost impossible. I say almost because in my mind there clearly is a best southern Caribbean cruise spot. I have been on many a Caribbean cruise so I feel that I can with confidence say the best southern Caribbean cruise destination is Oranjestad in Aruba.

Why Oranjestad is the Best Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

The best southern Caribbean cruise destination differs from the best western Caribbean cruise destination in that it is highly influenced by the Dutch settlers while the western spots have a distinct Spanish feel.

Located on the gorgeous southern coast, Oranjestad is the traditional Dutch capital of Aruba. Historic, tall multicolored houses and windmills dot the landscape combining carved wooded structures with open air Dutch tiled open air patios. This charm is in contrast to the natural Caribbean beauty of the island but appears to have been blended together perfectly to give Aruba its unique atmosphere. Throughout the island you can find snorkeling, scuba diving, exotic beaches, unique restaurants and shops and a teeming nightlife.

If you plan to go to Aruba I can recommend a couple of activities. The first must see is the open air market in Oranjestad. Fruits and other tropical products are out and display for you to purchase and sample. Stroll through this genuine market and see all that the Caribbean has to offer. Unique wines, liquors and other exotic goods are all there for you to browse.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful spots in the entire world is De Palm Island. This is a private island paradise that offers visitors a barbecue lunch and snorkeling in some of the most pristine waters in the world. This water is packed full of coral and exotic marine life for you to explore.

One of the biggest draws to Aruba is the shopping. The island features duty free stores that let you purchase merchandise at 25-50 percent off of what you pay in the States or Europe, so pick up some souvenirs and save a bundle.

As you can see there are many features to Aruba that make it a popular destination for all types of people. There is literally something for everyone on this island paradise, but you really have to go there to see it for yourself. I recommend booking a cruise with a stop here so you can see all that it has to offer.

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