Treating genital warts

Genital warts are nothing but the eruptions on the skin near the genital. These warts are caused by the virus called human papilloma virus. These viruses are transmitted from one person to the other during the sexual intercourse. There are various kinds of human papilloma virus [more than hundred].

The virus that causes warts on the others parts of the body such as hands is totally different from the one that causes genital warts. These genital warts can be seen in genital areas as well as the anal area. In general these warts resemble cauliflower, the vegetable.

The virus can spread from person to person by simple contact. If the towel of the infected person is used by the other person, then there is every possibility that the second person gets the genital warts. In general these genital warts are harmless. But in some females these genital warts can become cervical cancer in due course. Hence it is advisable that the women who are indulging in frequent sexual encounters subject themselves to pap [papilloma] test at least once in a year.

Treatment options are plenty as far as genital warts are concerned. In some persons the genital warts disappear after some time without any treatment. But in some other persons these warts may present years together. In case the person wants to get out this problem quickly, there are few options available. The warts that are seen on the other parts of the body, except genital part can be treated with drugs that can be purchased over the counter. But in case of genital warts, it is better to consult the doctor before trying any medicine as the part concerned is very sensitive.

The moment anybody thing of treating the warts, liquid nitrogen will come to their mind. The liquid nitrogen usage is so popular. The liquid nitrogen treatment is termed as cryotherapy. Here the liquid nitrogen [chemical in liquid form] is applied over the warts.

The temperature of the liquid nitrogen is minus 180 degree Celsius. At that temperature, the warts are completely frozen and in the process the cells die and disappear. But this technique must be done under the supervision of the doctor in the case of genital warts.

In single application the warts don t disappear. One may need to repeat it few more times.
Besides liquid nitrogen, there are different types of chemicals are used to treat the genital warts. They are podophyllin, imiquimod cream, trichloroacetic acid and fluorouracil cream. Among this imiquimod and fluorouracil creams can be used at home.

The other popular treatment for general wart is the surgical removal of the same. This surgical procedure is termed as loop electrosurgical excision procedure. In this surgery, the surgeon will use device shaped like loop to cut and remove the wart from the genital area. In case the size of the wart is big, then the surgeon may go in for laser surgery [co-2].

Interferon injections are the treatment that is very commonly used in case all the above treatment options are not suitable for the patient. Interferon is the chemical substances that are produced by the body. These chemicals fight against the viral infections. Since these genital warts are caused by viruses, this interferon injected in large quantities help in treating the warts. The interferon injections are administered two times in a week for up to eight weeks for better results.

The controversy surrounding HPV vaccine

HPV is nothing but the human papilloma virus. There is a vaccine that protects the individuals from the genital wart and cervical cancer, which is called HPV vaccine. This vaccine is very effective and have given relief to those female who were living with the fear that the genital wart present in them may one day become cervical cancer. But there is some kind of controversy that is going round about the vaccine. In this article let us discuss about the HPV vaccine and the controversy surrounding it.

The name of the new vaccine developed against the genital wart problem is gardasil. As per the advisory committee on the immunization practice, this vaccine can be given to the people around 11 to 12 years of age. This committee is the sub division of center for disease control.

This vaccine was developed keeping in mind curbing the possible development genital wart in to cervical cancer. This vaccine is considered as boon to the suffering females in the developed countries such as United States of America, united kingdom etc, where the genital wart is more prevalent.

This doesn t mean that this vaccine free from any kind of disadvantages. A group of people disagree and argue that making this vaccine compulsory is not at all a good practice. This vaccine administration will encourage the youngsters to in indulge in free unprotected sex. It is better to advise the youngsters to keep away from unprotected and unsafe sex, those people argue like this. But the people who are of this opinion fall in to minority category [in number]. Hence their voice is less loud.

The vaccine was not made compulsory in all states of United States of America. Each state can have separate policy regarding this vaccine. Before administering this vaccine to a person who is below 18 years, the doctor requires the permission from the parent or the care taker of the person. The girls who belong to conservative family here the sex before the marriage is a taboo], will find it difficult to get this vaccine.

But the fact of the matter is that this vaccine efficacy is beyond doubt and the side effects and the harmful effects are nil. Whether it should be administered [compulsorily] or not, is the problem. Since the population that is suffering because of genital warts is nearly six millions in United States of America alone, making this vaccine compulsory is not a bad thing. Though these genital warts are harmless in males, they can become dangerous cervical cancer in females. Hence protecting the subject, when there is way to protect is the duty of the government.

Though the people who want to keep away from this vaccine are less in number, the government must consider their view too. This is because those people are also the part of democracy. It is the responsibility of the parent to protect the children against a disease that is prevalent. The children too must be mature enough to understand the seriousness of the problem and indulge in safe sex.