Treating genital warts

Genital warts are nothing but the eruptions on the skin near the genital. These warts are caused by the virus called human papilloma virus. These viruses are transmitted from one person to the other during the sexual intercourse. There are various kinds of human papilloma virus [more than hundred].

The virus that causes warts on the others parts of the body such as hands is totally different from the one that causes genital warts. These genital warts can be seen in genital areas as well as the anal area. In general these warts resemble cauliflower, the vegetable.

The virus can spread from person to person by simple contact. If the towel of the infected person is used by the other person, then there is every possibility that the second person gets the genital warts. In general these genital warts are harmless. But in some females these genital warts can become cervical cancer in due course. Hence it is advisable that the women who are indulging in frequent sexual encounters subject themselves to pap [papilloma] test at least once in a year.

Treatment options are plenty as far as genital warts are concerned. In some persons the genital warts disappear after some time without any treatment. But in some other persons these warts may present years together. In case the person wants to get out this problem quickly, there are few options available. The warts that are seen on the other parts of the body, except genital part can be treated with drugs that can be purchased over the counter. But in case of genital warts, it is better to consult the doctor before trying any medicine as the part concerned is very sensitive.

The moment anybody thing of treating the warts, liquid nitrogen will come to their mind. The liquid nitrogen usage is so popular. The liquid nitrogen treatment is termed as cryotherapy. Here the liquid nitrogen [chemical in liquid form] is applied over the warts.

The temperature of the liquid nitrogen is minus 180 degree Celsius. At that temperature, the warts are completely frozen and in the process the cells die and disappear. But this technique must be done under the supervision of the doctor in the case of genital warts.

In single application the warts don t disappear. One may need to repeat it few more times.
Besides liquid nitrogen, there are different types of chemicals are used to treat the genital warts. They are podophyllin, imiquimod cream, trichloroacetic acid and fluorouracil cream. Among this imiquimod and fluorouracil creams can be used at home.

The other popular treatment for general wart is the surgical removal of the same. This surgical procedure is termed as loop electrosurgical excision procedure. In this surgery, the surgeon will use device shaped like loop to cut and remove the wart from the genital area. In case the size of the wart is big, then the surgeon may go in for laser surgery [co-2].

Interferon injections are the treatment that is very commonly used in case all the above treatment options are not suitable for the patient. Interferon is the chemical substances that are produced by the body. These chemicals fight against the viral infections. Since these genital warts are caused by viruses, this interferon injected in large quantities help in treating the warts. The interferon injections are administered two times in a week for up to eight weeks for better results.

The controversy surrounding HPV vaccine

HPV is nothing but the human papilloma virus. There is a vaccine that protects the individuals from the genital wart and cervical cancer, which is called HPV vaccine. This vaccine is very effective and have given relief to those female who were living with the fear that the genital wart present in them may one day become cervical cancer. But there is some kind of controversy that is going round about the vaccine. In this article let us discuss about the HPV vaccine and the controversy surrounding it.

The name of the new vaccine developed against the genital wart problem is gardasil. As per the advisory committee on the immunization practice, this vaccine can be given to the people around 11 to 12 years of age. This committee is the sub division of center for disease control.

This vaccine was developed keeping in mind curbing the possible development genital wart in to cervical cancer. This vaccine is considered as boon to the suffering females in the developed countries such as United States of America, united kingdom etc, where the genital wart is more prevalent.

This doesn t mean that this vaccine free from any kind of disadvantages. A group of people disagree and argue that making this vaccine compulsory is not at all a good practice. This vaccine administration will encourage the youngsters to in indulge in free unprotected sex. It is better to advise the youngsters to keep away from unprotected and unsafe sex, those people argue like this. But the people who are of this opinion fall in to minority category [in number]. Hence their voice is less loud.

The vaccine was not made compulsory in all states of United States of America. Each state can have separate policy regarding this vaccine. Before administering this vaccine to a person who is below 18 years, the doctor requires the permission from the parent or the care taker of the person. The girls who belong to conservative family here the sex before the marriage is a taboo], will find it difficult to get this vaccine.

But the fact of the matter is that this vaccine efficacy is beyond doubt and the side effects and the harmful effects are nil. Whether it should be administered [compulsorily] or not, is the problem. Since the population that is suffering because of genital warts is nearly six millions in United States of America alone, making this vaccine compulsory is not a bad thing. Though these genital warts are harmless in males, they can become dangerous cervical cancer in females. Hence protecting the subject, when there is way to protect is the duty of the government.

Though the people who want to keep away from this vaccine are less in number, the government must consider their view too. This is because those people are also the part of democracy. It is the responsibility of the parent to protect the children against a disease that is prevalent. The children too must be mature enough to understand the seriousness of the problem and indulge in safe sex.

New genital wart ointment

Genital warts are cauliflower like growth seen near the genital area of both males and females. Though this condition is harmless in general, the people hate to have this. There is several treatment approaches.

Each treatment approach differs in it s effectiveness from person to person. Some treatment approach may be highly effective for one person; the same treatment may not be effective for the other person. As the result the doctors will decide about the treatment approach based on their experience and the condition of the person. Let us discuss about the new treatment approaches for genital wart in this article.

A company called medigene AG is manufacturing a new type of medicine that brings about miraculous results as far as genital wart problem is concerned. Here in the name of the company AG means two countries which are involved in the research of the product i.e. America and Germany. The name of the product is polyphenon E. This product is an ointment. This Company is located in Frankfurt.

This company conducted trials on 500 people who had genital warts. All those patients were placed in 48 different hospitals that were located in seven different countries. The method adopted in the research is double blind. This means that both the doctors as well as the patients were not aware of the medicine given [whether it is placebo or real polyphenon E].

In this kind of study the effect of the placebo was also studied. In fact the placebo won t be giving any beneficial effects, but the patient will believe that he is receiving the polyphenon E. The effect of the psychological well being can also be studied here.

The polyphenon E ointment is applied two times a day for a period of sixteen weeks. The base of the ointment is the extract of the leaves that are used in making green tea. Of all the people who are subjected to the test nearly 53 percent of the people had complete recovery, meaning total removal of genital warts. Almost 78 percent of the people nearly got relieved of the wart problem. Only five percent of the people had recurrence of genital warts.

As the result of the test was really encouraging, the company is now planning to conduct one more trial in United States of America in order to get approval for marketing the drug. This company is also of the opinion that the polyphenon E can be used to treat so many other skin ailments.

Here the important point that needs to be remembered is that the drugs are yet to be approved by the FDA of United States of America. Once that happens, then one can be very sure that this drug is free from any harmful effects and can be used without any fear for the treatment of genital warts.

This genital wart may be harmless as in the case of males. But in case of females these genital warts has the potential to become cervical cancer in due course. Hence treating the genital wart early and preventing it by indulging in protected sex is the best option.

Homeopathic genital warts remedies

The genital warts are disgusting health problem such as leukoderma, black heads, cellulite etc. there are plenty of treatments available for these genital wart disease. Laser therapy, cryotherapy, and pills are to name few. In addition to those mention above, homeopathic treatment options are also available for the genital wart problem. Let us discuss about it here.

Tea tree oil and oil of thuja are the very common homeopathic treatment substances as far as genital warts are concerned. These two oils are very effective in treating the genital warts. These oils are in demand in most of the countries because of their effectiveness in treating various ailments that includes genital warts too. There are so many pharmaceutical companies that are in to making products which has these two oils as base. This in itself is a proof for the effectiveness of these oils in treating the genital wart problem.

The application procedure is also very simple that the oil needs to be just applied over the warts on regular basis. Over the period of time, the warts will reduce in size and disappear eventually. In some persons applying the oil directly may bring about some adverse reactions. Hence there are concoctions in which, these oils are the main ingredients. These concoctions, if applied over the wart bring about desired results without harming the individual in any way.

Here is a formula simple concoction. The person needs tea tree oil, thuja oil, castor oil and vitamin E oil to make this concoction. Half ounce castor oil is mixed with quarter ounce of tea tree oil and thuja oil. To this mixture 800 IU of E vitamin is added. All these ingredients have to be mixed well.

Now the concoction is ready. One needs to use the q-tip to take the oil and apply it over the genital wart. The person must be very careful in applying the concoction only on the warts. The nearby skin area should not come in contact with this concoction. If that happens, then the skin will be damaged.

Strengthening the immune system of the person is one way of fighting against the genital wart. This is possible in case the person follows healthy diet and regular exercise. There are plenty of herbal and homeopathic nutritional supplements that help to boost the immune system of the person. Echinacea, goldenseal, astragalus, gingko biloba, olive leaf, and st. jhon s wart are to name few.

There is nothing wrong in the homeopathic and home remedies to treat the genital wart problem. But it is better consult the specialists before attempting any treatment. There are so many homeopathic specialists who will offer you the best advice to get rid of the genital wart problem.

Hence attending this problem without wasting mush time is good, especially for the females, because this problem can lead to the development of cervical warts in them. Those who want to prevent the genital warts must refrain from unprotected sex with the stranger as that is the primary cause for the spread of genital warts.

Genital warts statistics

The genital warts are the growing concern as far as United States of America is concerned. The reason is almost six million people are getting genital warts problem each year. However this wart problem is not only specific to America, all most all the countries are having genital wart problem. Let us discuss about few statistical information about the genital wart here.

America social health association [ASHA] conducted survey recently regarding the genital wart incidences in America. As per that survey nearly 5.5 million Americans are getting this problem every year. In total, nearly about 40 millions Americana are living with this problem. This is really high and raises serious concern.

These genital warts are caused by virus, termed as human papilloma virus. There are more than hundred types of human papilloma viruses and the one that is causing genital wart is different from the other virus. Out of these hundred different types and more, nearly thirty different types of viruses can spread only through sexual intercourse. When compared with the other types of warts, genital warts are more serious concern.

The genital warts can affect the male and females of any age groups. However the younger people who are between the ages twenty and twenty four are more susceptible. Too much indulgence in sex at this age could be the reason for this.

Genital warts are more serious problem in females than males. In males this genital warts are virtually harmless but in females, there is a possibility that these warts may lead to cervical cancer. As per statistical information, nearly about 85 percent of the females who are suffering from cervical cancer had genital warts earlier in their life.

In all most fifty percent of the cases, the females with genital warts do not show any symptoms. Hence it is always better that the women do subject themselves for pap test at least once in a year, to rule out the presence of genital warts. This way one can be very sure that they are free from genital warts and there is no danger of development of cervical cancer.

The genital warts are more prevalent in United Kingdom too. In fact the most common sexually transmitted disease as far as United Kingdom is concerned is genital wart. The men who are in the age group of twenty to twenty four are at the higher risk. In case of women, the age group 16 to 19 is at higher risk.

By looking at the age group that is more susceptible, one can easily come to a conclusion that this disease spreads faster through sexual intercourse. Hence protected sex is the only solution to prevent this disease. Using condom while involving in sexual activities may not be sufficient.

This is because the virus that causes genital warts may be present in parts of the body that is not covered by the condom. Hence the best thing is not to have sex withy the partner who is having genital warts. In case the life partner is found to have sex, let the partner get the required treatment and get cured. Till then sex with the partner needs to be avoided.

Genital warts treatments questions

Genital warts are prevalent medical condition as far as people of America are concerned. There are nearly six million people are toiling with this disease condition. The people who are having this problem must know what all they can know about this wart problem. This will reduce their anxiety and worry. Let us discuss the common that doubts that arises in the person s mind in case he is found to have this wart problem.

For the treatment of genital warts are there any pills available?

In fact there are pills that can take care of the warts present in the body at present. But the same pills cannot remove the causative agent from the body i.e. virus [human papilloma virus]. These pills are very effective in treating the genital warts in case of females.

The reason is that if the warts are present inside the vagina, those warts cannot be treated by other surgical procedures. The pill that is very much popular is tagamet. In fact this pill is very commonly used to treat the heart burn. But some experts have found out that it cures the genital warts too. These pills, if consumed in higher doses can boost the immune system, thereby fighting the infection very effectively.

Laser treatments; are they effective in treating the genital warts?

As far as the treatment of the genital warts is concerned, the one that works wonders for some doesn t bring about the same results in the other. This fact holds good for laser treatments too. As far as laser therapy is concerned, there are few plus points and at the same time there are minus points too.

The biggest disadvantage in case of laser therapy is that the recovery period is very painful. At the same time the cost of the treatment is also very expensive. But the advantage of the laser therapy is that the warts that are bigger in size also can be removed with ease and quickly. The genital warts present in female genitalia can be treated with laser easily as the other surgical procedures are difficult to perform. The pain evinced at the time of recovery in laser treatment can be tolerated.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryptherapy is nothing but the usage of liquid nitrogen to treat the genital warts. This treatment option is very effective and can be performed with ease. All one has to do is to pour the liquid nitrogen over the wart.

The warts will disappear as the cells in that area will die at that very low temperature. Because of the easy availability and usage, cryotherapy treatment is very commonly used. The pain evinced at the time of treatment is well below the tolerable limit.

Now one must have understood the various treatment options that are available for the genital wart problem. Instead of deciding about the treatment option themselves, it will be prudent if they consult the doctor who is specialist in treating the genital warts. As far as females are concerned, the treatment should be attempted as early as possible, because in most of the genital warts develop in to cervical cancer.

Genital warts basics

Genital warts are one of the hated disease conditions leukoderma, black heads etc. In most cases it is transmitted during sexual intercourse. One peculiar thing about this disease is the name, and the appearances are really frightening. One must try to know some basic information about genital warts which will make the person to under stand the disease better. Those who have understood the disease will have certainly less fear than the others.

Genital warts have global presence. In United States of America alone nearly twenty million Americans are suffering from this disease condition. The statistic is not over; nearly one millions Americans are getting infected every year.

Any body who is indulging in unprotected sex is more likely to get the problem. There are certain groups of people who are more prone. The person whose immune system is under stress is highly prone for genital warts. Likewise the pregnant women too can get this problem, more easily than the others.

Some person may have skin abnormality which may look like genital wart. In fact it may not be genital wart. Hence before jumping in to conclusion that any abnormality noticed in the genital area as genital wart, one should consult the competent physician who can confirm the disease.

Genital warts are nothing but the extra growth on the skin in the genital area which resembles cauliflower in texture. These warts are caused by virus called, human papilloma virus. This virus belongs to the group of virus that causes warts in other parts of the body. But the virus that causes warts in other parts of the body such as feet and hand cannot cause genital warts. One can be very sure about it.

Though these genital warts spread very fast among the society, these warts are in general harmless. But in case the genital warts are seen in women, it needs immediate attention. This is because these warts in women can trigger cervical cancer in some.

As per the recent statistics nearly ninety percent of the females who are diagnosed for cervical cancer were having genital warts. There is no proof for the presence of direct link between genital warts and cervical cancer as yet. But still those women, who are having the genital warts, need to consult the skin specialist in order to prevent the development of cervical cancer. There is a test called pap test which needs to be done every year to rule out the presence of genital warts.

Those who have understood the cause, symptoms and complication of the genital warts, must try their level best to not get the problem. Though there are various treatment options are available, prevention is always better than cure. It is better to have protected sex and maintain personal hygiene to keep away from the genital warts. In some people the genital warts disappear after some time, even though no treatment was attempted. In some people these warts stay for much longer [few years] and only disappear if any treatment such as liquid nitrogen application, laser surgery etc.

Fighting genital warts

Genital warts though harmless, are embarrassing problem. These are nothing but extra growth seen around the genital area resembling the vegetable, cauliflower. These genital warts are transmitted through unprotected sex and because of that reason people who have this problem don t discuss it to others. In this article let us discuss about the strategies that help to fight the genital warts.

Generally people think that these genital warts are very difficult to remove from the body. In reality it is not so. There are different treatment approaches that help to get rid of genital warts from the body of the person. The doctor is the best person to decide about the best treatment approach for a person, because the same treatment does not produce the same results in all the persons. There are certain things which the person need to do to help the body to fight against the genital warts, in addition to the treatment offered by the doctor. Let us discuss about them here.

If the immune system of the person is at its best, then the possibility of genital warts development is very minimal. Even when the person is having the problem, if his/her immune system is tuned then the rate of disappearance of the warts will be faster.

The doctor will follow any one of the popular methods such as cryotherapy, laser surgery, loop surgery etc in order to remove the genital warts once for all. But only when the immune system of the person is kept at good condition, there won t be any recurrence of the genital warts problem.

What to do to improve the immune system? One may wonder. Improving the immune system is very simple. All one has to do is to follow healthy diet and regular exercise. The protein intake of the person must be sufficient and there should not be any deficiency in that as the antibodies are nothing but protein.

The healthy diet is the one that has sufficient, energy, protein, vitamins and minerals along with water. In addition to this people can consume immune boosters such as Echinacea, vitamin C, and tea tree oil.

There are so many over the counter drugs available for the treatment of genital warts, but one should be very careful to buy the best one. Because genital warts are different from the one people get in the other parts of the body. Salicylic acid is good to treat warts present in the other part of the body such as hand, feet etc. but the same can t be used to treat the genital warts.

Hence the best thing is to visit the doctor as soon as one gets genital warts. Especially females should not waste time in approaching the doctor, thinking that it is harmless. These genital warts can become cervical cancer over a period of time, if untreated.

As per the statistics, nearly eighty percent of the cervical cancers are triggered by genital warts. But prevention is better than cure. Every body is aware of this proverb. Hence maintaining healthy diet, following regular exercise and practicing safe sex are the best if any one wants to keep the genital wart problem at bay.

Common asked questions about genital warts

Genital warts are the cauliflower [vegetable] like growth transmitted by the unprotected sex. The presence of genital warts creates unnecessary fear and confusion in the mind of the patients. Here let us have discussion about the frequently asked questions about the genital wart, which will drive away the unwarranted fear and anxiety from the minds of the sufferers.

How long it will take for the symptoms to develop, in case one had sex with the partner who had genital warts?

The time taken for the symptoms to show up is called incubation period. The incubation period in case of genital warts can be right from three weeks to few years. These genital warts are caused by a virus called human papilloma virus.

This virus can show up the symptoms in almost all people. But in some patients there can t be any symptoms but the virus still can spread from that person to the other through unprotected sexual activity. Hence practicing the protected sex is the best solution to keep away from the genital warts. In most cases the symptoms are showing up in the form wart growth anywhere between three months to eight months after the unprotected sex session. The immune system and its health also plays important role in the onset of the symptom.

The genital warts, can it be seen in mouth in those who indulge oral sex?

There are more than hundred types of human papilloma viruses. The virus that causes genital warts can t cause warts in other parts of the body. Hence possibility of wart development near the mouth is not there in those who indulge in oral sex. This is not to encourage people to involve in oral sex and unprotected sex. Healthy diet, regular practice and safe sex are the best as far as prevention of the genital warts are concerned.

Can this human papilloma virus be cured effectively?

In fact totally getting rid of the virus from the body is not possible, but there are different treatment options that will result in disappearance of the wart from the body. In addition to that the ability of the virus to spread to the other person and cause the infection is also curtailed.

The person who follows treatment as directed by the doctor will be free of genital warts after some period of time. This means that the immune system of the person is successful in fighting the infection. This doesn t mean that the disease is eliminated once for all. There are chances that this disease may reoccur. Hence indulging in unprotected sex with your partner without informing the partner that you had genital wart and got cured just now is fault on your part.

Those who have gone thorough this article, by now will have some knowledge about the genital warts. Since it is very clear that this disease is transmitted through sexual transmission, knowingly involving in unprotected sex with different sex partners will be a very big mistake.

Besides once you know that you have genital wart problem, consult the doctor at once. This is important because in case of females these genital warts can become cervical cancers in some. Cervical cancer is a serious medical condition which can bring about fatal consequences if not attended early.

Causes and risk factors for genital warts

Genital warts are the growth caused by virus, called human papilloma virus. Viruses are microorganisms like bacteria and fungus that cause infection. More than hundred types of human papilloma viruses are there.

Not all types cause genital warts and the ones that cause genital warts don t cause warts in other parts of the body such as feet and hand. The warts in other parts of the body spread through various means, but genital warts spread only through sexual transmission. Let us discuss about the causes and risk factors of the genital warts.

The person whose immune system is in good condition is less likely to get the infection. The people who are on bad diet, especially protein deficient diet are more prone for genital warts. The immune system s health is depends on protein intake of the person. The people who is on drugs that lead to immuno suppression are more likely to get genital warts than the others who are not on such medication.

Using condom while indulging in sex may not be sufficient to protect the person from contacting the genital wart. The reason is that the virus that causes genital wart may be located in the parts that are not covered by the condom. Hence one must be very clear that condom cannot be effective in protecting the person from developing genital wart, if knowingly indulge in sex with the person who has genital wart, thinking that condom will offer protection.

Besides that not all people who have un- protected sex with the person [who is having genital wart] will have genital wart. Only two out of three people have the chance of communicating the disease. The other problem with the genital wart is that the symptoms will not show up immediately. For the symptom to get noticed, it may take few months to few years. In general the symptoms will be noticed anywhere between three months to seven months.

The risk factor that is connected with the genital wart is that in females this wart can develop in to cervical cancer. As per the statistical information nearly eighty five percent of the people who are diagnosed for cervical cancer, found to be the genital warts sufferers earlier in their life. But there is good news for the people.

Recently FDA of United States of America has cleared a vaccine that protects the person from genital warts. The vaccine is found to be very effective and free from any kind of side effects. But the only problem is that some section of the citizen objects to the idea of administering the vaccine.

This is because they feel that this vaccine administration will encourage the youngsters in indulging in unprotected sex. This vaccine must be administered to girls between 11 13 years of age. For boys the vaccine is not necessary as the genital warts in them is harmless.

The only way to keep away from the genital wart problem is stopping indiscriminate sexual intercourse. Maintaining the health of the person by consuming healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals along with protein, energy also helps to refrain from genital sex.