Top of the Game: Pro Wakeboarding

When beginning to wakeboard, individuals will often go out and buy all the wakeboarding accessories so that they can look like a pro on the water. However, to become a pro wakeboarder, the individual would have to practice long and hard, since the skills and tricks that are mastered by the pros are complex and require strength and coordination that not everyone can master. Pro wakeboarding has become more and more popular in recent years since the sport took off. Pro wakeboarding even has its own tour, stopping in all the top wakeboarding hotspots across the nation for competitions. Pro wakeboarding is exciting to watch as the athletes perform feats that seem to defeat gravity and defy all sense and reason.

Getting Started

Pro wakeboarding requires a progression from the basics into the more complex tricks. For beginners, the most complex thing they need to think about is how to get up on the board for the first time. Often, the placement of the feet is uncomfortable and awkward to get used to, especially if they are used to water skiing. In water skiing, the skis are placed parallel to the rope that is behind the boat. When the boat begins to move forward, the individual will bend his knees and get ready to be raised out of the water as he hold the tips of the skis out of the water until he is standing. With the wakeboard, the individual starts out floating on his back with the wakeboard at a perpendicular angle to the rope. When the boat begins to pull the wakeboard, then the individual begins to straighten out the wakeboard and begins to crouch low on it, getting ready for when he signals the boat to gun it. Once the boat takes off, then the individual will stand up on the board from the crouch.

This process can be difficult at first, but once that is mastered, then the individual can begin to focus on the maneuvering skills that he needs to be able to zig zag between the waves from the boat. Eventually, the individual will be able to add tricks to his repertoire, even adding ramps and other materials to help him get more air and be able to do the flips and twists in the air. The pro wakeboarding tours show the professionals doing all sorts of tricks that amateurs look up to and try to imitate.

Buying Wakeboarding Gear

Whether an individual is a pro wakeboarder or just an amateur just getting started, there is come common wakeboarding gear that is necessary to make the experience enjoyable and safe for all involved. The wakeboarding gear is not cheap in most cases, although good deals can be found at ‘end of season’ sales and also at gear swaps. However, the other big gear that is required for wakeboarding can often cost as much as seven hundred dollars, and that is only a board without the bindings.

Types of Gear

The required wakeboarding gear is the board and bindings. There are wakeboards that are designed to fit the size of the person that is buying it. There are boards that are made for youth and those that are made for men and women. The bindings are also designed for the particular age and sex of the individual so that the person can have as much comfort and security on the water as possible. When choosing a board in wakeboarding gear, it is a good idea to talk to the professionals in the shop to see which one will fit the user’s particular skill level. For beginners, the larger boards are usually better since it gives them more of a platform to stand up on in the water so that they can be successful even before they have all the skills down. It is also usually a good idea for beginners to have fins on the back of the board so that the board is easier to maneuver in the water, also giving the beginner success while they are learning the skills they need.

The bindings in wakeboarding gear have to be fitted according to which foot the individual wants to have in front since the stance is similar to snow boarding or skate boarding. Once the person decides which foot is going to be in front, the person also has to be fitted for the bindings so that they can be placed on the board in the appropriate width. The width should be about shoulder width apart so that the user can stand comfortably and securely in position.

There are other pieces of equipment that are available in wakeboarding gear. A life vest is a must in the water for safety reasons. Some wakeboarders will wear a wetsuit in addition to the vest, depending on the time of year and how cold the water is. There are full wetsuits and half wetsuits that help with the different temperatures in the water. There are also helmets that can be worn, which are sometimes reversible in wakeboarding gear, thus giving the wearer different options.

Helpful Tips in Wakeboarding Videos

Wakeboarding videos can be an entertaining and helpful tool for beginner and advanced wakeboarders. These wakeboarding videos can help beginners to get acquainted with the gear and basics of wakeboarding, and they can also give advanced wakeboarders ideas of different tricks to try and different techniques. In addition to these tips, the wakeboarding videos are just pure entertainment, especially when viewing the pro wakeboarding tours where the individuals do amazing tricks on the water. There is not a whole lot of wakeboarding gear that is needed to get started as long as the individual has access to a ski boat that has a ski rope on it. As far as the individual gear goes, the individual needs the board and bindings, a life jacket and a wetsuit (if desired), but otherwise, that is it.


One aspect of the wakeboarding videos is the demonstration of how the gear should look and function. The videos will often show the different types of boards that are on the market and the different bindings that can be had on the boards. There are some boards that are made larger than other ones and those are usually used by beginning wakeboarders because they are easier to manage and to stand up on. There are others that will have fins on them which make them easier to turn and maneuver through the water, which are also good for beginners who do not yet know how to control the board very well.

Another aspect of wakeboarding videos is that they will show the proper techniques for stance on the wakeboard and also for the proper ways to get up in the water. This can be a very helpful tip since it is often much easier to see the demonstration and then copy it in the water, rather than reading the instructions given about the easiest way to get up in the water and then trying to imagine what they are talking about so as to reproduce it.

Wakeboarding videos will also show off what all of the pros are doing in the water. There are complex moves that can be attained by those who have become professionals at the sport and have competed in various competitions. There are ramps and other materials used to help wakeboarders to get even more air to complete all of the complex moves that they do. These wakeboarding videos are fun to watch, even if the individual has never participated in the sport before since the pros are skilled and daring.

Finding Helpful Wakeboarding Tips

There are many different wakeboarding tips that can be valuable to beginners to the sport. There are also wakeboarding videos that can help the beginners to see the techniques that should be used to get started in the sport. The videos are especially helpful because they can demonstrate the proper stance on the wakeboard, what the different types of boards are, and how to get up for the first time in the water. For the more advanced wakeboarders, there are other wakeboarding tips that can be found, such as how to do different tricks with the wakeboard and what it takes to be able to enter different wakeboarding competitions.


One wakeboarding tip for beginners is to choose a board that is a little larger than what he might prefer at a later date. It is also a good idea to have fins on the back of the board so that it maneuvers even better in the water while learning. Both of these wakeboarding tips can help the beginner to have more success in the beginning when it is still difficult to get up on the board and also to control it in the water.

Another wakeboarding tip has to do with the bindings on the board. The individual will have to choose which foot to place in the front while on the wakeboard. Sometimes the individuals can choose this just by the comfort of the stance, but others may have a harder time choosing. When this happens, the individual can check to see what foot he puts into his pants first when putting them on, or he can have someone gently push him from behind when his eyes are closed so that he can see what foot he puts out to catch his balance. In these ways, the foot that goes into the pants first or the foot that is used to catch his balance is usually the foot that should go in front in the bindings.

A safety wakeboarding tip is that wakeboarders should periodically check their bindings during the course of the day to make sure that they have not become loose. This is especially important to do when the person has crashed or has had a really rough ride on the water. If the bindings are loose, the wakeboarder should stop and get them tightened again before resuming his fun on the water, thus ensuring that he remains as safe as possible while wakeboarding.

The Thrill of Wakeboarding

For those who have gotten over the thrill of waterskiing or knee boarding, there is another sport that is fun to try: wakeboarding. This sport requires a different type of board than the others and it more reminiscent of snowboarding or skateboarding than waterskiing. It requires that the individual gets used to standing a different way in the bindings so that the body placement is different than waterskiing of knee boarding. However, once the equipment has been bought and the stance has become more normal to the individual, wakeboarding is a fun and exciting sport that can last a lifetime.

How to Begin

One of the first steps for a beginner is to decide what foot he wants to have in front in the bindings of the wakeboard. One wakeboarding tip that helps in finding this out is to see which foot the individual puts into a pair of pants first. This is usually the foot that he will want to have in front in the bindings while wakeboarding. Another way to find out is to stand with his eyes closed and have someone push him from behind, gently, so that he has to catch his balance without thinking about which foot he is going to put forward to do so. This also will usually be the foot that he will use in the front during the wakeboarding experience.

The wakeboard should be larger and have fins in the back when a person is just beginning. This will give him more stability and control when learning to wakeboard. He can always switch to a smaller board at a later time when he has mastered more of the basic skills and is ready to try some of the more advanced techniques in wakeboarding. When in the water, the person should always check the bindings to make sure that they are secure before starting off. He should always check them again whenever he has had a rough ride or when he has crashed to make sure that they have not become loose.

When starting off in wakeboarding, there are a couple of ways to do so. There is the deep water start that is most commonly used for beginners in wakeboarding. The person should start off on his back in the water with the wakeboard at a perpendicular angle to the rope that is attached to the boat. As the boat moves forward, the person should move into a crouched position on the wakeboard so that he is ready to stand when the boat is going fast enough. Once in position, the driver of the boat should be signaled to go faster so that the person can stand up.

Learning to Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is a fun and exciting sport to develop, but it does take skill and practice in order to do so, just like any other sport. There is equipment to buy to make sure that the sport can be experienced safely, as well as different tips and techniques to try in order to the make experience even better. There are some that have never gone skateboarding or snow boarding before and trying to wakeboard. This can make it a little more difficult since they have to get used to the foot placement and body alignment which is different from water or snow skiing, which they may be more used to doing. However, with a little practice and technique, they can become proficient at it in no time.


One of the first steps in is to buy the wakeboard. However, in order to do so, some information has to be obtained. In order for the bindings to be placed on the wakeboard, the person has to know which foot he prefers in the front and which one he prefers in the back. If he has not gone skateboarding or snowboarding he is unlikely to know this offhand and there are a couple of different ways to try it out. One way is to have someone stand behind the person while the person has his eyes closed. The person in the back will gently push the person so that he has to put a foot forward to catch his balance. Whichever foot goes forward is usually the one that will need to be in the forward placement in the bindings on the wakeboard. Another way to decide is to see which foot is the one that is usually placed into a pair of pants first.

Once that consideration is decided, then the person should choose a wakeboard that is right for their skill level. If the person is just beginning, the wakeboard should usually be a little larger and should probably have rear fins so that the board will function more accurately while the individual is learning to control it. The bindings on the wakeboard should be placed at about the person’s shoulder width apart so that the person can stand comfortably and with stability on the wakeboard. The bindings should always be checked before going out on the wakeboard and should be checked during the course of the time the person is using it to make sure nothing has gotten loose during a rough ride or a fall.

Adjustable Wakeboard Bindings and Why They are so Great

If you want to learn how to wakeboard, the wakeboard bindings are one of the first pieces of equipment that you will need to get. Wakeboarding is a sport that is basically a cross between water skiing and snowboarding, which is easy to see when you look at the equipment. The wakeboard is just like a snowboard only smaller and built to go on water.

You are also then going to need the bindings, just as you would with your snowboard, as these will help to keep your feet on the board and keep them from slipping off. There are a few types of the wakeboard bindings that you can choose from, but the adjustable wakeboard bindings are definitely the best.

Why Choose Them?

More than anything, the adjustable wakeboard bindings are great because then you are able to adjust them smaller or larger depending on the day or if you are lending them out to someone else who has different size feet than you do. With the adjustable wakeboard bindings you really get the most for your money because you are not just going to have to stick with one size of binding permanently.

The adjustable wakeboard bindings are therefore much more versatile and more worth the money spent.

How to Buy

So if you are looking for the adjustable wakeboard bindings, there are a few stores that offer a selection and which you will want to check out. There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind, such as the fact that you want the overlay to be thick enough to provide support but still comfortable, because the bindings are what attach you to the board and so they need to be snug but still comfortable so your feet don t start to hurt.

The footbed is also important to consider here and this is the cushy part that supports the bottom of your foot. It should hold your heel a little higher than the ball of your foot, as this will help by relieving pressure on your ankles and knees. You will probably have to try on a few different types of bindings before you can find one with a footbed that is preferable for you.

It may seem like a fair bit of work just to get equipment, but it is important that you take this process seriously so that you can be safe and enjoy your wakeboarding experiences.

XL Wakeboard Bindings: How to Buy

So you have already gone out and bought all the other pieces of wakeboarding equipment that you need, and now you just have to get some XL wakeboard bindings. Well there are a few different factors that you are going to have to take into consideration here, to make sure that you are getting the right bindings.


One of the first issues to consider when shopping for XL wakeboard bindings involves the footbed. This is the cushy part that supports the bottom of your foot, and you want to make sure that the footbed in your XL wakeboard bindings will hold the heel a little higher than the ball of the foot.

The reason for this is because then your foot will be more comfortable and by having the heel of the foot a bit higher, it will help to relieve pressure on the ankles and knees.


Also if you are shopping for XL wakeboard bindings, you are going to want to look at the hardware on the bindings. This is what keeps the binding pieces together and supports the side of the foot. Getting bindings with the right hardware is more important than most people realize. You want to find bindings that have hardware which supports the foot ergonomically by curving into the arch.

Brand Name

Just as important when buying XL wakeboard bindings is the brand name. While you don t have to worry about getting all of your equipment from a popular brand name, for the bindings and wakeboard vest at least you should. That s because you want to make sure that at least these two pieces, two of the most essential safety gear pieces, are of the highest quality standards and are going to be tough and durable.

There are also adjustable wakeboard bindings which are really going to be your best bet because then they are more versatile and you can tighten and loosen the bindings as you want.

If you are new to the sport and unsure of where to go or how to buy any of your equipment, your best bet is probably going to be to speak to a professional. They know what they are doing and are going to be able to make sure that you get the equipment that you need at a price that you can afford. They will walk you through the process and help you get just what you need.

Get a Great Deal at a Wakeboard Bindings Sale

So you know that you need to get some wakeboarding equipment but you want to save as much money as you can. Whether you are looking for XL wakeboard bindings or any other type, of course you are not going to want to pay more money than you absolutely have to. Well then you should know that the best idea is going to be for you to find a wakeboard bindings sale.

Especially during the few months right before summer, you will be able to find a wakeboard bindings sale all over the place, and with a wakeboard bindings sale you will be able to get bindings and other wakeboarding equipment for half the cost.


Besides sticking to only shopping at a wakeboard bindings sale to get the best price, there are a few other tips that will be helpful to you here as well. For one, comparison shopping is going to be the best thing that you can do here. Whether you find a sale or not, by comparison shopping you are going to be able to find the best value instead of just impulsively buying the first set of bindings that you find.

Not only will this make sure that you get the best price but also that you are going to end up with the best set of bindings overall because you will be taking a look at the different bindings that are available today and what each has to offer. There are a few brand names that are well known and which you know you can trust in, such as Liquid Force and Phase Five.

Another tip to help you save money other than finding a wakeboard bindings sale is to get to built a relationship with the companies of your choice. As you continue to visit them and buy items from them, you will get a relationship going, and often when you have done business at a company for a certain period of time, they will offer you special discounts and savings.

You should have a set out budget that you are willing to spend, but most bindings are priced around the one hundred dollar mark. Just make sure that you get the right size of bindings, or your whole wakeboarding game is going to be thrown off. You want them to be snug but not too tight that they are squeezing on your feet any.

Cheap Wakeboard Binding: Is it Worth it?

So of course if you see a cheap wakeboard binding for sale you are going to want to jump at the opportunity so that you can save a few bucks, but the experienced wakeboarder knows that this is not always the wisest thing to do. When you are looking for wakeboard bindings for sale, going with the cheapest price is not what you should be looking to do here.

Instead, you want to make sure at least if you find a cheap wakeboard binding that it is of good quality. It is not going to be worth it at all, even if you get a really cheap wakeboard binding, if it is going to faulty and you will have to replace it anyway.


Making sure to keep quality in mind when shopping for a cheap wakeboard binding is very important, but there are a few other tips that are also going to be helpful to you during this shopping process and which you will want to think more about.

The sizing of the bindings that you get for one, is very important. No matter what the price of the wakeboard bindings are, you want to make sure that they are going to be snug enough that they fit your feet and stay around them securely, but that they are still loose enough to allow you some room so your feet are not going to be squeezed too tightly to the board.

Also if you are looking for a cheap wakeboard binding, make sure that you stick with brand names that you know you can trust in. Phase Five and Liquid Force are two of the most reputable and respected names in the wakeboarding industry and so even if you find these wakeboard bindings at a great price you know that you are still getting the utmost in quality.

Get Help

Why not get a helping hand if you need one? Any good wakeboard equipment company is going to be run or managed by experienced wakeboarders who know the sport inside and out and who are going to have no problem walking you through this and making sure that you get all the right equipment that you need.

Wakeboarding is a great sport to get into and not only is it athletic and challenging, but it is a whole lot of fun too. If you have not tried already you should definitely get out there and give it a shot.