Tips on how to survive and enjoy travel in India

So you’ve decided to travel to India. You’ve done your research and been mesmerized by all it has to offer. The sub-continent can be a breathtakingly beautiful place, but the culture shock you’ll experience could cause headaches if you’re not prepared. It is definitely important to know how to survive travel through India.

For instance, dressing western isn’t necessarily a great idea, especially if you’re a woman or straying from the tourist areas. The upside to this is that Indian clothing is absolutely beautiful and comes in many different patterns, so you can be comfortable and fashionable every day of your stay. It is also good to know
how much to bargain in India because otherwise you will get ripped off very quickly.

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India is generally very hot, making you feel parched a good part of the time. As tempting as it may be, you’ll want to stay away from the tap water. Your body isn’t used to processing it and it could potentially give you all sorts of stomach problems you’ll want to avoid on your stay. Bottled water will be expensive but well worth it, and if you shop around, you’ll more than likely find some at a decent price. You may also find that the food there bothers your stomach as they’re used to a different cuisine than we are. Some people have cast-iron stomachs, but for those that don’t, probiotic pills will help with being able to process all the new things you’re introducing to your body.

Unless you’re on a budget, you should try and spend at least a couple of nights at a top-notch hotel. No one does luxury like the Indians, and if you’re luck enough to find a hotel that accepts rupees as currency, you’ll likely find yourself a great deal. On a related note, try not to take taxis from your hotel, you may find it to be a great deal cheaper by simply walking down to the closest village and talking to the cab company itself. Always remember to make sure they’ve included any extras (air conditioning), and try to agree on a price before getting into the cab. In India, you’re almost certain to see just what state of poverty they are in. Although it’s up to you whether or not you decide to support the local homeless while you are on your trip, one solution is to donate to a local charity, making your dollars go further and hopefully helping India as a whole.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an exciting, eye opening adventure with your travel through India.

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