Technology that brings special effects to your home

Dish Networks HD programming launches satellite television to the next orbit. Your basic satellite television is digital quality broadcasts to begin with. Add high definition, or HD, and you refine your image quality to the nth degree. The quality is so high that you may even hear HD subscribers complain that they can actually see too many blemishes on their favorite movie stars faces. The detail is that exact.

Dish Networks HD programming provides subscribers with exquisite images combined with the theater quality sound of Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound. It was a quality of home entertainment not thought possible on regular old-fashioned analog televisions. But special HD televisions have the cutting edge technology to bring Hollywood special effects and sound to your home. The secret is digitizing the television programming, which permits the programming to be passed from the satellite to your television in the same manner that a DVD passes its signal to your television.

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Program choices in Dish Network

What s more, HDTV utilizes a method of scanning called “progressive” scan, which creates flicker-free images on your screen. This creates text that is easier to read and fast-motion video that looks smoother.

You won’t know what we mean until you see it for yourself. You see, you re probably used to interlaced scanning, which renews its pixels in alternations. It starts with the odd lines and then goes to the even lines. That means you only see half of the screens pixels at any given moment. With HDTV progressive scan, though, you get as many as 1 million pixels on the screen at the same time.

As for choice in programming, Dish Network HDTV offers programming that matches the quality of its technology. You can access HDNet Movies with its exhaustive film library. For sports, try ESPN-HD, and for nature and science, try Discovery HD. Premium movie channels like HBO and Showtime are also available, as are standards like CBS and TNT. Amazingly, you can also order pay per view movies on your HDTV subscription. That makes for a wide array of options to utilize all 1 million pixels.