Technology that brings special effects to your home

Dish Networks HD programming launches satellite television to the next orbit. Your basic satellite television is digital quality broadcasts to begin with. Add high definition, or HD, and you refine your image quality to the nth degree. The quality is so high that you may even hear HD subscribers complain that they can actually see too many blemishes on their favorite movie stars faces. The detail is that exact.

Dish Networks HD programming provides subscribers with exquisite images combined with the theater quality sound of Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound. It was a quality of home entertainment not thought possible on regular old-fashioned analog televisions. But special HD televisions have the cutting edge technology to bring Hollywood special effects and sound to your home. The secret is digitizing the television programming, which permits the programming to be passed from the satellite to your television in the same manner that a DVD passes its signal to your television.

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Program choices in Dish Network

What s more, HDTV utilizes a method of scanning called “progressive” scan, which creates flicker-free images on your screen. This creates text that is easier to read and fast-motion video that looks smoother.

You won’t know what we mean until you see it for yourself. You see, you re probably used to interlaced scanning, which renews its pixels in alternations. It starts with the odd lines and then goes to the even lines. That means you only see half of the screens pixels at any given moment. With HDTV progressive scan, though, you get as many as 1 million pixels on the screen at the same time.

As for choice in programming, Dish Network HDTV offers programming that matches the quality of its technology. You can access HDNet Movies with its exhaustive film library. For sports, try ESPN-HD, and for nature and science, try Discovery HD. Premium movie channels like HBO and Showtime are also available, as are standards like CBS and TNT. Amazingly, you can also order pay per view movies on your HDTV subscription. That makes for a wide array of options to utilize all 1 million pixels.

Getting all of Dish Network with proper accessories

You can have all the Dish Network HDTV offers with the right satellite dish, receiver, and television. It s a simple set up that may cost a bit extra on the initial investment, but pays off in incredible dividends long into the future.

High definition television, or HDTV, enhances your television viewing experience like no other technology before it. The technology adds ten times more picture frames, or pixels as they called, to your screen, compared to your typical broadcast television. With these added picture frames comes sharper lines, refined contours, richer colors, and denser sounds.

The Dish Network HDTV offers are also spectacular because of another feature of HDTV: the screen ration. Dish Network s programming comes in widescreen format, a ratio of 16 to 9. The ratio for your typical television is 4 to 3, a ratio that can scrunch up or cut off many of the images on your screen. The broader HD ratio, on the other hand, opens up the whole screen, as the directors wanted you to see it.

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Features of Dish Network HD Receivers

Dish Network HD receivers can also come with the latest in playback and storage features, which turn your television into your personal television studio. You become the television producer, deciding which of your favorite shows begin when. This technology is called DVR technology, or Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology. Combined with digital television, the DVR technology gives you unprecedented powers of entertainment.

You might expect to pay a fortune for such high-tech entertainment wonders, but when it comes to Dish, the costs of even the top-notch programming options are reasonable. Imagine that. You can have movie theater sounds and sights in your den, including DVR playback technology, without needing to mortgage the house around your den. It is an impressive combination that only the fascinating satellite television industry could provide. Whether you still resort to using rabbit ears or you use that old-fashioned cable set up, satellite television is an exciting new opportunity that may be bringing change to a den near you.

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Using the Dish network for home viewing

The Dish Network is one of the world s greatest options for your home viewing pleasure, and a lot of this has to do with its Dish Network HD receivers. HD, or high definition, provides the clarity of detail and crispness of textures that usually is reserved for real life. But now on your television, you can see the individual strands of an actor s haircut, or see each blade of grass in a football field. In fact, HD television is beyond real life.

Dish Network HD receivers launch satellite television into the stratosphere of the entertainment world. It combines the most eye-catching images with the most ear thumping sound. That s because Dish includes Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound with its high definition receivers.

These receivers also come with a ton of other features. These include a slick design to fit into even the most sophisticated of decorated dens. Whether you go with the art deco motif, or the classic down-home county look, in your home, you can expect these receivers to blend in excellently in your home entertainment system. These receivers also can have single and dual tuner satellite modes for recording digital images.

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The Direcway Service Satellite Internet

That s where a Direcway upgrade kit can come in. This service will set you up with the DW6000, which is the cutting edge of satellite modems. It is Direcway s top modem model, so the DW6000 brings to you the best performance, along with quality flexibility and easy maintenance. When it comes to logging on, the model also makes that easy. Unlike dial up or other Internet services, this satellite service has the necessary software already installed the modem. No need to worry about adding it to your computer or downloading upgrades from the Web.

For you technical gurus out there, the DW6000 modem contains the transmit and receive components in one compact unit. That way, you don t have to worry about a cord connecting the two components. In the DW6000, the components communicate via an Ethernet connection. This also happens to make it easier to connect the Direcway upgrade kit to one computer or network.

All in all, this means you get the best in satellite service. You get the performance and versatility that you expect from satellite Internet. Plus, you get an unparalleled ease of use. No more do you need to worry about installing or upgrading software. You can forget about paying for more phone lines, or phone service at all for that matter.

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Using the Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet can t be beat, and a Directway upgrade kit is one of the best ways to enjoy this new computer technology. Satellite Internet provides a powerful combination of cost effectiveness, convenience, and speed that you ll have a hard time discovering in other online providers and services. It s just the nature of the technology. Using a satellite dish, a satellite orbiting thousands of mile in space, and a special modem on your laptop or desktop, you can access the Web from anywhere on the planet. This is especially important if you live in an isolated area that isn t serviced by reliable phone lines or cable providers, or if you travel a lot in an RV.

When it comes to choosing how to go about acquiring a satellite Internet provider, you may run into the trickier part of the process. Satellite Internet is a relatively new technology, and so there aren t any huge brand names out there yet like AOL. What s more, satellite Internet can actually be slow relative to cable or DSL hook ups if you re provider isn t on the ball. So choosing the right provider and equipment may be more important with satellite Internet than with other forms of online service.

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The other major features of Directv

Directv doesn t stop there either. One of Directv s other major new features is high definition (HD) television. It provides an unprecedented television experience, both for your eyes and your ears. You can access most of the satellite television provider s full selection of programming, too, with HD satellite broadcasts. Choose from high definition pay per view movies, premium channels, and sports channels..

The backbone of this whole system is the premium quality of your basic Directv service. Its 125 channels of pure digital entertainment are unrivaled in the television world. Those 125 channels encompass more than 30 premium movie channels, 60 pay per view movie options per month, and 36 commercial-free radio stations. And unlike many satellite services, Directv also gives you access to your local stations.

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Adding a Directv Tivo system

The Directv Tivo network tops a system that already provides its subscribers with the best selection of satellite television, best quality of service, and most dynamic options. With its dedicated SPORTS Pack and NFL Sunday ticket, Directv is the satellite system of choice for all sports fans. You can t find its selection of 25 specialty and regional sports networks, NFL football games, NBA basketball, MLB major league baseball, and other sporting programs anywhere else, whether it s cable or another satellite service.

Then add the Directv Tivo network. You can t beat the access to more than 225 channels, all of which come with digital quality sights and sounds. Plus, the digital video recording features of Tivo allow you to control exactly how and when you watch these channels. You can record individual sitcoms or sporting events, or record a whole season of them. If you and your spouse can t agree on a program to watch, record yours while you watch hers. And then watch your recorded show while your spouse saves two others that are being broadcasted live.

The possibilities are endless with the Directv Tivo network. And all of them are as simple as pointing and clicking your remote. No need to worry as if you had to program your VCR. No complicated 200 page instruction manuals to study or toll-free numbers to call for help. Of course, those aids are available, but most likely, you won t need them to access and utilize your Tivo.

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The role of Satellites

Customers from the start have learned the advantages of the small satellite dishes that come with their subscription. These dishes act like antenna and pick up the signal sent down to Earth from the satellites. Customers also always get what’s known as a digital integrated receiver/decoder (IRD), or receiver for short. These are like the boxes that you are familiar with from cable. The satellite receiver, though, decodes what the dish brings in, separating each channel and translating it into your television’s -language.

High above your home, there are the six high-tech satellites that circle the Earth and beam down the television programs to your dish. The satellites are an unbelievable 22,300 miles above the planet. They provide the hundreds of channels every day to Directv satellite receivers for existing customers and new customers. These satellites get all of their audio and visual information, which make up the signal for each of your channels, from digital broadcast centers in Castle Rock, Colorado, and in Los Angeles, California. These centers receive the channels from the individual content providers, like ESPN or HBO, and shoot the shows up to their satellites.

It’s hard to believe that this kind of technology exists. But these satellites in outer orbits above the Earth can receive signals from pinpoint locations in the United States, digest these signals, and then beam them back to your individual satellite dish in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jacksonville, Florida, or wherever you happen to live.