Services Provided by Rehabilitation Nurses

Rehabilitation nursing is a rewarding vocation in the medical profession. They specialize in helping patients recover and cope with extensive medical problems. Many of their patients have been released from hospital intensive care units to more long term comprehensive treatment facilities.

The goal of the rehabilitation nursing profession is to treat patients who require a broad range of medical services for their recovery. People who need rehabilitation nursing care may have suffered from such things as work injuries, car accidents, strokes, head trauma, drug or alcohol abuse, gunshot wound or other severe trauma. These nurses find work in general hospitals, rehabilitation centers, drug and alcohol recovery facilities, mental hospitals, senior citizen facilities, or private homes

Rehabilitation nurses are able to provide a broad range of services depending on the facility they work in. In general they wish to help their patients begin the long process towards a hoped for full recovery. The Rehabilitation nursing staff tries to help their patients cope with their illnesses or disabilities and develop life skills that will aid them in their healing process.

Stabilize & Mobilize

One of the first things a rehabilitation nurse wishes to accomplish is to help stabilize the patient in the new facility and to keep him from developing any further complications. Many people suffering from long term illnesses have very limited mobility. This could cause them to get bed sores, develop pneumonia or breathing problems from staying in the same position all the time. The job of the rehabilitation nurse is to help prevent these problems.

The rehabilitation nursing staff also seeks to help the patient develop the mindset to cope with their medical condition. The rehabilitation nurse works with the doctors, psychologist and other staff to help the patient develop a plan in dealing with their medical condition.


Another important function of the rehabilitation nurse is to educate the patient and or their family on their care and health maintenance. Some of the areas they give training on are how to take the medication, wound care and prevention of bed sores, maintaining the tracheal tube, bladder and bowel movements, and proper nutrition.

In order to serve their patients the rehabilitation nursing staff is registered and licensed to practice in their state. They have the mindset to tackle the care of patients with more difficult and long term medical problems. It is a gratifying medical specialty that continues to grow as the baby boomers age.

Aspects of Rehabilitation Medicine

For disabled individuals medicine has made remarkable advances, one of which is rehabilitation medicine, which can help individuals to restore their physical, mental and social functioning to their maximum levels. Today rehabilitation medicine is one of the fastest growing areas in medicine. There are many aspects involved in this section of medicine, which makes it a truly unique field.

The Members of a Rehabilitation Team

In rehabilitation medicine a multiprofessional team is often used to get the best results which specialties in education, employment, engineering, housing, social services, nursing, psychology and therapy. Depending on the amount of rehabilitation needed and the patient then the size and layout of the required team will be different. Rehabilitation medicine has its own unique challenges as any medical field does so it is important that individuals work as part of a team.

When Rehabilitation Medicine is Needed

Many forms of disability require rehabilitation medicine for an individual to regain control of their life. Conditions can be both congenital and acquired with several aspects of acquired disability being those that have a fluctuating course, a steady deterioration and those with a period of improvement. Rehabilitation medicine focuses on all groups, which makes it unique. Typically, young and elderly patients will be treated by specialist teams while the middle ages are left out, but rehabilitation medicine focuses on all age groups.

The Role of Technology in Rehabilitation Medicine

For people with disabilities independence can be a great thing that is hard to obtain. However, technology is increasingly improving the chances of disabled individuals being able to lead an independent life. Today technology can be adapted for nearly any disabled person so that they can adjust to life better.

Technology started to help disabled people when the government began allocating funds to help pay for electric powdered chairs so that the elderly and those with disabilities to increase their level of independence. Technological advancements are constantly being made as scientist daily link technologies to other areas of life such as mobility, communication and environmental control.

Rehabilitation medicine is truly an exciting specialty for those in the medical field. This aspect of medicine allows doctors to combine both the hospital and the community while helping provide quality of life to a group of people previously neglected in society. Rehabilitation medicine along with technology is now making disabled individuals a part of society, providing them independence and giving them a hope for the future.