Place of getting a Free pregnancy test

Hei. Do you know that in the technological world of home pregnancy tests that give often result in one minute, in the doctor’s office only fewer and fewer initial tests related to detect the pregnancy are being conducted. Exceptions are there and many of these are found in form of free pregnancy test that is provided by free clinics like planned parenthood and others.

Is it a surprise one for you?. But, this is a fact

Resources that based on community level

Free pregnancy test are found in resources of every community. In billboards and outdoor signs, the free tests are being advertised by some of the hospitals and clinics. During the study about the sexually transmitted diseases or a certain age group of persons, some times, the medical schools that are found to be affiliated with hospitals that teach provide the free pregnancy test.

During the conductin of study, this will be advertised by them usually

Certain day in each week or twice a month is quoted by the health departments of many larger cities that offer free pregnancty test. However, this is to be checked up with the city health department. Make one phone call in case you don’t know who to call for getting of assistance in locating a free pregnancy test. You get referred to somebody who know these. Remember that any city office is aware of the community services that offer the free pregnancy test

Seeking confidentiality

When you are underaged, your parents will not be informed by most of the clinics that implement the free pregnancy tests. Hence, you need not bother on this . Per haps, most of the times, you need to undergo the counseling with many of these persons who will offer you free condoms.

After the test, if any assistance is required, you will be given referrals according to your need.

Though you may not find any word on any of these free clinics that provide the free home pregnancy test. But, you will come across still a clinic offering a free pregnancy test and no questions will be asked during such time.

Though some may not be aware of places to be looked for these kinds of clinics, you can go through the yellow pages of your local phone book. Hence, you may end up in finding a community type of resource that can provide the referral.

It may be intimidating to be all alone and start worrying on your pregnancy and hence, immediately find out the better. Search for a free pregnancy test in the internet and find a free clinic in your city.

When you don’t find a free pregnancy test, don’t immediately give up. Got it? Since many such clinics are there, this may be an easy one to find just what you require.

Method of getting a Free online pregnancy test

Free online pregnancy tests are being advertised many times by many websites. Yeah. Awesome, often ? By entering such sites, you can provide answers to the questions asked and the questions may even include the symptoms that you are having currently. When you complete them, you will be offered the number that reflects your probability of pregnancy in percentage.

Don’t mess with these kinds of websites unless you want to have some fun. This is due to the fact that there is no special kind of anything that is scientific about these free online pregnancy tests. Significant one is that you need to go for the reliable pregnancy test and hence, you can find concretely on what you have to understand in taking care of yourself.

Most of the occasions, you get easily convinced yourself about the symptoms listed during the filling up of the free online pregnancy test. It will not be responsible to take any one of these and ultimately you ignore the genuine tests. Just as a fun you can go around this like a game but many good options are available for a real pregnancy test.

Go for a genuine test

Desptie the taking up of a free online pregnancy test, few dollars may be spent by you. Okay. Select a less expensive home pregnancy test kit and find out scientific fact of whether you are pregnant or not in just a few minutes. Okay?

The first day of your last period and the probable date you conceived are taken into account during the working of these free online pregnancy test and you need to check the list of symptoms. Subsequent to the submission of all these messages, you will be provided with a probable percentage of pregnancy you are likely to have.

When the information pertaining to the answers matches up with yours, it might be a fun after you know you are either pregnant or not. Just you can laugh when it goes wrong and time would not have been wasted relying the result. Hei. Got it?

When you are not in a hurry in finding out an answer about pregnancy, don’t take a free online pregnancy test and you might be willing to choose the home pregnancy test that can provide the fast answer of any home based pregnancy test available in the market. You need to know that it is the First Response which is capable of detecting the pregnancy hormone before other home based pregnancy test can.

First Response

This is an easy one to use since it has a midstream test strip that is to be held beneath your urine stream for five seconds.

After this, just place it on a flat surface and till you find that the result is ready. Dark blue line appearing like a line in the control window is seen in two or three minutes. Nothing will be seen in this window when you are not pregnant.

When compared with free online pregnancy test, this now will provide the answer required at your end and surely, this is a better one. When you believe that you are pregnant, it is better to approach the doctor immediately. Hope you are satisfied now.

Possibility of acquiring a Free home pregnancy test

Just steal it if you want a free home pregnancy test. Looks funny? Yeah. You will never get one freely at any time. There is no such advertisement online or off.


Though you may come across a Google free home pregnancy test and you may have plenty of hits too. But, no one of these sites quoted will spare the free home pregnancy tests. However, there are chances that you may get free shipment of the home pregnancy tests from some of such sites.

Toll free number can be called by you to have talk on home pregnancy tests or to sign up for getting of a free newsletter related to the home pregnancy tests but online links are not seen however to provide a free home pregnancy test.

I get mad on seeing the sites that proclaim that they offer the free home pregnancy tests. When you visit these sites, they are tagged with the price of 1.49 or 3.25 or some odd figure just like that. Since no message is there in them, I will not bother on all these and I wonder and become suspicious on how a pregnancy test kit can be sold for 1.49

Planned resources and community resources

Either through a planned parenthood or through some types of community clinic, it may be possible to obtain a free pregnancy test of any kind.

Such clinics are seen in every city and these clinics test free in case of minor without revealing to your parents. If these clinics failed to hand out free home pregnancy tests, then you need to do it in the traditional way.

You get amazed to know on the numbers of home pregnancy tests move out of the shelves. Hei. Make an attempt. Google shoplift home pregnancy test and you will wonder on what you see. Yes. You will come across many stories on persons who get caught during shoplifting of these boxes that have magic in them.

Purchasing one home pregnancy tests itself is a lucky one, which is not well realized by the young people. It is hard to find a free pregnancy test in a clinic, earlier. Before the products were on the market, the youth have not entered into the market earlier.

I just can have some sympathy for anybody who cannot afford a home pregnancy test. How they can afford taking care of their babies, if the test is positive, when they are not able to afford home pregnancy tests.

Just have a thought next time you look for a free home pregnancy test or talk with some one related to this. We should not play with fire if we are not even able to go for a smoke alarm. Got it? Yes. I hope you understand now.

Error proof pregnancy test – the first in the home pregnancy test

Hie. There is no error proof pregnancy test. Got it? Fine. However, the one that has label to its name has this for a long time. Only in the year 1978, the EPT found a place in American market and this is moving strongly for about thirty years. Being a pioneer of the filed, this EPT has enjoyed a good reputation as the home pregnancy test.

Though at the beginning, the EPT meant the Early Pregnancy Test, along the line, the name got changed as error proof pregnancy test. Currently, though there are two types, midstream test stick is used in both. However, one is digital.

Digital type

A holder is presented along with the digital error proof pregnancy test. The test stick is to be kept into this both before and after the testing. Once the test results are ready, you may find the words PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. Hence, there is no need of any sort of confusion about the results.

The midstream method is also being used by the “regular” error proof pregnancy test. However, the traditional plus or minus sign is revealed in the result display window and this indicates the positive or negative pregnancy test.

The error proof pregnancy test is nothing but the EPT. Since many years, this has been a brand that is trusted by many in the home pregnancy test industry. However, it becomes a surprise for many to see that this home pregnancy kit can not trace the pregnancy hormone as quickly as many of other home based pregnancy test kits available in the market.

When the pregnancy level of hCG is at 40 mIU (fourty thousandths of an International Unit), the EPT can detect this. However, many home pregnancy tests can find out hCG at only 25 Miu. The one called as First Response can detect the level of hCG as little as 6.5 mIU. This is according to the Consumer Result.

Yeah. This can not be taken as the only criteria durin the purchase of a home pregnancy test despite the fact that it appears to be the significant one. Readability, reliability and easy procedure are the ones to be given significance during the consideration of a home pregnancy test kit.

Drugs that are taken for fertility and home pregnancy tests

Hei. Please understand that women taking fertility related drugs may not be willing to have home pregnancy test that was a sensitive one to identify even the traces of hCG. Error proof

Ept pregnancy test result

Hei. Whether you have a digital or non digital one, the Ept pregnancy test result, it becomes easy one to read. Okay? Just understand on this. The words PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT are displayed by the Ept pregnancy test result.

Hence, in this manner, you are not going to stare at the display windows and get confused on seeing the faint line meaning your pregnancy.
You will not do mistakes if you read the words.

The plus or minus sign is somewhat clear in the “regular” Ept pregnancy test result. Hence there may not be any confusions between these. Midstream pregnancy sticks are present in both tests and hence, the procedure is same for these. However, the difference is the insertion of the stick into the plastic holder after the carryijng out of the test, in case of digital home pregnancy test.


Identification of a dark ring at he bottom of the test tube seen through a mirror angled below the test tube was the first Ept pregnancy test result. However, it was found to be primitive by today’s standards since you need to engage in the mixing of urine with other contents of the test tube with the purified water.

Yeah. You collected your urine in a cup and by using the medicine dropper, this is added on to the test tube. Just wait for two hours for the result to occur and is seen as a miracle. But till then, it was a hard wait at the doctor’s office for several days for the getting of results.

Yes. We passed many years since the test tube home pregnancy test. Women in current periods are shocked to know the idea of waiting for just two hours for an Ept pregnancy test result. However, it was an unexpected happening.


During the selection of home pregnancy test kit for usage, you have more choices. Though they appear similar, they have hidden and significant variations too. Midstream method of testing is used by many home pregnancy tests in which you need to place the pregnancy test strip in your urine stream and results will occur after the waiting period of two or three minutes. Never, it becomes an easier one to find out the pregnancy as rapidly as possible.

If you think you are pregnant, then whatever the home pregnancy test you are using, it does not matter. You need to approach a doctor immediately in this occasion. So, now you have something on the main matter.

Go through the Ept pregnancy test instructions before start of the test

Hei. It is an attraction to grab a home based pregnancy test and use it within minutes of your suspecion about your pregnancy and we test it a week earlier to the occurrence of period or a week later. Am I right:? Yes. Many a time, primarily women understand that waiting is more difficult.

Examination of pregnancy too early

False positive result is a very rare occurrence but a false negative result is more common in general especially when yhou use the test so early.

The outer cover of the EPT box reveals that four days before the ccurrence of your period, you might be able to carry out the test. However, if you find negative result, it isn’t going to upset your mind once you know on how the tests function. Yeah. You have to understand all these.

No doubt that one needs to go through and follow the Ept pregnancy test instructions, it becomes equally true that one needs to understand on the mode of functioning of these home pregnancy tests and hence, you can feel more satisfactory with the results.

During testing so early, as per the Ept pregnancy test instructions, a negative result indicates on the absence of pregnancy hormone for this test to identify. At 40 mIU (25,000 International Units), the pregnancy hormone- hCG will be detected by the EPT test.

Though this amount of hormone is being produced in the first day of your missed period, there is no gurarantee. Once in every two days, the amounts of Hcg will get doubled in the early stages of pregnancy. Hence, what it matters is the number of days before the detection of hCG.

Support by telephone

When you need to know the result instantly, get your blood tested from the doctor who will estimate the hCG and how much of this will not matter in such occasions. Alternatively, in a few days, undergo the repetition of this test. Again the Ept pregnancy test instructions need to be followed meticulously and in the event of having any questions, you have an 800 number to make a call and talk with a nurse with the instructions.

In one box with two or three test kits, the EPT Certainty test comes along with many other home pregnancy tests. For an early testing, this may be taken as the best option.

However, you need to follow the Ept pregnancy test instructions precisely as they are given. This test is highly preferred by many women because they are able to detect the pregnancy by reading words instead of starting at the blue lines and hence, they can get an accurate result. Hope, I have given some useful message about the test instructions. Okay?

Ept pregnancy test and change of life

A woman needed to wait along with pins and needles once and this was before the year 1978- the year of development of first home pregnancy test kit- the Ept pregnancy test in American market.

The woman had to wait for even two weeks to know whether she is pregnant or not. First, unless you are two weeks late, the doctor who is approached in such occasions will not even examine you and after you give the urine sample, in most of the occasions, you need to wait for another ten to fourteen days to know the results.

What is the first Ept pregnancy test

Just you need to imagine the quantum of relief and anxiety felt by women during the encountering of Ept pregnancy test in the market . Yes. It’s great. Though it seemed amazing to understand the fact in about two hours instead of two weeks, it was equally frightening to assemble the little kit and wondered if they would carry out this right.

Urine was to be collected in a small cup and by using a medicine dropper, place it into the test tube with water and then the tube was kept in plastic holder. This was followed by the attachment of the mirror, so as to appreciate the dark brown circle at the bottome of tube in case of positive cases.

The Early Pregnancy Test was derived from the name Ept pregnancy test, when it first came to the market. However, later it changed its name as Error Proof Pregnancy Test. Though it was a fact that many home pregnancy kits just followed this Ept pregnancy test, the pionmin case of o occurred in the


The technology has changed over a period of years for the Ept pregnancy test when compared to the period of testing the dark brown circle at the bottom part of the test tube. There are two types of tests, with regard to the Ept pregnancy test.

Though both use the midstream test strip, one is digital and other is non digital. In case of a regular one, the pregnancy test strip is to be placed in your urine stream for five seconds and then kept on a flat surface. The display window may reveal a plus or minus sign indicating the result of positive or negative after two or three minutes.

Though you are using the digital Ept pregnancy test, you still need to use the midstream test strip and they are to be placed in a holder made of plastic and wait for three minutes. Now in the result display windows, you will see the word PREGNANG or NOT PREGNANT.

Yes. We have passed a long way since the period of development of Ept pregnancy test . Now, we are used to the obtaining of results within a matter of two to five minutes. Yeah. That is the progress. Okay? I hope you agree!

Ept early pregnancy test and Error Proof Test

In the year 1978, the EPT meaning the Early Pregnancy Test came in the American market and this was the first home pregnancy test kit. The occurrence of vigorous competition is now reflected by the change over of this name to Error Proof Test.

On CBS’ The Early Show, the findings of Consumer Reports that are associated with testing of eighteen home pregnancy test kits in the year 2003 were revealed. However, to the astonishment, the pioneer Ept early pregnancy test was not projected as first or even the second method, with regard to the early detection of pregnancy to be learnt by the women. .

Since the Ept early pregnancy test is not a sensitive test, it was not possible to furnish the earlier result rank about the center of the road during the carrying out of the Ept early pregnancy test by a woman. However, due to the high degree of reliability and easy method of usage including reading of home pregnancy test, this had a good reputation.

Results in digital form

In this digital form, the Ept early pregnancy test is associated with the usage of midstream test strip and this strip needs insertion into the concerned holder before and after the test. When the results become ready, the words PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT are displayed in result window and lines that can confuse others are not revealed in this.

Hei. However, you need to remember that the non-digital Ept early pregnancy test is also a reliable one and the method of usage is easy. Test strips are also provided in this also and they need to be held in urine stream for five seconds and then keep the strips on a flat surface. A plus or minus sign will appear on window displaying the result, within two or three minutes.

Technology 30 Years Ago

In the modern world, women get damaged by the immediate results of technology. Often it becomes a surprise for them to understand that the first Ept early pregnancy test had consumed just two hours for the processing and association of collecting of urine in a cup and was followed by the combination of this in a test tube using a medicine dropper and the tube had red blood cells of sheep in addition to other ingredients.

After you finished taking the test, you then had to place it in a dark corner and wait two hours. Then you could look in the mirror that you had previously placed under the test tube to see if a dark brown circle was present. If it was, you knew you were pregnant.

Now a day, the home pregnancy tests are more easy and yield quick results on whether you are pregnant or not If you feel you are pregnant, then approach the doctor, rightly. Hope now , you got the gist of the matter.

Easy clearblue pregnancy test

Among the home pregnancy tests, it is the easy clearblue pregnancy test that is most significant one and has both digital and a non digital version.Though these two tests use mainly the pregnancy test strips, little difference is there in working and this depends on the type you use.

While doing the easy clearblue pregnancy test, hold a midstream test strip in the urine stream for a period of about five seconds and then keep it under a flat surface. Plus or a minus will be seen in the display or result window, when the results are ready

Carrying out of the test from the first missed day

In the day you are missing your period , do the easy clearblue pregnancy test and read the instructions which reveals that the urine sample may be tested any timeof the day. However, this reveal that the first urine is preferable for testing since it has more amounts of hCG-the pregnancy hormone.

Many a time, if you obtain only a negative result with the undertaking of easy clearblue pregnancy test, you tend to think of repetition of the test a few days later. Am I correct?

Production of pregnancy hormone- hCG

Subsequent to the attachment of the embryo to the uterine wall, there is production of the pregnancy hormone- hCG . A positive result is given based on the detection of this hormone. You may get only a negative result if you do the test before the attachment of the ebryo to the uternine wall because the hormone hCG may not be present in such occasions

Various home based pregnancy tests detect the hCG at various levels and this includes the easy clearblue pregnancy test also.

By approaching the online information, you can select the home pregnancy test that is capable of identifying even trace amount of hCG. Many a time, the manufacturers will not provide such details about the levels and hence, you need to engage the online research.

Hei. You may find a difference in the working of the digital easy clearblue pregnancy test.
In this, you need to apply the test strips in a similar way with the other easy clearblue pregnancy test.

However, in this, after you have placed the strips in your urine sample for about five seconds, followed by placing it back in the correct holder, you can see within about three seconds the words PREGNANT or NOTPREGNANT.

No wonder to find that many women seek the digital type of home pregnancy test and this is due to the fact that there is no guessing work to differentiate the faint line from actual line. Since now the words are spelled out clearly, there is no dilemma in this regard.

If you feel that you are pregnant or if you are pregnant, then approach the doctor, so that your baby gets the right kind of care.

Why the early pregnancy test should not be conducted

Hei. In the modern days,. we need everything so fast. But, see there are some reasons why we don’t need to carry out an early pregnancy test. So, lets see the reasons that are indicated with regard to this point.

Medicines for fertility

In case of the women who are making use of any fertility medicines enriched with hCG-the pregnancy hormone and in the women who are attempting to conceive, some controversies are there in the carrying out of the early pregnancy test too early. The reason is that because for a woman having already hCG in her serum, this may yield a false positive test result during the undertaking of the test used for the detection of early and minute amounts of hCG.

In the event of usage of fertility related medicines, before undertaking any early pregnancy test, you need to wait for atleast some days, subsequent to the first missed period. However, when you go for the purchase of the early pregnancy test kit, don’t go for the one that reveals the advertisement as fastest kit to diagnose pregnancy in the market. Select the kit that requires larger amounts of hCG in your body for the declaration of result as positive one.

When you obtain a positive result, no doubt that you may be willing to go for the repetition of the test few days later. Approach a doctor when you get a positive test result or when you think that you are pregnant.

False result

One more reason for the avoidance of an early pregnancy test is that many times, the embryos get just attached without staying to the uterine wall. Due to many reasons, about thirty to fifty per cent of those embryos which get attached to the uterine wall don’t get stayed and often , they are removed during the beginning of menstrual cycle.

The happening like this not new and what is per haps new is that during such happening, we may know its occurrence due to early pregnancy test. Lets imagine. You are going for a early pregnancy test that reveals pregnancy status with trace amounts of hCG and you may get a period afer few days.

In such cases, some women take it as false positive one and get just disappointed. But if the woman knows about the first attachment of embryo to uterine wall, followed by the detachment of embryo, then she may get terribly upset.

Hence, we need to give some time factor to the happenings and need to avoid the rushing for such matters . The attempting of diagnosing pregnancy before you miss your first period is tantamount to the early rushing. Now I hope you got it. Anyhow, when you feel you are pregnant, immediately approach the doctor.