PHP DIR SUBMIT – An Unique Turneky SEO Tool


Directory submission is useful for getting one way back links to the website however it is time consuming exercise. Gone are the days when submission to the article directories was a tedious manual procedure. Nowadays tools are available to auto-submit your articles to many article directories. PHP DIR SUBMIT is a web-based SEO Tool. Using it you can make 3-way submissions, to the websites directories, articles directories and bookmarks sites at once.


PHP DIR SUBMIT offers great and some of them are listed here.

  • It comes with already loaded directories list. There are 300 article directories, 300 website directories and 300 social book marking sites in the list. You have flexibility to add more to that list. So you have facility to customize your submissions.
  • With single efforts you can make 3 ways submission and moreover you can manage all in one place.
  • You can change the title names, keywords and descriptions as per the requirements.
  • Monitor the results of the submission centrally.
  • In-Built article spinner to create unlimited articles from one article.
  • Facility to export submissions related data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Easy to use Administration panel.
  • It is easy to use and anybody with little knowledge about internet can learn it quickly.
  • Benefits of PHP DIR SUBMIT

    It allows you to manage 3 types of submissions, articles directories, website directories and bookmarking sites in one place and one time. If you are a SEO professional you can accomplish your submission task quickly. If you are an individual website owner without help of SEO professional you can promote your website.

    Try out the live demo to see for yourself today!

    Online Surveys for Money: A Viable Side Income?

    Online surveys for money represent the best source of earning a side income along with your permanent job. These surveys can be taken by any person who is well versed in using the internet and has got a decent command over the English language. With the world getting digital by the day, more and more people becoming internet savvy. The companies have thus realized that internet presents the best opportunity to try and understand consumer behavior in an easy manner, as I learned from an incredible review of online surveys for money websites:

    This is where online surveys for money come into the picture and help you in the following manner:

    • The cost of living has gone up exponentially and there hasn’t been a corresponding increase in the salaries of people. This has meant that more and more people in the world are now looking at earning an extra side income along with their regular source of income.
    • Online surveys for money present the perfect opportunity for people to try and earn this extra source of income.

    The way these online surveys work is very simple indeed. You have to fill out questions which are both descriptive and analytical in nature. Online surveys for money have carved out a niche for themselves and are very popular amongst customers.

    Online Surveys for Money: a New Way Forward!

    Online surveys for money are really a boon for the emerging and developing Asian countries. The Asian nations are still not fully economically developed; hence people in these regions find it very difficult to sustain a good lifestyle. The online paid surveys enable them to supplement their regular income and live the life they deserve.

    Online surveys for money: A boon!

    • For people who do not access to good and well paying jobs in their region, paid online surveys are really a boon. The surveys pay a decent amount of money for little efforts.
    • The Internet has erased the geographic boundaries between nations. Now, anyone can get an online work from any country, which can be done from home.
    • No special knowledge or infrastructure is required for filling up the surveys. This highly empowers people.

    Money is a necessity is every one’s life. It is the basis of all transactions in the world. Hence, it becomes highly important for people not to be restricted or constrained because of a lack of funds. Online surveys for money have made life simpler for a lot of people; it enables them to invest little time and efforts for huge returns in the long term.