Tiffany Lamp, Real Or Reproduction?

For over a century the Tiffany lamp has been a key feature in home d cor and Louis Comfort Tiffany could never have imagined that the Tiffany lamp would become his most famous and enduring contribution to art and home d cor. Born the son of a famous New York jeweler in 1848, Tiffany was a major creative influence in the Art Nouveau movement. Today there are three basic types of Tiffany lamps: Tiffany originals, Tiffany lamp reproductions, and lamps or fixtures made in the Tiffany style. Whether you hope to someday own an original Tiffany lamp, purchasing an antique reproduction or would be just as happy with a Tiffany inspired lamp, it is important to know the difference.

What s In A Name?

The only original tiffany lamps were created by Tiffany Studios in New York City by Tiffany and his group of artisans. Today original Tiffany lamps are found only in museums and individual collections. A Tiffany lamp sold for over two million dollars at Christies Auction House in 1997.
Almost all “Tiffany” Lamps and fixtures that you might see are not real Tiffany but actually reproductions and you have to keep in mind that you are purchasing a Tiffany inspired lamp that reproduces the original designs, or new designs that are Tiffany inspired but not the real thing. Today when we hear the term Tiffany, it most often applies to the style and not an actual Tiffany piece. An authentic Tiffany lamp reproduction will use the same pattern and color scheme as the original.
Many companies that work under the Tiffany name are creating exacting reproductions of the original Tiffany designs, even down to including a signature and this confuses many consumers into thinking they are getting the real thing.
Tiffany Style

A Tiffany style lamp, on the other hand is a blanket term often used to describe anything with a stained glass shade. While there are the producers of quality lamps crafted in the Louis Tiffany tradition, cheap imitation Tiffany style lamps can have loose fitting glass pieces or may not be glass at all but a stained glass like plastic shade.

Most of us may not be able to afford an authentic Tiffany lamp, but whether you are looking for the real thing or just appreciate the beautiful style there is almost certainly something to fit your budget, making it easy to have your own bit of Tiffany.

Tanning Lamp: Quick Tan, Faster Fading

A tanning lamp produces ultraviolet radiation and it can either be a low pressure or high pressure unit. High pressure units are known as bulbs while low pressure ones are known as lamps ; but, there are many exceptions and, no one is really very set in following these categorizations. However, both types need to have an oxygen free environment within the lamp. In addition, the tanning lamp needs to have a ballast to make power available.

Main Aim

The main aim of using a tanning lamp is to obtain a suntan without need to lie out in the sun and, how good a quality of suntan that can be obtained will depend on the spectrum of the light being generated by the lamp. It is the norm that these devices will produce much more ultraviolet radiations than would normal sunlight and, thus provides users with faster base tans though; the tan may wear off faster and, it does not provide as much protection from the sun as is the case with natural tans.

Tanning lamps may also be used for treating psoriasis, eczema as well as for curing or aging wood used in building violins, guitars as also other musical instruments. They may also be used for water purification as well as sterilizing medical instruments.

However, there are concerns regarding the use of tanning lamps which could cause an increase in the incidence of skin cancer, with young users being most at risk. With artificial tanning becoming more popular, tanning lamps may be a real source of some skin cancers such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma that together cause the most malignancies in humans. Since being exposed to ultraviolet radiation or UVR from the sun can cause skin cancer and, these devices mimic sunlight, there is reason to believe that users may be affected adversely and, may be more prone to developing skin cancer as a result of using them.

People that use a tanning lamp may get themselves burnt in a manner similar to sunburn which is closely linked with the three main types of skin cancer. There is every likelihood that people using tanning lamps would be two and a half times more at risk to developing squamous cell carcinoma and, one and a half times more at risk to developing basal cell carcinoma than those not using such artificial means.

It has also been found by researchers that the risk of basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma was higher in youths and, was twenty percent and ten percent higher respectively for youth who used a tanning lamp. The tanning lamp is therefore not a very safe means of obtaining a browner skin color and, should be used with care.

Choosing The Perfect Table Lamp

When choosing a table lamp our first thought is usually that we need extra lighting or we have a spot where a table lamp would add that perfect touch to our decor. But there s definitely more to choosing a table lamp than just function. Placed on side table, or on a shelf, a table lamp can be used to high light a collection of your favorite objects, brighten a dark corner, or provide a pool of light for reading. A table lamp can also provide just the right amount of light for a hallway or a soft welcoming glow in an entryway Table lamps come in all shapes, sizes and styles as well as a wide variety of materials including crystal, ceramic, wood, and steel, so it is easy to find something to suit every room in your home.

Form And Function

While ceiling fixtures light up a whole room and may be more than you need, table lamps create small warm pools of light perfect for individual tasks such as reading or hand sewing and a table lamp on a side table can create soft shadows and add balance to a room. When choosing a table lamp, the base and the shade should be proportionate to each other and should fit the scale of the furnishings. The shade should be at eye level when you’re seated, so the glare from the bulb won’t be visible.
the number of table lamps in each room can vary greatly. For common areas such as living rooms and family rooms, you ll want a lamp that helps light the room but also focuses on specific task areas.

Bedside Manner

When choosing a bedside table lamp, remember it is just as much for purpose as it is for form and is often the main lighting source for the entire room as well as for reading in bed. The height of your nightstand should determine the height of your table lamp and taller lamps work best with shorter stands or you can place a shorter lamp on a stack of books for a nice decorating treatment. Smaller lamps with low wattage bulbs can be added to create small pools of intimate lighting.
A table lamp should not only be functional but should make a statement about you and your home. They can provide a warm, inviting atmosphere to any room and a private haven after a long day.

The Rising Of The Sun Lamp

The season of winter can sometimes be a very depressing time of the year. Depression-like symptoms can be triggered due to the lack of sunlight coupled with the experience of continual rain or snow. Often, during these times of inclement weather, an individual is forced to stay indoors. Sometimes this condition is known as cabin fever or, more scientifically, can be labeled as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

A treatment that has shown promise in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder is through the use of a sun lamp. In addition to this particular disorder other individuals with certain conditions have benefited from the use of a sun lamp. Those other conditions have included individuals who experience non-seasonal related depression and those who are homebound for a number of reasons.

What Is A Sun Lamp?

A sun lamp is an electrical device that simulates sunlight by emitting the short wavelengths found in the ultraviolet spectrum. A sun lamp receives its power through a 120 volt outlet. Also, sun lamps come in various sizes and can include a standing sun lamp as well as those that rest on a tabletop.

In addition, an added feature on some sun lamps is a timer. This timer, once set, will safely control the therapeutic time spent under than the sun lamp.

It is also important to note that there are a variety of light bulbs that are used in the light generating process. These bulbs come in different wattages. It is important to select the right wattage to meet your needs and maintain your personal safety. Also, these light bulbs will share with the consumer the number of hours of production that the bulb is estimated to provide.

Treatment Process

The treatment process in the utilization of a sun lamp involves the individual sitting or lying in proximity of the light generated from the sun lamp. The distance between the individual and the sun lamp should reflect a distance of no less than 18 inches. Often, treatments begin with sessions of 30 seconds and continue to progress in length. Generally, treatments occur on a daily basis and sometimes range in duration of up to 30 minutes.

It is critical that the eyes of the individual utilizing the sun lamp are protected. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have a set of protective eyewear included in the purchase of a sun lamp from the manufacture.

Skin Disorders

In addition to helping treat the symptoms related to Seasonal Affective Disorder, there are other medical benefits derived from the use of a sun lamp. One of these benefits is the effect that it can have upon certain skin disorders. Specifically, the treatment of acne, through the use of a sun lamp, has shown promise.

Other Possible Benefits

Other benefits of sun lamp treatment may include other conditions that are related to depressive states. Those conditions include Alzheimer s disease, eating disorders, post-partum depression, etc.

Also, the use of a sun lamp has provided benefits to those individuals who experience sleeping disorders.

Street Lamp Has Grown In Brilliance

Most have witnessed Fred Astaire singing in the rain while dancing around a street lamp with Ginger Rogers but many do not realize the changes the lowly street lamp has undergone over its lifetime. From gas lights brightening the way along the walkways to the sodium filled arc light sources, the street lamp has come a long way since the late 1800 s.

In 1816, the city of Baltimore introduced gas street lighting, borrowing the idea from Britain, and lamp lighters were employed to travel the streets to light the lamps each night. Attala, Alabama became the first to use the electric street lamp in 1882, thanks to the new invention of Thomas Edison. In the early 19th century, a white way was considered a street that had street lights.

Some of the first electric street lamps were carbon arc lights, which cast a brilliant light and were useful in dock areas and other commercial facilities, but the brilliance of the light was not conducive to use in residential areas. Incandescent lighting, still widely used today, replaced the arc light, which also came with a high cost of maintenance.

Dangers Posed By Street Lamp Installation

While the benefits of the street lamp seem to be overwhelming for pedestrian safety, there are a couple of dangers posed by them, and the installation of street lamps usually take them into consideration. A bright street lamp can reduce a driver s night vision as the eyes automatically adjust to the presence of light.

When a person goes from a dark street into an area with street lights, their eyes make the adjustment and if plunged back into darkness when the street lights end, their eyes will take some time to readjust to the darkness. Additionally, the pole to which the street lamp is attached can become a crash hazard. They should be designed to break away on collision or be guarded by a guard rail or other device.

Light pollution is a common complaint, especially in residential areas where a street lamp may be placed close to a residence causing light to shine through windows. They also tend to shade the visibility of dim stars or other constellations, complaining complains from amateur astrologers living in a city setting.

Beacon lights are typically used at intersections to help motorists see the intersecting roads as well as street signs, while roadway lights are not intended to allow cars to travel without lights. Headlights are for that purpose, rather they are used to allow sight of hazards outside the normal view of the headlights.

Salt Lamp Promotes Healthier Feelings

While few people can explain any health benefits for an increase in negative ions, there is little argument that a salt lamp makes people begin to feel better. They credit their feelings to the negative ions being released when the salt in their salt lamp is heated.

Essentially, a salt lamp is a block of mined salt hollowed out with a candle or some other light source inserted into the hollow space. The light is refracted as it passes through the salt block creating a beautiful distortion as it passes through and the heated salt also is said to give off negative ions, usually referred to simply as ions, to improve a persons health.

While the health benefit claims remain unproven, people who use a salt lamp have no doubt of their benefits. At the very least, the sights of the light from a salt lamp coupled with the warm salt smell can provide a soothing effect to help reduce stress. Colors of salt frequently used in lamps ranges from a pink or salmon color to a pale orange color. Usually, the salt is mined in Russia, central Europe or the Himalayas.

Ions Work As Air Cleaners

It has been noted that the negative ions created by the heating of the salt lamp combines with pollution in the air to make them too heavy to stay aloft and they fall to the ground where they are unable to be inhaled. This, it is claimed, is what makes the air healthier by using a salt lamp.

While the rock salt used in a salt lamp is considered block salt, they have been finely modeled into many different shapes during the hollowing process to create a decorative piece and not just a chunk of salt hollowed out to hold a candle. Their coloring will be unique and it would be difficult to find two pieces exactly the same shape and with the same colors.

Large lamps can be found that weight upwards of 250 pounds with a big lamp considered to be between 50 and 100 pounds. A small salt lamp may weigh around three or four pounds and go all the way to just under 50 pounds. The ionizing range varies based on the size of the lamp. A mini salt lamp of about four pounds may ionize the air in about a six foot radius while a large 40 pound salt lamp offers a range of over 35 feet radius.

Replacement Lamp: A Costly Part

In the last few years, there has been a marked drop in the prices of projectors and, one can now easily pick up a piece for under a thousand dollars. However, there has not been a corresponding drop in the prices of replacement lamps even though some pieces can be bought for less than three hundred dollars. Most, however, are in the three hundred and fifty dollar to four hundred dollar range and, are unlikely to become cheaper in the foreseeable future. This has shocked buyers of projectors who find the cost of replacement lamps to be as much as high as half the cost of the projector itself.

High Prices And Lots Of Confusion

The high prices of replacement lamps have caused customers no end of confusion as well as irritation since none of them wish to pay four hundred dollars for obtaining a replacement lamp. However, one can deal with this problem adequately if; one budgets, anticipates as well as puts the cost into perspective. A projector will require maintenance and, are not like maintenance-free television sets that may last a decade or so without any further costs. Most projectors may require having their lamps changed every once in a while and, they also require cleaning the air filters, every month or so.

On an average, the lamp will last two thousand hours though on new projectors, one may be able to get three thousand hours of usage and, one may even be able to get five thousand hours usage. So, one should operate the projector in a warm environment and also have adequate ventilation and, keep it at a high elevation to prolong the life of the lamp. One should ensure that the air filter is properly cleaned to keep the longevity of the lamp at desired levels.

If one operates the projector for as many as ten hours in a day or more, one will certainly burn up the lamp faster and, thus need to get a replacement lamp before it has lasted for its expected life. However, for the typical home theater enthusiast, the need to have a quick replacement lamp should not arise before it has been used for quite some time.

It is thus necessary to estimate, when buying a projector, the intended hourly usage of the projector and, ascertain the average lamp life from a dealer. This will give the buyer a good idea as to how long it will take before it becomes necessary to buy a replacement lamp. With proper estimation as well as careful usage of one s projector, there should be no reason why one cannot enjoy the huge video images at home or in the office or in a classroom without the need for spending on expensive replacement lamps.

What You Should Look For In A Reading Lamp

Reading lamps are meant for exactly what they insinuate: reading but, there are so many types that at times it is very hard to choose one that will fit the right place and serve the purpose precisely. Here are a few guidelines that I hope will help you next time you are looking for a reading lamp.

A Reading Lamp To Match Every D cor

There are many types of reading lamps and the first thing you need to consider when purchasing it is in which room in the house is going to be placed as according to that d cor and furniture you will be able to choose one easier, for example, if you are looking for a reading lamp for the drawing room to place it next to the sofa set or chair, you may want to search for tall standing lamps with elegant shades in order to add to the ambiance and d cor.

In the study room, if the furniture is composed of massive wood, you may want to choose a table reading lamp, with a wood or brass leg; for the office you may consider a less fancy reading lamp that is flexible and if possible made of unbreakable material as accidents happen all the time in an office with over crowded work tables.

The Right Power To Suit Your Eye Sight

Reading lamps are basically meant for one purpose and that is to help you see and read better but not too bright as you may face the possibility of hurting your eyes with too much glare from it; a 40 to 60 watts should do the job just great.

However, if you are not using your reading lamp for reading purposes, as it happens at times especially in the bedroom where at times they are used to enhance the d cor and/or provide a night light, you can then use the power of choice for the bulb depending in its use.

Shopping For Reading Lamps

The best way to shop for reading lamps is in retails stores and not online as you can see the actual size of it, color, shape and material that is made of especially if you are purchasing it for decoration purposes. Many people shop online because they can avail some fabulous bargains however, don t forget the shipping costs which at times turn out to be even more then the cost of the product besides there is always the possibility of getting damaged in shipping and handling.

Projector Lamp: For The Big Screen Experience

Projector lamps change the way we view television, movies or even presentations. We use projector lamps to project an image onto a screen, usually a much bigger screen than you would have on a normal TV. For this reason, people who have ever watched anything using a projector lamp have a hard time going back to watching a normal television set.

At The Movies

A projector lamp is what they use at the theater when you go to see that new release. Using the projector lamp, you can project the image from the projector onto a very large screen for an entire theater to view. Can you imagine an entire theater full of people trying to view something on a normal sized television set? Even a large television set wouldn t be adequate and it s pretty fair to say that many people would want their money back after paying a ticket to see what they came to see. A projection lamp allows all of those people to view the same thing, creating a unique, yet similar, experience for everyone.

At Home

Projector lamps aren t just used at the movie theater, either. They can be used at home, too. Many people have projection screen televisions. They are used to create home theaters. The projection lamps are usually projected from the ceiling onto a large screen. This makes the television or movie watching experience so much better.

For Business

You can also use projection lamps for business purposes. Simply hook up a projector lamp to your laptop computer and you can project Powerpoint presentations, movies, documents or whatever else you wish, to an entire board room of company employees or executives.

Search The Internet

If you wish to improve your viewing experience, be it for television, movies, business purposes or whatever else you wish to view, projector lamps are the way to go. You can find projector lamps in any electronics store or you can use the internet. These days, you can find pretty much anything you wish on the internet. You can either buy straight from a retailer or you can use internet auction sites, such as Ebay, where you can bid on different projector lamps and, if you win, you can potentially get whatever you re looking for at pennies on the dollar. What could be better than that? Get yourself a projector lamp today and see what you ve been missing.

Choosing A Piano Lamp For Flair And Function

Music lovers down through the ages have always thrilled to the sounds of a beautifully composed musical piece performed on a piano by a talented musical artist. Piano music has always been synonymous with culture and elegance. In fact, it has been noted that some homes will even have a beautiful piano placed simply to give the perception of sophistication and charm.

In addition, there were many accessories that adorned the piano to enhance that stylish appearance. One such accessory was a candelabra. Eventually, the candelabra gave way to something more practical and yet its role helped to maintain that tasteful look. That replacement is the piano lamp.

Purpose Of A Piano Lamp

A piano represents creativity, musical mastery and romance. Also, added into the mix is a touch of genius. One of the functions of a stylish piano lamp is to enhance the mystique associated with a piano. Therefore, a quality piano lamp will be very classic looking in its design. Generally, this design is reflected in the material used to construct the piano lamp in addition to the lines and features of the lamp.

In addition to the aesthetics offered by a stylish piano lamp is its practical purpose. This practical purpose is to provide light for the artist in the performance and practice of their music. A quality piano lamp will illuminate the sheet music and keyboard and yet be structured so that the light does not affect the vision of the pianist.

Style And Features

When selecting that perfect piano lamp, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. Those considerations include the materials used to construct the lamp, the adjustment features and the size of the hood used for shading.

When selecting the appropriate material, used for the construction of the piano lamp, you may wish to go with an enameled metal. These metals could include brass or chrome and will add to the elegance of the atmosphere that you’re wishing to create. In addition, the weight of the metal will insure that the piano lamp rests solidly on the piano. Also, a properly weighted base adds to the stability of the lamp and can prevent the lamp from becoming unstable regardless of what position the adjustable arm may be placed.

Those adjustment features, found on the arm of some piano lamps, will allow for the light to be raised or lowered according to the preference of the musician. In addition, the light, through an expanding arm, can be extended or retracted. An important aspect of a piano lamp is the inclusion of a counter-weighted arm. This feature will also help to prevent the lamp from getting top heavy regardless of its positional setting.

The size of the hood used to direct the lighting is also important. The hood should be of the right length and width to insure that the music score and keyboard are properly illuminated. In addition, the hood should be well constructed and properly shield the musician s eyes. This will greatly reduce any possible strain placed on the eyes which in turn may affect the practice and performance of the pianist.

Also, another key factor in selecting a piano lamp is wattage. Typically, a piano lamp can lodge one or two light bulbs. However, the recommended wattage limitation of the light bulb sockets should be the use of 40 watt light bulbs or less per socket.