Custom Handcrafted Jewelry ? A Gift For Some You Love

??In most Asian countries, the jewelry is handcrafted. If you are visiting and have the patience to search, you will find a number of small units where you could place an order for custom handcrafted jewelry which could be fashioned exactly as you would like to have it. In America, too, you could have some exceptional custom handcrafted jewelry ordered, but the prices are usually staggering.

Before You Shop

If you are planning to get any custom handcrafted jewelry made, you need work out a few details first. Find out how much your favorite jewelry shop quotes for such an order and then compare that quote with other offers on the Internet. Chances are that you would get better quotes after searching for a while. Concentrate on jewelry shops that are around your location. Though ordering online is possible, it is always better if you interact in person and see your jewelry item in real life as it is completed.

In order to get the exact custom handcrafted jewelry you have in mind, you need to get the design on a piece of paper, either as a sketch or as a photograph. It might be possible that you like a combination of two or more jewelry items. In that case you would need to either carry these items to the goldsmith (both for gold and silver items) so he could get an idea of what you want.

The material which would be used for the custom handcrafted jewelry varies with the design and style of the item. You could have it made in sterling silver, white or yellow gold, or platinum. Many goldsmiths would even be able to combine two or more of these precious metals to make a stunning piece of jewelry worth gifting to gods.

Allow the goldsmith to advise you both with the design as well as material that would be used for the item as they know better. For example, if you use precious stones in your custom jewelry the best to use would be 18K gold, sterling silver or platinum. Do not insist on 22K gold because this would not be suitable to hold the stone.

The best option would be to coordinate your order with a trip to any Asian country where you could get this done at one fraction of what it would cost in America. The jewelry craftsmanship in Asia is unparalleled and in most cases you are guaranteed full satisfaction.

Buy Cubic Zirconia Jewelry And Own Your Own Diamond Today

??Diamonds were, are and will always be the first choice of jewelry for every woman. There is no woman in this world  and nowadays men, too  who would not dream of wearing diamond jewelry. Unfortunately, the prices of diamonds are prohibitive for most people. Does that mean that this dream should remain unfulfilled?

The Man-Made Diamond

The cubic zirconia jewelry available for sale is as dazzling if not more sometimes than the real thing. There are plenty of advantages that would make it more suitable for you to purchase cubic zirconia jewelry than the real thing.

The Price You Have To Pay For Beauty

The most obvious is the disparity in price. The cubic Zirconia, though almost as hard as the diamond and as flawlessly beautiful costs a tiny fraction of the price you would have paid for the real thing. So why not?

Your Safety Is Paramount

How carefree you would be is you were wearing a few million dollars worth diamond necklace around your throat? How carefree you would feel if you have an exact replica of cubic zirconia jewelry that costs considerably less? Safety is a very important aspect here. Most women feel unsafe when they wear extremely expensive jewelry and are unable to enjoy themselves anywhere for fear they would be targeted by criminals. It comes as a great relief that the cubic zirconia jewelry changes all that.

The Durability Of The Zirconia

Zirconia is very close in composition and consistency as the real diamond which makes the man-made diamond as durable as the real thing. You could wear your diamond wherever you wanted without having to worry whether you might damage it anywhere. Anyway, the belief that loosing or damaging a diamond brings tremendous bad luck prevalent in Asia does not apply to Zirconia.

You Could Have Plenty Of Variety

Cubic zirconia jewelry comes in many, many designs and styles. When you go for shopping for man-made diamond jewelry, you will be thrilled to see the vast range available and know that you can afford anything you heart fancies, unlike the real thing which leaves you helplessly craving for it.

You Can Have A Solitaire As Big As You Want

If you are in love with solitaire rings, check out the Zirconia collection for the biggest, the most beautiful of all rings. You could wear one yourself or you could gift one, depending upon what is available and what you needed.

Designer Jewelry Has Special Qualities

??Jewelry stores are filled with many wonderful pieces, but there are collections of designer jewelry with very special qualities. Diamonds, emeralds, gold and silver are some of the ingredients that make up all kinds of beautiful jewelry designs. Designer jewelry uses the same ingredients, but the people who produce the designer jewelry use these ingredients in unique ways. Jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other types, and the designer jewelry is made up of the same pieces made with distinction. Designer jewelry is usually made by people who become famous in their field because they have taken the normal ingredients to make into the normal pieces with extraordinary style.

Designer jewelry often uses beautiful gemstones including both precious and semiprecious stones. The designers usually use these valuable stones in spectacular ways. They often find gemstones that are unusual shapes and sizes, and if they cannot find these, they have the skill and creativity to cut or shape them into gorgeous designs. Many designers start with a unique stone and build their design to enhance that stone with original style. Designer jewelry usually has a look that is characteristic of a talented person. People learn to look for the pieces produced by their favorite designers.

Designer Jewelry Uses Art And Craft

The people who produce designer jewelry are artists with a flair to create a beautiful piece, but these people are talented in their craft as well. These people can often work with precious metals to shape, mold or cut for a magnificent piece of jewelry. They know the combinations of metals and stones that will make a perfect piece. Those people who produce designer jewelry make pieces that are outstanding when placed next to the ordinary jewelry in many of the shops.

Special jewelry by designers is available to the public in different ways. Some designers have their own shops and websites where people can examine their latest offerings. Some of the designers actually work in their own shops where people can come and view them as they create their special pieces. Some of the designers offer their jewelry on their website where they include personal information and detailed information on their work. Some designers will make custom jewelry for their clients. These pieces are sure to be one of a kind and very special. Some websites and stores have large collections of current designers and those from many years ago. Designer jewelry is also available in some sections of large department stores.

Gold Jewelry Is Forever


All jewelry made of gold is very popular in India. Besides being an expensive metal, it has a deeper importance in the lives of all Indian women. It is a special adornment for married women and is also considered an investment, because its value appreciates much more than gemstones or pearls. According to the Hindu mythology, gold has a heating effect and it is also considered to be metal possessing maximum potency.

The artisans who create the exquisite gold jewelry in India belong to families, who trade only in jewelry. Of course, now there are designs and gold jewelry items which are made by machines, but most of the jewelry in India is handcrafted by experienced artisans of the trade.

Custom Made

Gold jewelry has an exclusive range covering a large variety of patterns. It is now made in several finishes and colors. Very often the customer can choose his pattern and order his item, instead of buying a ready-made product. Now, gold jewelry can be bought on websites, and also from jewelry shops which offer a guarantee of the gold.


The inclusions of gemstones for gold jewelry are also a popular feature of the Indian jewelry scene. The jewelry of Jaipur (in India) is popular all over the world now, as it caters to the Asian and the European women and can be matched to their styles.

In Italy

But countries like Italy in Europe also offer a wide range of designs in gold jewelry. The gold often used there is 14 carat, and the items are anklets, bangles, bracelets and Italian chains. They also have the latest exquisite designs of jewelry for men. There is also a range of religious jewelry which they offer. Gold designer jewelry offered by them comes with an assortment of various colored natural stones.

A Deeper Meaning

Jewelry is a special possession. It is a legacy because it lasts forever. The experiences associated with it can make you emotional and sentimental, so it gives you pleasure by evoking happy memories. So, when you buy a piece of jewelry, it becomes a unique treasure, which you can create and collect over a period of time.

There are several gold jewelry shops in India which will provide you a wide variety of exquisite jewelry. Quality is of utmost importance to them because they value their craftsmanship as well as their customer service. But check out the gold prices of the day before you visit their showrooms, and remember, that the strength of the gold is important, which should be stamped behind the item that you are buying.

Information On Ganz Jewelry


If you have kids, girls more than anything, they are surely starting to get interested in jewelry. Ganz jewelry is great for kids because it is inexpensive but still beautiful. This way they can look and feel like a grown up but you do not have to risk them losing a valuable piece of jewelry.

From the whimsical to the heartwarming, Ganz jewelry is fun, fresh and innovative. The Ganz jewelry collection is packed full of jewelry of all sorts, so you can really let your kid go wild and choose the particular pieces that they like the most.

They also offer some expensive and extravagant jewelry cases for the kids to hold the jewelry in and which will help to keep it looking great and keep it from getting lost.

Shopping Online

If you are interested in getting Ganz jewelry for your own child, one of the best ideas is to shop online. There are a few things that you will want to be concerned with when it comes to Internet shopping however, and things that you should be aware of.

Whether you are buying jewelry or any other product it is important that you take the time to find a company that is both legit and reputable. If you go with a name like Ganz of course you know that you are dealing with the best and will not have to have these worries, but in all other cases you should.

Ganz jewelry is definitely one of the best options when it comes to kids jewelry, but you should remember that it is not the only one. Take your time and evaluate all your options before making any decisions so that you can make the best decision here.

There are a few other kids jewelry stores that you may want to check out as well. This includes the Jewel Kids Company for one, which offers one of the most comprehensive selections of jewelry for kids in the world. This includes birthstone jewelry, angel charms, animal jewelry, charm pins, engraved jewelry, charm holders, birthstone rings, initial charms, anklets, and pin charm holders.

The Jewel Basket is another ideal option here, and they are a popular online jewelry retailer, one that features the latest styling and competitive prices. They specialize in fine jewelry and nice products, including a wide selection of rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, charms, gift items and more. They are specially made for children and are durable and dent proof.

Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry Makes A Great Hobby And Business


Do you want to have some fun while earning handsome returns? Try handcrafted beaded jewelry as a hobby cum business. Beaded jewelry looks great and is high in demand today as it was always in the past. Right from the prehistoric days, beads and beaded jewelry have been hot favorites with the Homo sapiens species.

What You Need To Start

You need beads – that is obvious. You would also need some craft glue, plastic thread, stretch bands, wires, and so on. If you are new to this craft and all you know and have is a desire to succeed and have fun, you will need a book (or more) with instructions on how to make handcrafted beaded jewelry. Look up libraries, book shops and the Internet for some good and informative material.

Before you decide what exactly you would make go through the material you collected and choose a few “projects” for practice. Give yourself sufficient time to practice until whatever you are making can pass the strictest quality test. If you do this simply as a hobby, you could relax your standards a little because you would be your own customer. However, if you plan to go into business by selling what you make, the quality of the handcrafted beaded jewelry you make should be impeccable.

Find Your Market

Once you have gathered sufficient expertise and you know what you are doing, price your products and decide whether you want to market it locally or on the Internet. In case you choose local markets, you could start by roping in your friends and relatives at first. Assuming that the quality of your work is flawless, you would get enough orders by word of mouth recommendation. Take steps to expand your business when the demand for your handcrafted beaded jewelry grows.

If you choose to launch an e-enterprise you need to go back to school again; this time to learn all about how to set up a website effectively, as well as about domains, web hosting, SEO and Internet marketing among other topics. In the beginning you could start advertising through a blog which could be set up free of cost and which once established, could direct traffic to your website. You would also need pictures or very high quality so you could showcase your products on the website.

There would be a lot of effort required initially for launching your e-enterprise. However, if done correctly this would give you the opportunity of selling your handcrafted beaded jewelry in international markets, which means great profits and even greater satisfaction.

Jewelry Is A Precious Possession

??Many people view jewelry as a very special possession for it is usually beautiful and it often has a precious meaning. Jewelry includes gifts that were presented for important events such as birthdays and graduations. Children often received a gold necklace or some pretty earrings for their birthdays when they are very young. They often keep this jewelry forever because it reminds them of generous friends and family members. Other young people get jewelry on special occasions such as graduation from high school or college. This gift reminds them of special achievements, and the people who remembered them at these special times.

Jewelry also has special meaning for couples. The first piece of jewelry a husband might give a wife is an engagement ring when asking for her hand in marriage. This special piece is often a diamond ring that is sparkling and bright. It is a ring that most women wear every day of their lives after they receive it with a positive response. They later add this to the wedding ring that is a symbol of their love and commitment. The wedding ring is usually a gift from a husband that they are in love with, and they present the husband with a similar piece of jewelry as a symbol of their love and commitment.

Jewelry Is A Gorgeous Investment

Jewelry is usually very beautiful, but it can also be a savvy investment. Children who receive some gold earrings for an early birthday will probably find that these increase in value through the years. A gold watch as a graduation present can be worth a lot more money a few years later. This is a beautiful gift for a special occasion that might be worth more money many years later. Gold often increases in value so anything that is made with gold might be a good investment even though the jewelry was not bought for that reason.

Diamond jewelry can also be a beautiful investment that one can wear to a fancy ball. Diamonds can increase in value even though they are part of a gorgeous necklace, bracelet or a set of earrings. People might consider this when shopping for gifts. A new car will probably decrease in value the minute it is driven off the sales lot, but a diamond ring could start to increase in value a short time after purchase. Most people will probably not buy gifts as an investment, but this factor could influence their choice of gift.

Gemstone Jewelry Getting A Present For Your Mom’ Birthday


When hunting for the best birthday present for your mother’s birthday, make a beeline to the jewelry store. Gemstone jewelry pieces are always a hit with women. Yes, gemstone jewelry will probably burn a small hole in your pocket, but hey, it’s your mother’s birthday! This woman has spend long years of looking after you and putting up with your antics as child and as teenager so you should treat her like royalty on her birthday.

No, you don’t have to spend a year’s salary on gemstone jewelry for your mom. That is practically out of the question. Besides, you mom may not even accept such a lavish gift from you so forget about spending your entire fortune on a gemstone jewelry. At most, you can spend a month’s salary for your mom’s birthday present.

Getting Started

Before you buy any gemstone jewelry for your mother, make sure that you are familiar with her taste when it comes to fashion. Every woman has her own style so you need to know what your mom likes before you get her something. Yes, she would probably love just about anything that you give her on her birthday but the point it, it would be nice to get her something that she would really want to wear.

To know what she likes, visit her and then take a peek into her jewelry collection. If she lives far from you and you do not have the time to visit her before her birthday, take out the old family photo album and find out what your mother loves to wear everyday and during special occasions. Another way to find out what your mom likes is to simply ask your dad for help. Your dad knows your mom better than anyone else, so he will be able to give you a good idea of what your mom really likes especially when it comes to jewelry.

Finding The Right Pieces

Buying gemstone jewelry is just like buying a new car. You need to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Before you buy gemstone jewelry, you need to shop around first. Check out the different jewelry stores in your locality and look for something that is suitable for you mom.

Compare the craftsmanship and designs of the different jewelry pieces. Most elderly women love classical designs so you might want to focus your attention on classic gemstone jewelry. To save some money, compare the prices of gemstone jewelry before you buy anything.

Jewelry Stores Come In Different Sizes

??Jewelry stores are located in malls and other shopping areas. Some of these jewelry stores are family owned and operated while others are parts of large chains with branches around the world. There are jewelry stores that cater to those with less money to spend while others cater to people with millions of dollars to spend. Some of the family owned and operated jewelry stores have been in the family for many years. The children and grandchildren of the original owners often still take care of customers that are the children and grandchildren of older customers.

These jewelry stores often have buyers who know their customers well, and they purchase their stock with an intimate knowledge of the buying habits of their customers. One customer may come into buy a present for their mother, and the person in charge knows the buyer and the mother both. The customers usually feel very comfortable in these jewelry stores because they have been there many times before. Customers often feel very comfortable asking for advice when buying a gift because they have a personal relationship with the people in the jewelry store. These jewelry stores often have only one shop although some have shops in different areas of one city.

Jewelry Stores Have Sparkling Stock

Jewelry stores come in all shapes and sizes, and they often have similar types of jewelry in their showcases. A typical store will usually have a selection of engagement rings for couples who are planning a wedding. The stores will often have a selection of wedding rings that will be exchanged at a special ceremony. Christmas, graduation and other special occasions are often busy times for those in the jewelry business. Most stores will have plenty of choices for those in the market for gifts. The salespeople will often have some great suggestions for those who are not sure what they want.

There are some great jewelry stores that have very expensive stock so only those with a great budget will find something to buy. Jewelry can be worth millions of dollars, and there are stores that stock expensive items for those with plenty of cash. Diamonds and emeralds can be very expensive so the great jewelers will have plenty of these stones available for their customers. A string of natural pearls can be worth millions as well, and those in the market for pearls should look in the fanciest shops for this type of jewelry.

The Beauty And Tradition Of Native American Jewelry

??There is probably no jewelry made that is more easily identified than the classic designs of Native American jewelry. These well made pieces have an element of style that no other designer can duplicate. These can be found in many areas as often, artists travel a circuit displaying their merchandise.

Native American jewelry is much sought after, and can be found on the internet. Be sure to verify that the artist is Native American to get truly authentic pieces. Native American jewelry can also be found at shows that specialize in Native American jewelry and other products.


Native American jewelry was being produced centuries ago. The people had developed ways to create jewelry without the benefit of sophisticated tools. The use of shells, copper, silver, turquoise and other distinctive materials that were indigenous to the area were hammered and bent into shape to make jewelry.

The items that were commonly used in Native American jewelry were ones that were found and that they had easy access too. There was also, however, extensive trading with groups, so materials that were common on the coastal areas were traded to tribes further inland. This allowed for beadwork and jewelry design to continue to grow and advance among different tribes.

Native American jewelry that involved beadwork has always been a tradition. Native Americans take great pride in the intricate bead patterns that can be found on clothing. Beads were made from a variety of materials including porcupine quills, shells, wood and bone. Porcupine quill work was a tradition that isn’t seen much these days. The porcupine quills were sewn onto material in patterns and the work is very fine and difficult.

With the arrival of the Europeans, the artwork changed as materials changed. Glass beads were introduced and finer tools were used to make more intricate and delicate jewelry. Some of the southwestern tribes are well known for their sterling silver and turquoise jewelry that can still be purchased today.

Native American jewelry today takes traditional designs and incorporates modern techniques; the resulting jewelry is often very original and stylish. Many Native Americans are proud of their history and traditions and work at carrying on the legacy of past generations.

Native American jewelry is very collectable and many seek out artists that have the flair for making it. Artists are known to display their pieces on-line and there are specialty stores, especially in the southwest that carry distinctive Native American jewelry.