Custom Handcrafted Jewelry ? A Gift For Some You Love

??In most Asian countries, the jewelry is handcrafted. If you are visiting and have the patience to search, you will find a number of small units where you could place an order for custom handcrafted jewelry which could be fashioned exactly as you would like to have it. In America, too, you could have some exceptional custom handcrafted jewelry ordered, but the prices are usually staggering.

Before You Shop

If you are planning to get any custom handcrafted jewelry made, you need work out a few details first. Find out how much your favorite jewelry shop quotes for such an order and then compare that quote with other offers on the Internet. Chances are that you would get better quotes after searching for a while. Concentrate on jewelry shops that are around your location. Though ordering online is possible, it is always better if you interact in person and see your jewelry item in real life as it is completed.

In order to get the exact custom handcrafted jewelry you have in mind, you need to get the design on a piece of paper, either as a sketch or as a photograph. It might be possible that you like a combination of two or more jewelry items. In that case you would need to either carry these items to the goldsmith (both for gold and silver items) so he could get an idea of what you want.

The material which would be used for the custom handcrafted jewelry varies with the design and style of the item. You could have it made in sterling silver, white or yellow gold, or platinum. Many goldsmiths would even be able to combine two or more of these precious metals to make a stunning piece of jewelry worth gifting to gods.

Allow the goldsmith to advise you both with the design as well as material that would be used for the item as they know better. For example, if you use precious stones in your custom jewelry the best to use would be 18K gold, sterling silver or platinum. Do not insist on 22K gold because this would not be suitable to hold the stone.

The best option would be to coordinate your order with a trip to any Asian country where you could get this done at one fraction of what it would cost in America. The jewelry craftsmanship in Asia is unparalleled and in most cases you are guaranteed full satisfaction.

Buy Cubic Zirconia Jewelry And Own Your Own Diamond Today

??Diamonds were, are and will always be the first choice of jewelry for every woman. There is no woman in this world  and nowadays men, too  who would not dream of wearing diamond jewelry. Unfortunately, the prices of diamonds are prohibitive for most people. Does that mean that this dream should remain unfulfilled?

The Man-Made Diamond

The cubic zirconia jewelry available for sale is as dazzling if not more sometimes than the real thing. There are plenty of advantages that would make it more suitable for you to purchase cubic zirconia jewelry than the real thing.

The Price You Have To Pay For Beauty

The most obvious is the disparity in price. The cubic Zirconia, though almost as hard as the diamond and as flawlessly beautiful costs a tiny fraction of the price you would have paid for the real thing. So why not?

Your Safety Is Paramount

How carefree you would be is you were wearing a few million dollars worth diamond necklace around your throat? How carefree you would feel if you have an exact replica of cubic zirconia jewelry that costs considerably less? Safety is a very important aspect here. Most women feel unsafe when they wear extremely expensive jewelry and are unable to enjoy themselves anywhere for fear they would be targeted by criminals. It comes as a great relief that the cubic zirconia jewelry changes all that.

The Durability Of The Zirconia

Zirconia is very close in composition and consistency as the real diamond which makes the man-made diamond as durable as the real thing. You could wear your diamond wherever you wanted without having to worry whether you might damage it anywhere. Anyway, the belief that loosing or damaging a diamond brings tremendous bad luck prevalent in Asia does not apply to Zirconia.

You Could Have Plenty Of Variety

Cubic zirconia jewelry comes in many, many designs and styles. When you go for shopping for man-made diamond jewelry, you will be thrilled to see the vast range available and know that you can afford anything you heart fancies, unlike the real thing which leaves you helplessly craving for it.

You Can Have A Solitaire As Big As You Want

If you are in love with solitaire rings, check out the Zirconia collection for the biggest, the most beautiful of all rings. You could wear one yourself or you could gift one, depending upon what is available and what you needed.