How security is provided by Honeywell systems?

The first step in any Honeywell home security plan is to secure the doors and windows. For this, Honeywell uses magnetic contacts that sound the alarm whenever the distance between the magnet and the switch increases. The magnetic contacts are also placed on windows to prevent an intruder from breaking in by opening the window.

Homes that have several glass doors and windows are protected by Honeywell glass breakers. A burglar who makes the mistake of smashing the glass to enter a home will be activating an instant alarm, even if he uses scotch tape to muffle the sound of breaking glass.

The next line of security is provided by motion detectors. These detectors monitor large spaces within the house. The best thing about Honeywell motion detectors is that they are able to spot the difference between a crawling intruder and a pet weighing less than 70 pounds. This reduces the possibility of false alarms.


Going for Honeywell Security Products

Honeywell Security and Custom Electronics is one of largest and most experienced manufacturer of security products in the world. It manufactures an astonishing 1,500 plus security products that are used to protect businesses, offices, factories, homes, government agencies, museums, malls and stores. It is therefore not a surprise to find Honeywell home security products being used in most homes.

The Honeywell home security products can be installed directly or with the help of First Alert Professional dealers, a division of the Honeywell company. These products are quite hi-tech and especially designed to ensure the safety and security of homes.