Pelican Smart Combo Whole House Water Filter

Introducing the Pelican Smart Combo Whole House Water Filter & Salt Free Water Softener

There was a time when we didn’t question the quality of our drinking water we took comfort in its convenience and the fact that if we wanted water all we had to do was walk to our faucet and we got water we didn’t really look that closely at our water and what was in it naturally thinking this could possibly be bad for us.


Today it’s a different story we know that because of pollution and other contaminants our drinking water quality is being affected. Studies have even linked to the consumption of chlorinated drinking water to higher risks of some types of cancers. For the better part of 50 years the basic methods of water filtration haven’t changed. Water softeners have been reducing calcium and magnesium from water and replacing them with salt and reverse osmosis systems have been stripping the water of its natural minerals and producing extremely acidic water.

Now there’s a better way using the latest technology the pelican smartcombo water treatment system gives you great tasting water better than bottled water at every tap in your home. This easy-to-use system consists of a sediment filter whole-house carbon filter and salt free softener the Pelican smart combo system filtration process begins with the sediment filter.

The sediment filter strains down sediment to 20 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair or 5 microns in size. Without this process the sediment that is found in your water can clog faucets damaged appliances and even change the taste of your drinking water. The Pelican whole-house combo filter contains eye atma certified carbon to reduce contaminants and 97% of chlorine for 1.3 million gallons of water, this exceeds the capabilities of our nearest competitors by 116 percent in total capacity. Pelicans nature soft system is the best in its class using a revolutionary softening process known as physical water treatment that eliminates the nasty effects of hard water.

The Pelican nature soft system also utilizes our DV GW certified nature soft salt free soft name that reduces scale up to ninety nine point six percent. The Pelican smart combo is affordable and easy to install it offers your family an all-natural method of water filtration that will help purify your water and won’t negatively impact your environment or your family’s health. Here’s how it works. The pelican carbon series tank uses a multi-stage filtration process to filter the water going into your home incoming water enters through the inlet water supply pass the system sediment filter where the water then flows down through the riser tube to the bottom of the filtration tank where the intensive filtration process begins.

Once forced out through the lower basket the water begins to filter through a highly effective carbon layer pelican uses the highest grade carbons on the market which have much higher surface areas than most other competitive brands. This means they reduce larger quantities of contaminants that may be present in your water and since the carbon system doesn’t use any electricity or waste any water as many other systems do, the impact on your wallet and the environment is drastically reduced and your water retains the vital minerals that are lost with other systems that produce unhealthy demineralized water.

What you get is sparkling clean water better than bottled water from every tap in your Hall that means better health benefits, softer skin and hair, better tasting coffee and food, improved indoor air quality and more. The Pelican nature soft system is the best water softener alternative on the market having been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories for performance and certified by DV GW to reduce hard water scale up to ninety nine point six percent. It’s an innovator in salt free technology. Let’s take a look at how the nature soft system deals with the negative effects of hard water using specially formulated design. Media scale forming calcium and magnesium are
transformed into harmless crystals that won’t stick to pipes and components eliminating the negative effects of hard water. It wastes no water and doesn’t discharge harmful salt brine into our limited freshwater supply.

Our technology eliminates the negative effects of hard water without the use of chemicals or the waste commonly associated with salt systems. The nature soft system is even better for your home since it prevents scale and actually removes existing scale deposits from your plumbing and fixtures saving you hundreds if not thousands in costly repairs to damaged plumbing. It increases the efficiency of your hot water tank and improves the life expectancy of most household appliances and that’s what makes the nature soft system the most affordable worry-free, maintenance-free water softener alternative on the market. Not to mention that unlike other whole house systems the pelican smartcombo is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the tank housing and valves.

Pelicans most popular and effective product, the Pelican smart combo combines the carbon series and the nature soft series together to give you the best of both worlds. Our brand new NFC or near field communication allows a user’s smartphone to wirelessly connect to the Pelican water system in their home. The connection costs nothing to use and is re-established anytime the customers within the field of their Pelican smart combo system simply scan the NFC sticker on the top of the sediment filter bracket with your smartphone to access guides, FAQ’s and maintenance information.

Users will have total control over every aspect of their Pelican water filter and softener. If you were interested in drastically reducing the negative effects of hard water as well as the harmful contaminants in your water the Pelican smart combo system is your answer. Now that you know the facts about the dangers of the water around you and your family stop buying expensive bottled water, adding salt to your water or drinking acidic reverse osmosis water and start enjoying a healthier alternative with Pelican.

Remember you are the last line of defense when it comes to the quality of water your family drinks, cooks with and bathes in on a daily basis. If your family’s health is important to you don’t be fooled by the misconceptions on water filtration systems and let us help you and your family’s future. Thanks again for learning what makes the Pelican smart combo the best for you and your family and the environment. If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear them.

Home Kitchen Appliance: A Matter of Individual Choice

Any kitchen enthusiast would welcome having nice as well as efficient home kitchen appliance that will make the preparation of food a much more convenient and simple to use experience. One will certainly need to make the right choice in one s home kitchen appliance when considering cooking frozen food from a refrigerator or for preparing a gourmet meal for a holiday.

There is plenty to choose from and, one can pick and choose from ovens, microwaves, gas stoves, chopper and food processors to supplement usual items such as a fridge, freezer, and dishwasher and, exhaust chimney and fans. For the more technology conscious kitchen buff, there are many high tech gadgets that are full of hi-tech features and that are trendily designed.

Choose Home Kitchen Appliances According To Cooking Habits and Functionality

One should choose the home kitchen appliance according to one s cooking habits as also individual style of cooking and, also take into consideration those kitchen appliances that are most needed such as a grill and oven and, consider also their costs as well as durability. A number of appliances are necessary for each and every kitchen such as a refrigerator and dishwasher while others need to be kept in built-in units or be placed on a counter. Still others may be freestanding and one may remember to choose the oven according to the needs, keeping in mind that most of the normal ovens will perform normal cooking functions as well.

For the food aficionado who loves creating dishes that would delight any gourmet, there are many creative models of home kitchen appliances that have very specialized functions as also electronic programs that may be set to prepare baked, grilled food or be used just to keep the food warm. Positioning the oven within the kitchen may make a difference to the kitchen design and, one may opt for wall-mounted ovens to save floor space as well as keep them out of reach of children. A cooking range may be a good option if one desires to have a compact system that combines an oven with the stove as well as maybe a grill so that it may all fit in conveniently within the available kitchen space and, which would be ideal for even a small kitchen. Bachelors and people living on their own may want a microwave oven as a means to defrost frozen foods and then warm it up again.

With latest innovations in microwaves allowing users to combine baking and browning functions, there are certainly a number of different viable options open that allows one to choose one that has ease in operations as well as provides sleek looks. The home kitchen appliance is a matter of individual taste as well as functionality and, one can pick up a suitable item from among the many that are available on the market.

The Complete Range of Whirlpool Home Appliances

It all started in 1911 in Michigan, when the Upton brothers founded the Upton Machine Company in order to manufacture the first ever electric, motor operated washing machines. Their success was almost instant with an order of 100 washing machines from Federal Electric and they never looked back since. The name of Whirlpool Corporation was not adopted until the 1950s when it started also producing automatic dryers, refrigerators and air conditioning appliances. Whirlpool home appliances today have the following items in order to make the perfect kitchen: refrigerators, cooking ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, washers and dryers. Whirlpool home appliances are trusted for almost 100 years to provide quality home appliances in order to assist, help and enable us to live a better life as well as get a chore done faster and better.

Why Invest In Whirlpool Home Appliances

Whirlpool home appliances are not only one of the best brand available on the market but, they have proved their commitment to quality and consumer service by specializing and providing for almost 100 years home appliances that have been improved and developed over the year as per the consumers needs and requirements. Choosing Whirlpool home appliances guarantees quality and performance as well as great styles that will enhance and improve the appearance of any kitchen. Whirlpool carries good customer services and warranties that assure the consumer of their quality even before purchase.

Where to Shop For Whirlpool Home Appliances

The best place to shop for Whirlpool home appliances is Sears, as they have been their authorized dealer and distributor right from the beginning but also other major department stores that are authorized dealers. You can also shop online on the official Whirlpool site in the rare case that you did not find what you desired in the store. Investing in good home appliances such as Whirlpool will generally cost most then home appliances that don t carry a known brand name but, they will also last longer and provide a better service, which in turn will save you money and time.

Home appliances are meant to make your life easier and better and therefore investing in brand name makes much more sense then purchasing cheaper versions that will break down and inconvenience you by not providing the desired service as well as spending time and money in repairs and/or purchasing a new home appliance. You are sure to find the perfect appliance to suit your needs.

Walter s Home Appliance Sale: Watch Out For The Latest And Best Deals

There are some people out there who know the importance of the home appliances in their home. They take pride in their appliances and they want the best of the best. They want the best microwave with all the latest features, they want the refridgerator with built in ice-makers and water spouts. They want washer and dryer sets that will wash and dry according to fabric and stain release needs. They want home appliances from a brand they know will not let them down and they want a brand they can trust. For this reason, there are some who will watch for the Walter s home appliance sale.

A Walter s home appliance sale is your chance to load up on the latest and best home appliances for your home. You never know when your appliances may break down. We ve become so dependent on our home appliances that we want to know that they re going to be there when we need them. Can you imagine where you d be or what you d be doing if you didn t have a refrigerator, a microwave, a stove, a dishwasher, a garbage disposal or even a TV or DVD player? Sure, people used to live without all of those things and they got along just fine. Our society, however, wouldn t know how to function without them. Walter s home appliances understands this and are there for you whenever you need them. They know appliances and they want to help fill your home with the latest and best to make life as easy as possible.

Look In Your Local Newspaper

The best way to find out if there are any Walter s home appliance sales is to look in your local newspaper. Usually the Sunday paper will advertise all the latest sales. Or, you could call your favorite department store that sells Walter s home appliances and ask them when their next sale is going to be. You may as well wait, it s well worth it, because you could potentially fill your home with all the latest Walter s home appliances and you can get them for cheaper than you would normally. Imagine getting the best of the best appliances while also preserving your precious bank account. What could be better than that?

So, look for the latest Walter s home appliance sale and get those appliances you need or even those that you want that you don t even know if you need yet or not. Walking into a Walter s home appliance sale is like a child walking into a candy store. It s easy to go overboard as all of their appliances are must haves for your home.

Viking Home Appliances: Fill Your Home With Appliances You Can Trust

When you first move into a home, you might not have all the appliances you need. Or, if it s your first home, it s common to have a bunch of appliances that you ve accumulated throughout your life and they may not even match. You may have an old microwave and an old coffee pot or toaster and they sit on your counter and don t match and end up looking out of place, not to mention that they don t even work as well as when you first got them. You have a new house and now you want new, matching appliances. However, because you just moved into your new house, you probably don t have money coming out of your ears. For this reason, your appliances must not break your bank account. The answer is Viking Home Appliances.

Viking Home Appliances will help you accumulate all the appliances you need to fill your home to make life as easy as possible. In today s society, we ve become very dependent on our appliances. It doesn t mean we re lazy, it just means that there s an easier way to do things so we might as well use them. This is especially true when Viking Home Appliances makes it so easy to own various appliances at very reasonable prices.

What Kind Of Appliances?

Viking Home Appliances offer appliances for every room in your home. They offer refrigerators, microwaves, washer/dryer sets, toasters, coffee makers, espresso and cappuccino makers and that s just in the kitchen. Imagine the Viking Home Appliances you can find to fill the other rooms in your house, as well. Viking Home Appliances has appliances for your bathroom, your bedroom, your spare rooms and even your dining and play rooms. Any appliances you need, Viking Home Appliances can help. Simply find a Viking Appliance retailer in your area. Or, you can try the internet to find anyone who sells Viking Home Appliances and at great prices. Today, you can find pretty much anything you want on the internet and some online sites offer better deals than retailers do.

Ask About Warranties

Viking Home Appliances come with a warranty which means that if your appliance malfunctions for any reason, you can take it back or have it replaced. Ask your Viking Home Appliance representative to see if they offer warranties and for how long. Sometimes, for a small fee, you can increase your warranty to protect yourself and your appliance, in case anything should go wrong. You ll be happy with Viking home appliances, however, and you should try them out to see for yourself.

Used Home Appliances: Great Appliances At Prices You Can Afford

Sometimes you find yourself in the market for a new home appliance but you just don t have the money it costs to buy a new one. For that reason, there are some retailers who offer used home appliances. Used home appliances are appliances that have been used by others and, for whatever reason, those appliances were sold so that they could be offered to those in need, such as yourself. Don t be turned off by the term used, however, as some appliances are more used than others.

The Degrees Of Used Appliances

When shopping for used home appliances, you never know what you re going to come across. Every home appliance sold at a used home appliance retailer is different, each has a different past and a different story. For instance, suppose a family got a brand new top of the line refrigerator for Christmas and they already had a nice one. They may keep the one they got as a gift and they may sell the one they currently have to a resale shop so that a family such as yours may own it. There s nothing wrong with the refrigerator and it s probably not even that old or that used but it was an extra and wasn t needed so it was offered to a more needy family, namely yours. You never know what you re going to get. Ask the clerk at the local used home appliance center and ask them the story behind each home appliance that catches your eye. You never know, you may find an appliance that s hardly used for way less than you d buy it new at the store.

Great Deals

Shopping for used home appliances can be a lot of fun. Just because an appliance is new doesn t mean that it s any better than one that s been slightly used. If anything, the appliance has been known to work and wasn t worthy of just throwing it away. The family who owned it knew it would fetch a price and thus sold it so that someone such as yourself could buy it. You can find great deals and you ll find you can practically fill up your house with used home appliances for the price of probably one home appliance at a new retail store.

So, shop around, don t be turned off by the term used and don t be so proud. Pick up a used home appliance today and continue the tradition of the family who owned it before you. Who knows, one day maybe you ll want to put it on the market again and then some other family can enjoy your used home appliance just as you have.

Small Home Appliance Make Great Gift

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet usable gift for just about any occasion, you may consider a small home appliance. They are available to do a multitude of tasks and a variety of prices and are usually welcomed by just about anyone. There is also a dearth of brand names under which they are made as well as a variety of colors to match different interior decorations.

Many small home appliances are designed to make your life easier while others are designed to perform a function that you could probably do on your own. For example, an automatic coffee maker is one small home appliance most coffee drinkers could not do without. Put in water and coffee grounds in the filter, turn it on and let it make perfectly brewed coffee.

Then there is the hot chocolate maker into which you add milk and hot chocolate powder and it slowly mixes it for about 10 minutes until it is ready to drink. You could probably accomplish the same thing by heating milk and stirring in the powder, but many people opt for the small home appliance that will do the stirring for them.

Is Appliance Nice Or Necessary

Another questionable small home appliance is the electric chopper into which you put in just about any food item, turn it on and the blades quickly turn it into very small pieces. Then it may take longer to clean it out than it would take to chop it up by hand, but it is more convenient. Under the guise of convenience, a small home appliance is often used when a hand-operated device can do the same job.

Electric can openers are another small home appliance, which has replaced the perfectly good hand-cranked openers. While they are quicker and easier than turning the little knob by hand some folks believe they are a luxury item rather than a necessary one. One way of determining if a small home appliance is nice or necessary is to spend a day or two without electricity.

That it when the real test comes about for a small home appliance. If there were functions that could not be accomplished without power, then it is probably necessary. If you did not need an appliance without electricity, then it is probably something that is simply nice to have. However, if you find you cannot live without your small home appliance collection, perhaps a generator should be your next purchase.

Siemen s Home Appliance Consumer Reports: Find Out Which Siemen s Products To Buy

You re out shopping for home appliances but for some reason, they all look the same. In their bid to try outdo each other, each appliance maker makes theirs with the same features and bells and whistles and it s so hard to find out which one truly stands out among the rest. Let s say, for instance, you come across a Siemen s home appliance and you want to know if it stands up to the claim of the company. Is the product safe to use? Has it been tested? Does anyone else use it and like it? How do you get this information? Do you interview everyone you know who owns one? What if you don t know anyone who owns a Siemen s home appliance? The answer is in the Siemen s home appliance consumer report.

See What Others Think

When you look at a Siemen s home appliance consumer report, you are essentially interviewing people who have used that product. In a Siemen s home appliance consumer report, you will see how it rates compared to other brands, the features it offers, whether those features are any good, the perks, the downside, everything that has to do with that product. Looking at a Siemen s home appliance consumer report, you can truly make an educated decision as to whether or not to buy that product.

Trust Your Source

You should be able to determine how legitimate the Siemen s home appliance consumer report is. You shouldn t follow a consumer report that s made by a specific brand, especially a competitor. It is too easy to skew the results to make that company s product seem superior, even though it may not be. Consumer reports should be written by an independent source that has nothing to gain from the information given except to give you knowledge about the product in question. A Siemen s home appliance consumer report will let you know which Siemen s products to buy, how it stands up to other products in its class and whether or not that individual product is worth your hard earned money.

Appliances are not cheap and you don t want to keep buying brands blindly only to find they don t work as well as you thought they would. Go into the store with knowledge of the product. Know what the up and downsides are and know which brand is superior. Before you go shopping for Siemen s home appliances, look at a consumer report and make an educated decision on your new home appliances.

Sears Home Appliance Repair: Fix Those Necessary Appliances

When a major appliance breaks, you need to have it fixed. You need it fixed in a timely manner and you don t want to spend too much. For instance, imagine if your refrigerator broke down. What would you do then? Especially if you discovered it was broken the moment you just got home with bags full of groceries? You d be pretty upset. Or, what if your washing machine breaks down? There s nothing more convenient than doing your own laundry in your own house. There s something very inconvenient about having to go to a washateria where you will spend a couple dollars in quarters, at least, to wash and dry just one load of clothes. When you re appliances break down, you need someone to turn to. Next time, try turning to Sears home appliance repair.

Sears home appliance repair knows how important your appliances are to you. They want you to have your appliances and they want you to have them in a timely manner so that you can go back to life as you know it. Check with your local Sears home appliance repair store to see what kind of services they offer and what kind of deals they offer to you, the consumer.

Some Services They May Offer

Depending on the Sears home appliance repair you go to, the services may vary. For instance, one Sears home appliance repair store may come to your house to repair your appliances. That sure beats having to rent a uhaul, or some similar truck, to load your fridge onto to take to the Sears home appliance repair location. They may offer payment plans, also, where you won t have to pay up front for the repair. You can get back to life as you know it and you can pay the bill gradually so that it s more convenient for you.

So, if your washer/dryer set breaks down, or your fridge or freezer stops cooling, or maybe it s just that your favorite coffee pot stopped making coffee one morning, call your local Sears home appliance store and tell them you need help. Hopefully, they will send someone out to help you with whatever you need without costing you an arm and a leg.

In today s society, we rely on our appliances and Sears home appliance repair understands that and wants to help. For that reason, they re always there when you need them. Or rather, when your appliances need them.

Sears Home Appliances: Great Housewarming Gifts

When someone first moves into a house, they traditionally throw what is called a house warming party. This is a party where people will bring things that contribute to the house while celebrating the new move. Often times, it can be hard to think of the perfect gift to give someone when they first move into a new home. You don t know what they already have or what they need unless you ask them and, let s face it, asking cheapens the entire affair, doesn t it? Instead, why not visit your local Sears home appliance store and get the gift you know will be sure to please.

No Matter What You re Looking For

You can find all kinds of great gift ideas at a Sears Home Appliance store. You, of course, are limited only in how much you are willing to spend. For instance, Sears Home Appliance stores sell anything from top of the line refrigerators and washer/dryer sets to blenders and microwaves to TV sets. Sears Home Appliance stores sell everything you need to completely customize a home while also making it technologically efficient. Sears Home Appliances help make life a little easier. That s just what you re trying to do for whoever you re buying the housewarming gifts for.

Decide What They ll Like Best

Depending on how well you know the person you re shopping for, you really can t go wrong when you shop at a Sears Home Appliance store. They have all kinds of products for all types of price ranges that you re bound to find something that catches your eye. The staff is friendly and helpful and can give great tips if you tell them who and what you re shopping for. The best part is that Sears Home Appliance stores make it easy to afford whatever appliance you have your eye on. With helpful and convenient payment plans and options, you re bound to be able to find that special deal that will snag you the ultimate house warming gift.

When you walk into your friend s new home with your Sears Home Appliance under your arm, you re helping to make that home the best it can be. If only everyone would shop at Sears Home Appliance stores whenever you throw your parties. Chances are, you d throw them a lot more often. That s because Sears knows home appliances and they sell the best of whatever you re looking for.