Halloween Decoration Ideas

If you want to have the most fun on Halloween and get as into it as you can with the kids, then you are going to want to learn about a new Halloween decorating idea or two. After all, half the fun of the holiday has to do with decorating the house and getting everything set up, so be really creative and use all the different tips and ideas that you can.


There are some pretty fantastic Halloween decoration ideas that you could run with. Candles are always great on Halloween and give that spooky, eerie feeling that you are hoping for. You can use some candles inside carved jack-o-lanterns to make them come to life and make the faces glow.

To make it even more realistic and spooky, try putting some dark colored candles in creepy candleholders around the jack-o-lantern outside, but of course just make sure that you are always keeping an eye on them because if left unattended candles can fall over and start a fire.

Another great Halloween decoration idea is to use some fake blood. Nothing is creepier than some fake blood, so this Halloween decoration idea is really great. You can buy pre-made fake blood at most costume and specialty stores, but you can also try making your own with food coloring and a few other inexpensive ingredients.

Another Halloween decoration idea is to use some sound effects. Why not hook up a cool device to the stairs so when kids walk up to knock on the door and get candy it will set it off? Of course you don t want to use anything too scary because there will be younger children who are going to be visiting and so you don t want them to be too alarmed, but this idea typically goes over very well.

Lighting effects are also great for a Halloween decoration idea, if you are really into the holiday and want to go all out.

It really all depends on the amount of money that you have to spend and how willing you are to get into the holiday. There are some people who just decorate a bit and others who spend a few weeks beforehand getting the place ready and making sure that everything is set up just right. It all depends on how much you want to get into the holiday, but the more you decorate the more the kids visiting are going to love it.

Celebrating Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays and for good reason. It is loved by children and adults alike. The kids get to go out on Halloween and dress up and go around from house to house collecting candy which is something that all kids are of course thrilled about, and for the adults they get to dress up and hang out with their friends at parties.

Halloween is a great holiday, but do you know how it actually originated? It is a very interesting story, one that is sure to make you appreciate the holiday that much more once you have heard it.

The Story

Halloween actually started out as a religious festival of the Celtic people. Every culture has their own way of celebrating holidays and Halloween decoration came along with it. People dressed up for the holiday and it began off quite small and only celebrated by that particular culture. However, as time went on, more and more people began to get in on it all and wanted to be part of the holiday.

Halloween is definitely very different from all the other holidays, which is one of the main reasons that we love it so much. It allows you to get dressed up and really be someone else for the night, which is great. It is so much fun and the kids especially have the time of their life. There are a few things that as a parent you are going to need to keep in mind however.

Sure this is a holiday and you are supposed to be spending time with your child and having fun, but there are pretty scary things that you need to think about too.

You need to be very careful when you are going around trick or treating for one, and make sure that you stay with your kids and that you are only going to houses that are in busy areas. You want other trick or treaters to be around you, just to be careful and to be safe. You also are going to want to not let your child eat any candy until you get them home and have inspected it all.

There are some real sick people out there and so you need to be careful and never just assume that all the candy your child has collected is going to be okay for them to eat. Other than that they should have a fantastic time and is probably one of their favorite holidays.

Planning Ahead with Wholesale Halloween Candy

There is a lot of preparation that goes into the celebration of Halloween. There is the costume that has to be made or chosen out of a Halloween store. There are the Halloween decorations for the front lawn and inside of the house, especially if there is going to be a party. There are the treat bags that have to be bought and filled with all sorts of ghoulish delights, and the trick or treat bags, which have to be comfortable to carry and large enough to fit all of the candy of the night. Another important item is the candy that will be kept in the house for the trick or treaters that come by. This candy can be bought in a retail store, often on sale as Halloween draws nearer, but even better deals and a wider selection of candies can be found at a wholesale Halloween candy store.


Not only is the pricing better at a wholesale Halloween candy store, but there are novelty candies that can be bought there to fit the ‘trick’ part of trick or treat. There are candies such as the box of boogers, which contains gummy candies that are green and yellow colors and are shaped to look like boogers. There are also the gooey cherry candy blood squeeze tubes, which are tubes that are red and filled with a cherry candy that looks like blood. There are also zit poppers gummy pimples, which contain pimple shaped gummy candies that contain a liquid middle so that the ‘pop’ in the mouth with the goo inside. Another gross item in wholesale Halloween candy is the gummy boo boos, which is a gummy candy that is shaped in the form of a band aid that looks like it has a bloody scab on it. Finally, there is also the oozing eyeball, which is a candy eyeball that has a liquid center so that it looks like it is oozing goo.

There are other wholesale Halloween candies that are not as gross but a lot of fun to use. There are hissee fit giant gummy snakes which come in different colors. There are PEZ containers that are shaped in different figures such as ghosts, pumpkins and skulls. There are candy coffins that have skeletons inside of them made of candy. There are also suckers, chocolates and gummy candies that are shaped like different body parts such as ears, noses, fingers and tongues.

Filling up the Halloween Candy Bowl

Before filling up any large bowl that happens to be in the house with wholesale Halloween candy, it is nice to find a Halloween candy bowl to use each year. Often these bowls can be found after Halloween for a drastically reduced price. Most of the time, a fun, decorative bowl can be found for ten to twenty dollars, depending on how unique the bowl is and what material it is made from. There are Halloween candy bowls that range from goofy to scary, giving individuals the choice of just the right bowl to meet their Halloween decorating needs.


There are some Halloween candy bowls that have figures either holding them or are in the bowl itself so that individuals have to reach past the figure to get the candy. There is a ghost candy bowl that is shaped like a pumpkin on the outside but has a ghost that is popping up out of the middle of the bowl with springy arms that wobble as candy is removed. There is also a bowl that looks like the skirt of a witch and is sitting on the legs of the witch, and the witch’s upper body is sticking out the middle of the bowl.

There are also Halloween candy bowls that light up or create spooky sounds as they are moved. There is a vampire bowl that has a vampire that holds the bowl in his hands and stands about four and a half feet tall. It is lit up so that its face looks green and spooky at night, allowing it to stand at the front door holding the candy while the family goes and trick or treats. There is a goofy M&M candy bowl that has the white hand of an M&M figure sticking up out of the middle of it and the lady M&M sitting on the side of the bowl. The bowl itself is shaped like a base of a pumpkin. When the candy is poured into the bowl, the hand is compressed to the bottom of the bowl so that it isn’t seen. As the bowl is disturbed, the hand moves up out of the candy and spooky music plays.

There are other Halloween candy bowls that are spooky, such as a bowl that is shaped like a skull and the candy sits in it like its brains. There are more simple bowls that are shaped as a happy or scary pumpkin and others that are like ghosts or black cats. One thing to consider when choosing a Halloween candy bowl is how often the individual wants to have to fill up the bowl during the course of the night. If he does not get many trick or treaters in his neighborhood, he can probably have a smaller bowl, but if he gets a lot, he will probably want a larger bowl to avoid having to refill it quite so often.

Having the Best Halloween Candy on the Block

There are many different things that have to be prepared for around Halloween, from the house decorations to the costumes and everything in between. One important item that must be bought is the best Halloween candy possible, so that it does not run out during the course of the night, in addition to being scrumptious and unique so that the house becomes known as the one with the great candy. Before filling the Halloween candy bowl with just any candy found at a retail store, it is a good idea to look around at candy warehouses, since they will often specialize in the best Halloween candy on the market, and will offer it at the best prices, thus giving the individual much more for his money.

Types of Candy

There are some people who think that the best Halloween candy is the traditional candies, such as M&M’s, Reeses, Milk Duds, and Hershey’s bars. These types of candies can be found in any retail store, often marked down as Halloween rolls around each year. Although these candies are often a hit with the kids who trick or treat since they can get them at any time during the year, they are also not surprising or unique, and other individuals would rather go for that effect instead.

At wholesale stores, some of the best Halloween candy can be found, offering a huge selection of candy at a minimal price. There are some candies that are designed to provoke an ‘Eeew!’ out of the people who experience them. For instance, there are gummy candy boogers that are available on the market, in addition to some gummy boo boos where the gummy candy looks like a band aid with a bloody scab on it. There is also a pack of zit poppers candy, which is a gummy candy that has oozing ‘pus’ inside of it, imitating a full zit. Yuck!

There are also many different types of body parts that are offered in the best Halloween candy, such as gummy body parts, sucker body parts, eyeball candies, and chocolate noses. Eyeball candies are especially popular in the best Halloween candy since there is so much that can be done with them. There are some that have oozing liquid inside of them, and others are just solid chocolate candies. All of them look great in any container, which is often why they are used as both decoration and treat.

An Economic Purchase: Bulk Halloween Candy

When individuals are preparing for Halloween, one of the most important pieces of equipment is the bulk Halloween candy. Homeowners never want to be seen as the stingy house on the block or the one that runs out of candy. In order to prevent this but also maintain the pocket book, they will often turn to warehouse stores so that they can buy their Halloween candy in bulk. This saves them money and also helps to ensure that they will have plenty of candy to last through the night. When buying from these warehouse stores that specialize in bulk Halloween candy, it also gives individuals a great selection of candy so that what they have will be different and fun for all who darken their door that night.

Pre-Packaged and Ready to Go

One nice thing about buying bulk Halloween candy is that it always comes in pre-packaged individual portions so that the children who come to the door know that the candy has not been tampered with and their parents will not make them throw it out. It also allows individuals to buy a large amount of candy for a fraction of the price that it would be in a retail store. For instance, a thirty ounce bag of chocolate ‘body parts’ costs under ten dollars. This is almost two pounds of chocolate candy for that price, when in stores it would probably cost almost double that amount, making it the best place to buy Halloween candy.

The selection at these bulk Halloween candy stores is incredible, offering a wide variety of candies in all different shapes and sizes to fit the evening. There are gummy worms that are not all shaped like worms, but also like other insects and creepy crawly creatures like spiders and vampire bats. There are also lollipops that are shaped like skulls, or are sitting on top of a stick that looks like a bone arm or leg. There are other candies that create a gross effect for the children who eat them, such as an oozing eyeball, or a gummy worm that is slightly crunchy as well, unexpectedly gross.

There is also bulk Halloween candy that is more on the novelty item side of things, such as gummy worm snakes, evil faced lollipops, PEZ candy dispensers with sculls, pumpkins or other monsters at the top, and many different types of eyeballs, from squishy to chocolate. These bulk Halloween candy items help individuals decorate for Halloween parties and are great party favors for the children or adults that attend.

Choosing a ‘Cool’ Halloween Candy Bag

When Halloween rolls around, one of the most important tools that children need to have other than their costume is a great Halloween candy bag. This bag has to be large enough to handle the enormous amounts of candy that will be collected throughout the night, and should also be easy to carry and look the part, fitting in to all the scary costumes of the night. There are some people who choose to make a Halloween candy bag out of a pillow case, since they are easy to carry and hold a bunch of candy. There are others who prefer the plastic containers, such as the little pumpkin heads or skull heads that will act as a bucket to hold the candy of the night.

Types of Bags

Parents buy bulk Halloween candy to prepare for all of the trick or treaters that will be coming to their door carrying their Halloween candy bags, expecting great treats. There are some Halloween candy bags that can be decorated at home or made from scratch, rather than be bought at the store. There are paper Halloween candy bags that have designs printed on them but are not colored in. These are fun party supplies that individuals can use for Halloween parties for younger children so that they can decorate the bags before going out trick or treating as a group.

There are other paper Halloween candy bags that have handles at the top of them for easier carrying during trick or treating. Some of these bags are decorated in happy pumpkins; others are decorated with goofy Frankensteins, ghosts and black cats. There are other Halloween candy bags that serve as gift bags for take away gifts from Halloween parties. These bags are smaller and are usually plastic with different designs printed on them to create the Halloween effect. Some of these have pumpkins, bats, cats, and other creatures of the night on them and often come in a pack of twelve for under five dollars.

There are also some handy Halloween candy bags that have a drawstring top and are made of cloth. These bags can be looped over the shoulder or back like a purse or backpack for easy carrying throughout the night, and the top stays closed because of the drawstring to prevent any mishaps. These bags are still very inexpensive, often costing about ten dollars for a set of twelve. These are others that are glow in the darks and cost double that, running about twenty dollars for a set of twelve.

A Favorite of the Season: Halloween Candy

Every child that is allowed to go trick or treating is excited to see what Halloween candy he will find in his Halloween candy bag at the end of the night. After going door to door all evening under the watchful eyes of his parents, he gets home and sits down on the floor or kitchen table to empty out the container and sort through all of the Halloween candy. This is an important part of the process, especially if he has siblings, because once the candy has been sorted into piles of each type of candy, then the exchanges can be made. Each child usually has favorite Halloween candy, and he can often trade his siblings their favorite candy for his, so that he ends up with as many of his favorites as possible by the end of the evening.


When parents are preparing for Halloween, one important part is buying the Halloween candy for the night. They do not want to be the house on the street that runs out of candy and has to turn out the lights so that no more children come by the house. One way to help to ensure this does not happen is to buy the Halloween candy in bulk, going to a wholesale store or looking for sales on the different types of candy.

It is always nice when choosing the candy to have different sizes of candy in the candy bowl for the children to choose from. This allows the parents to tell children that they can choose one of the large pieces and then a couple of the small ones so that they feel that the children remember that house as the one with the great Halloween candy. There are some people also who mix their Halloween candy with gift certificates from a fast food place, such as a free Frosty from Wendy’s or a free sundae from McDonalds. It is always a good idea to give the coupon and some smaller candy so that the children get an immediate treat as well as the one that will benefit them in the long run.

When placing the Halloween candy in the bowl, it is a good idea not to try and fit all of the candy that is bought in the bowl at one time, but rather to fill it up and wait until it is under the halfway mark to fill it again. As the evening wears on and the trick or treaters thin out, when the candy bowl gets under the halfway mark the parents should not refill it again. In this way the parents are not left with bags of opened, left over candy, but instead have sealed bags that are left over which they can easily return to the store and get their money back. This prevents over eating of the candy, since the children already have plenty of their own.

How To Use A Halloween Makeup Kit Safely And Effectively

How To Use A Halloween Makeup Kit Safely And Effectively

It is certainly quite a daunting task getting the Halloween makeup right and even when you use pre-packaged Halloween makeup kits; the task does not become any easier. However, if you follow a few tips you can get more out of your Halloween makeup kit and so be reasonably sure that the end result will match with your expectations.

Practice, Practice And More Practice

First of all, it pays to understand, before even opening your Halloween makeup kit, that getting the Halloween makeup right is not as easy as it may appear and even special makeup artists require years of practice before they achieve the desired mastery over this art. Nevertheless, it helps if you can lay your hands on the right kind of tools and know how to get the contouring right as well as have tubes of fake blood on hand. These things can help ensure that you are able to get the maximum out of your Halloween makeup kit.

Also, before using a Halloween makeup kit you need to be prepared for spills and so having a towel on hand is a good idea as it will help clean up the spills and also help to keep the makeup from falling onto your costume. Then again, you need to take good care that your hair does not interfere with the ghoulish makeup. If you allow a well painted green face to be marred by strands of witch s hair you will certainly end up ruining the entire effect.

To get the most out of your Halloween makeup kit you also need to have enough sponges on hand as these can help you to really lay on the color. Also, keep a good makeup palette on hand to help you create special colors that are otherwise not sold separately.

When using a Halloween makeup kit it is also necessary that you learn how to handle sensitive skins, especially in regard to the right foundation. Remember, that in the end, the best results from use of a Halloween makeup kit is achieved after a lot of practice and so you need to allow yourself enough time to practice till you achieve perfection. Also, don t forget to test your skin for allergies so that the makeup that you are going to apply is actually proven to be safe to use.

In regard to picking the right Halloween candy it has been found that any item of candy that contains chocolate in it is sure to prove to be a winner. In particular, candy such as Reese Peanut Butter Cups is the number one in most people s eyes.

A Few Good Halloween Face Makeup Ideas

There are numerous Halloween face makeup ideas that anyone with reasonable skills can try and benefit from. In the case of children there are especially many good ideas that can be used to paint the faces of kids of all ages, and some are equally as interesting when used for making-up an adult s face. The first idea in regard to Halloween face makeup is painting a pumpkin on each cheek. For this Halloween face makeup idea you will need to make use of black paint that will cover your nose, eyes as well as mouth with edges painted light gray to create an outline.

Orange Colored Pumpkin Face

You can also choose to follow a simple Halloween face makeup tip that invites you to paint the entire face as a pumpkin of orange color that along with black triangles over the eyes and a black colored nose as well as the same colored mouth can prove to be an exciting option.

Another Halloween face makeup idea is to paint the face in the form of a skull. This design can be used for the entire face in which you will be required to create large and black colored panda eyes along with lips painted in black and white stripes that along with a trace of blood trickling from each side of the face can create a very striking countenance. This is a particularly bright Halloween face makeup for a more spooky Halloween party.

In a similar vein, you can use other Halloween face makeup ideas such as painting the face as a vampire which requires using white color for the face with lips painted red and with fangs protruding out of each corner of your lower lips. The eyelids can be colored a shade of gray and the eye brows can be exaggerated with black colored and sweeping strokes.

Finally, you can transform your face into the shape of a bat by using another Halloween face makeup idea. Here again your face will have a white colored base with a bat s face being painted on your forehead and in black color; the body of the bat can also be painted black and should decorate your nose with the wings extending out from the bat s head and body and covering your eyes and toward the temple and down again to mid cheek level. The lips can be painted dark gray with a big curl at the corner of each lip.

When applying Halloween makeup it makes sense to choose using a good Halloween makeup kit that often comes with accompanying instructions to help you get the desired effect. These kits can make the daunting endeavor of getting the Halloween makeup right that much easier and so is well worth considering.