Country Baskets with Style A Wine and Country Gift Basket,

Country Baskets with Style A Wine and Country Gift Basket, Making Its Mark

Gift giving can seem overwhelming at times. You try and base your gift on whether the person is male or female. Then you try to narrow it down based on what the person likes. Are they sports oriented? Do they like crafts? Do they like chocolate? Then the thought comes to mind What do you buy the person who has everything?

Gift baskets have been the answer to many calls for help in the gift giving department. The gift basket has been wide and varied. Today you can get a gift basket for almost any occasion. You can ship them worldwide to your recipient. That is why gift baskets are so popular.

One popular idea is the wine and country gift basket. These unique gift baskets offer a wide variety of things. Some of the contents can include:

Varieties of wine
Country food products such as ham, bacon, or even breakfast items
Country trinkets

A wine and country gift basket is ideal because they can contain so many varieties. There is virtually no end to the different types of baskets that can be created. One variety would be a wine and cheese gift basket that features some of the countries most famous cheeses. Wine lovers adore these gift baskets. However, these baskets are the perfect gift for someone who is new to the wine world. Because a wine and country gift baskets offers a little bit of everything, it gives those new to wine the chance to really explore the possibilities. Making a wine and country basket is even easier. Start by purchasing a unique gift basket. Youll want something that fits the recipients style. Remember, once the wine and country gift basket is empty, the basket can be used over and over. Line the basket with some decorative tissue paper or strips of confetti. Place in a bottle or two of some wines you think the gift recipient will like. Then the fun part begins. Now use your imagination and stuff it with a variety of things. If the person likes Americana then stuff it with little flags and American decorations. If they like things like Roosters then stuff it with that. The ideas are limitless. Youre only limited by your imagination. The idea is to have fun with and just be creative. It will be a wine and country gift basket that will be memorable because it was made by you and comes from the heart.

A Great Bottle of Wine Can Help Create The Perfect

A Great Bottle of Wine Can Help Create The Perfect Gift Basket

When you think of wine what comes to mind? Most people say red wine, white wine, blush, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and the list goes on and on. Wine has been around for centuries. It was a common commodity in Greek and Roman days. During the days of the Roman Empire, the invention of the wine press made wine making a considerably easier process. Barrels were created to store the wine in so it would last longer.

Wine has evolved over the years and many varieties have been created. From dry wines to fruity, sweet flavored wines. For some, it has been customary when invited to dinner or a house warming party, to give a bottle of wine. Wine connoisseurs naturally, love receiving many bottles of wine. So, with the creation of the wine gift basket, wine has become even more popular as a gift.

You can give a wine gift basket that contains a particular kind of wine such as red wine or white wine. You can create a wine gift basket that contains wine and things like chocolate or cheese and crackers. You can also add things like knick knacks and create a wine and country gift basket. The possibilities are endless. Wine can be paired with so many things that you can create a wine gift basket for several different occasions and still not duplicate a bottle of wine.

There are several different places to purchase a wine gift basket if you dont have time to make one:

At Gourmet Gift Baskets, you can find an amazing selection of gift baskets and with their wide variety you are sure to find a wine gift basket to fit your budget.

Wine Basket is another great vendor. You can choose a simple wine gift basket or combine wine and other items like food or personal gifts.

At, you can ship a wine gift basket across the United States to your gift recipient.

Wine gift basket vendors are everywhere. You will have the opportunity to find the perfect basket to suit your gift giving needs. Take your time and review each vendors site carefully. Baskets range in size as well as price. Some vendors will even give you the option to customize your gift basket.

Remember its the thought that counts when giving a gift. Your gift will be appreciated no matter what it is. There is a wine gift basket waiting for you to give it away. Youll leave your recipient with a smile.

The Perfect Gift; The Art of Giving With a Gift

The Perfect Gift; The Art of Giving With a Gift Basket

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be a painstaking task. You search high and low for just the right thing to give but you keep coming up empty handed. Then it hits you, a gift basket!

The practice of giving gifts in a basket has been around for centuries. Kings use to send a gift basket full of fruit to their guests quarters as a way of welcoming them into their home. Some famous people have said great things about the gift basket:

“Those who can make you believe that giving anything but a gift basket is acceptable, can make you commit other social atrocities.” Voltaire, Writer and Philosopher

“It is far better to give a gift basket than receive one”. Benjamin Franklin

“I have a terrible need of — dare I say the word? — Religion. Then I go out at night to paint the stars, and send everyone I know a gift basket.” Vincent van Gogh
So as you can see, the gift basket has been a tried and true form of saying thank you or I love you for quite some time. The gift basket comes in various shapes, sizes, and contains a variety of things. You have a wine gift basket, a fruit gift basket, a chocolate gift basket and even gift basket that contains meat products. The best thing is that your budget doesnt have to go bankrupt to give a gift basket. Baskets range from as little as $5 and can go as high as a couple of thousand dollars. So you are bound to find a gift basket that will fit within your budget. Baskets can range from those made from wicker or bamboo to those made of wood and even paper mache. Gift baskets will remain a popular item for quite sometime. When you have no idea what to buy someone, a gift basket is always a popular item. Just focus on what the recipient likes. There are gift baskets for sports fans, movie lovers, readers, and even writers. The assortment is endless. You can also make your own gift basket to give it a more personal touch. Your recipient will be pleased to receive whatever gift basket you send them. It is so exciting to open the door and see a delivery for you or to come into your office and see a gift basket sitting on your desk. No matter what, your gift is a thought from your heart.

Ideas For Decorating A Christmas Holiday Gift Basket

Depending on what you intend to give as a Christmas holiday gift basket, the size of the basket must correspond to the items to be put in. The smaller baskets are good for food items such as chocolates which are individually wrapped or bars which are wrapped individually. Bigger baskets are great as a Christmas holiday gift basket for items such as fruit cakes, coffee beans etc.

Bows And Ribbons

Decorating a Christmas holiday gift basket with bows and ribbons is a standard thing to do. Most people who professionally decorate gift baskets will have the expertise to know that color coordination is handy to have for decorating Christmas holiday gift baskets. The more common colors that are used during the holidays are red, green and gold but other colors have been surfacing as long as they are depicted in the holiday motif. Silver is also one of the more commonly used colors during the holiday season. It adds sparkle to the season altogether as well as to the gift basket.

There are many different ways to tie bows and ribbons and you can experiment which ways look better with what kind of Christmas holiday gift basket. One can also have a combination of the more common Christmas colors as a bow depicting red, green and gold. One can also use glitter ribbons, satin finish ribbons and other cloth ribbons instead of the usual plastic ones in a store bought Christmas holiday gift basket.

Ornaments And Other Christmas Decorations

Ornaments found in Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations are handy to have in decorating a Christmas holiday gift basket. These add a touch of whimsy and a touch of the holiday season for many. Pine cones are just some of the more popular signs of the season as well as bells and stars. One can stick the ornaments on the bow’s base to make it seem like it is the one holding the bow together. One can also look for dried flowers colored in the seasonal colors as well as plastic red berries and holly leaves for the Christmas holiday gift basket.

Tinsels is something that one can add to the Christmas holiday gift basket to make it look more Christmassy. Tissue in the traditional Christmas colors and maybe a napkin (to cover the basket bottom when you are sending muffins or cakes) can add to the feel of the holiday season.

Advantages Of Giving A Christmas Chocolate Gift Basket

Christmas is a season for giving and there is a lot of gift giving during this season. So much so that, all kinds of gifts are given out or exchanged. A Christmas chocolate gift basket is one kind of gift basket that has been used for some time already. Not only because there are all kinds of chocolate not only of the solid kind but also of the beverage kind. A Christmas chocolate gift basket can be either of the two.

Solid Chocolates

Solid chocolates come in many different kinds but the most common kinds are the dark chocolate, milk chocolate and the white chocolate. All three are varieties of chocolate which can be put into the Christmas chocolate gift basket if the giver thinks that the recipient will like them. In some cases, many opt for the richer milk chocolate which is probably the most saleable of the chocolate varieties. Most Christmas chocolate gift baskets are filled with the milk chocolate variety and the next kind is the dark chocolate.

Chocolate Beverages

Chocolate was initially used as a beverage before people ate it in solid form. A Christmas chocolate gift basket is something that people will appreciate. Gourmet hot chocolate is something that can be very easy to do for a Christmas chocolate gift basket; this is because there are many different varieties of hot chocolate available today. Some have other flavors integrated into it while others have marshmallow or milk in them.

As a Christmas holiday gift basket, these kinds of gift baskets can be done at home at the convenience of the gift giver. It would be so easy to decorate your own baskets and fill these up with whatever chocolates you think the recipient will like. The advantages of giving a Christmas chocolate gift basket is that these can be eaten directly and many people love chocolate, which means you cannot go wrong with this as a gift. Even if the recipient will not eat the contents of the Christmas chocolate gift basket, some members of his or her are sure to appreciate the gift basket.

Other advantages of giving a Christmas chocolate gift basket are the healthy elements that we get from chocolate. Although, chocolate is widely connected to fats and other unhealthy stuff, it also has some elements which spell health for some people, especially the dark chocolate. Giving a Christmas chocolate gift basket is also easy since chocolate is not that expensive and easy to acquire.

Christmas Candy Gift Basket Fillers

A Christmas candy gift basket is not necessarily for adults only. In fact, many children receive Christmas candy gift baskets for the season, although, these are not usually “gifts” but instead these are like small prizes that stores or family friends give them. There are many different kinds of fillers to fill up a Christmas candy gift basket.

Many parents prefer to have healthy snacks for their kids, which is why they are choosy regarding that their kids might receive. A Christmas candy gift basket can have anything ranging from chocolate to hard candy.

Kinds Of Candy For A Christmas Candy Gift Basket

Hard candy may be great to have in a Christmas candy gift basket but children who eat this must be supervised and monitored since hard candy does not melt as easily as other kinds of candy. It is advisable not to give hard candy to children below the age of six just to be sure that no untoward accident might happen. Candy that are mentholated or made “cool” by adding a very minty flavor may also not agree with most children so it is best to stick to ordinary kinds of candy for the Christmas candy gift basket for kids.

A Christmas chocolate gift basket is something that you might like to consider when it comes to children. This kind of Christmas candy gift basket for children is more acceptable for most parents because chocolates have their nutritional value, even if it is not as much as other healthy foods. Chocolate is also something that even parents eat more than candy.

Other healthy Christmas candy gift basket fillers can be licorice sticks or candied fruits. These may be sweet but there is some nutritional value that can be seen in them more than ordinary candy. If there is no choice but ordinary candy as a filler for Christmas candy gift baskets, opt for the ones that are not so cheap that you think these might be made fully of junk or just sugar.

It is best to check the Christmas candy gift basket that your child may receive from stores or friends and relatives. Although, there are good intentions in giving gift baskets of this kind, some people may not realize that some parents are very particular with what their children eat. It is best to inform parents of what was given to the child in order to avoid misunderstanding or accidents.

Christmas Gift Basket Idea In Decorating

A Christmas gift basket can actually be used a decoration in the home or office if you are so inclined. This Christmas gift basket idea is one that has come around when the recipient has received a lot of gift baskets for the season and has nowhere to store the contents for the moment or is too busy to sort out the gifts as yet. The Christmas gift basket idea as a decoration can actually add more cheer to your home or office. There are other Christmas gift basket ideas as a decoration.

Opened Christmas Gift Basket Idea

If you receive a Christmas candy gift basket, you can actually open it and display it in your foyer, receiving room or living room where you usually entertain. Guests or visitors to your home can help themselves to the Christmas candy gift basket and the goodies in it. This Christmas gift basket idea works best for baskets of smaller size which can be discreetly placed on end tables or other low tables.

The same Christmas gift basket idea applies for fruit baskets or those with cookies and muffins. You can always put opened baskets on your dining table or living room table when you are expecting guests or just leave on the dining table for your family to nibble on when they feel hungry. Baskets which are beautifully decorated can be left as it or you can add some decorations on plain baskets. A staple for a great Christmas gift basket idea for decorating it is a bow or ribbon on the basket handle. One can also add tinsel to the basket for a festive look as well as some pine cones with the bows or ribbons.

Other Kinds Of Baskets

Other kinds of Christmas gift baskets may contain food stuffs which may need to be cooked. A Christmas gift basket idea for baskets like these is to leave them in bare areas of the room or on a table to be a decoration in itself. This is especially great if the basket is beautifully decorated to match the season. Another Christmas gift basket idea is to place the baskets near or around the Christmas tree to complement the tree.

Some baskets are actually made with Christmas decorations and serve as decorations. A fun Christmas gift basket idea for baskets with decorations is to put the decoration sin them on the tree or just place the basket with the ornaments or pine cones on a low table.

Decorating Your Homemade Corporate Christmas Gift Basket

A corporate Christmas gift basket need not be store bought or store decorated and filled. The giver can actually make a corporate Christmas gift basket and decorate it also. A corporate Christmas gift basket can be a gift that encompasses the entire office (small office or department) given during a party or an individual gift that is given to higher ups in the office.

Group Gifts

For those who plan to give a corporate Christmas gift basket for the employees of a particular department or small office, a great Christmas gift basket idea is to give food or beverage items which are usually used in the office such as coffee, juice, tea, cookies, nuts etc. One can even mix all the suggested food items so as to make a smorgasbord of choices for the employees. This Christmas gift basket idea is quite useful especially for offices where employees have lots of breaks and lounges where they can sit and chat.

Individual Gifts

A corporate Christmas gift basket which you plan to give to a higher up can consist of any food items which you think your boss will appreciate, need or use. Gourmet or designer beverages like coffee or tea are great for bosses who like to drink these. You can also mix up lots of food items which your boss can eat on Christmas day such as ham, fruit cake, sweets and others.

Decorating Ideas

For food items which are already wrapped up like coffee in cans or bags, you can just pile different blends or flavors in your corporate Christmas gift basket that is shallow enough to be able to showcase your gift. It may be best to anchor the bags lightly onto your corporate Christmas gift basket with glue gun to avoid them falling when the basket is jolted but just lightly enough that the glue comes off when the bags are pulled. Muffins can be arranged in the basket either on a tiered tray or just flat on the basket bottom.

You can tie a huge red bow or a green one, although red is a popular color for the season, on your corporate Christmas gift basket. Other ideas for your corporate Christmas gift basket are to place a checkered or single colored (preferably the season’s colors of red, green or gold) on the basket bottom to frame the muffins or food items. You can also garnish the basket sides with small plastic poinsettia flowers or candy canes and stars.

Choosing Items For A Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas is the time of year when even some of those who are not Catholics or Christians take time to send small presents or greetings to others. The overall feeling of being snug and comfortable in the knowledge that friends and family are around you to share in the happiness of the season is very tangible. Sending out a Christmas gift basket is something that is quite common for the season.

A Christmas gift basket is something that is usually compiled by the gift giver for someone. In most cases, a Christmas gift basket is given filled with food items or items that the receiver is interested in or prefers. Most Christmas gift baskets are filled with foods that are relevant to the season. For those who are unsure what kind of foods are relevant for a Christmas gift basket, those listed below can help you.

Processed Meats

Processed meats are a popular choice for a Christmas gift basket. Hams, sausages and other kinds of processed meats are sometimes popular for the holiday season. Hams are the usual food items that are put in a Christmas gift basket. These can either be cooked or frozen for the convenience of the recipient. Many give cooked processed meats which can be consumed upon receiving them.

Cakes And Bakery Items

Fruit cakes and other kinds of cakes are also popular choices for a Christmas gift basket. Fruit cakes and Yule Logs are the more popular ones although other kinds are gaining popularity as well. Cookies and bars are also great as a filler for a Christmas gift basket. Even corporate Christmas gift baskets are filled with muffins or cookies and other bakery items.

Coffee And Other Beverages

Coffee beans and its other variations as well as tea are other good choices for a Christmas gift basket. This is if the recipient likes coffee or tea or whatever beverage mix he prefers. Designer coffee or designer hot chocolate and tea are just a few of the more popular beverage of choice for a gift basket.

The food items can be placed in the Christmas gift basket by the attending personnel or the giver can arrange the items on his own. For food items that are not wrapped individually, the giver has the option to have a fine netting or a see through cellophane cover the basket to protect the food from dust, dirt and insects. Other animals might also find the basket attractive if it is not covered.

Pet Food Gift Basket Ideas

It’s not just humans who appreciate gifts. Pets also appreciate gifts. More and more, people are including their pets in Hanukkah, birthday and Christmas celebrations. Since their owners are the ones that pay for their upkeep, a pet related gift is a gift to the owner as well as the animal. A Christmas gift basket is also appreciated and deeply needed by your local animal shelters.

What To Include For Individuals

You don’t have to break the bank to find a pet food gift basket idea that would be appreciated by your pet-loving friends or your local animal shelter. You dont even have to only include pet food in a pet food gift basket. Ideas that would work well for pet owners include pet toys, brushes, bedding and edible cards. Dont get very intricate gifts like collars or pet clothes, as the pet needs to be measured to be sure they fit well.

Other pet food gift basket ideas for your pet-owned friends include batteries and film for their cameras or memory cards for their digital cameras so that they can take photos of their pets that will become precious memories in the future. You could also include portable photo albums and small picture frames to round out the basket. The “basket itself” could be a photo storage box.

What To Include For Shelters

Pet food gift basket ideas for shelters can include a wide variety of objects that you may have laying about your home. You might not need the items in this pet food gift basket idea, but your local animal rescue shelter can put them to good use. These items include old, clean blankets or towels, which are always in short supply at an animal center. They are used for a variety of purposes from blankets to bandages. They also need baby formula and baby bottles which they can use to feed orphaned animals.

Check with your local animal shelter to see what they have a need for. Perhaps they need more folding chairs, or a coffee machine or maybe they are not sure. In that case, pet food, pet toys and gift card to a pet supply shop can always be welcome. You may also want to include a few human treats for the hard working volunteers at the shelter, too. You can really impress them by using an old aquarium or cage as a “basket”. They get all sorts of pets given to them, not just dogs and cats.