7 Easy Ways to Teach Your Children to be Grateful for What They Have

Here are some easy ways to incorporate instilling the virtue of gratitude in your children. As you go through your day, show them, the wonderful events going on behind the scenes that we all most usually take for granted.

1. Set the Right Example

It is better if you teach them by using the appropriate words at the right times yourself. How many parents do you see saying “Thank You” to there two or three year old children. It is through example that kids learn best, and teaching gratitude is no different than anything else in that respect. “Children Learn What They Live!”

2. Teach It Through Role Playing

You can play games with your children that implement the virtue of gratitude. Play the second chair and practice showing them how it feels to be on the receiving end of an unexpected, “Thank You!”

3. Teach by Showing Them How to Be of Service to Others

Even simple things such as holding a door for an elderly person, are small ways we can show them how others appreciate us and our actions. It is also a way to put a smile and a lift into a strangers day, which always creates a good feeling within the person who is doing the kind act as well.
You would be surprised how many times a simple gesture like this can occur in your normal day activities, in places like grocery stores, doctors offices, or shopping trips.

4. Make a List

An easy way to get them to make lists of what they are thankful for is to use “The Daily Gratitude Journal Software” You will find a link to this software in the resource box at the end of this article. There are two versions, one written in “kid language and displaying an output of “kid fonts” and an adult version as well.

5. Teach Gratitude While Going Without Things

Recently my single family of three kids and myself had to deal with a full 24 hours of no power. This outage caused by a wind storm, was an ideal opportunity for me to teach them what we had to be thankful for that we normally took for granted. Simple things like, lights, heat, and being able to watch Tv, were just a few that quickly came to mind.

6. Show them How to Be Thankful for the Little Things in Life

As in the previous example, although, most of us would not consider heat and light little things, they are things that are always there for our kids, so they are simple things that they usually don’t pay much attention too.

Other simple examples could include; having food to eat all the time, friends to play with, and having plenty of toys and school supplies. Showing them examples of third world country children who go without these things is a way of teaching them appreciation for what they have, too.

7. Teach them to see the good in someone they don’t like

You can even use a negative experience to teach them the value of being grateful. When I think of this, immediately what comes to my mind is the Walt Disney movie, “PollyAnna” where she played the “Glad” game and found many things to be grateful for in every situation she encountered. Renting this video, watching and discussing it with them would be a great, gratitude building quality time family activity.

As you go through your day, show them, the wonderful events going on behind the scenes that we all most usually take for granted. Things like the police, who protect us, the firemen who are there for those who need them, and the clerk at the grocery store doing her job to help us get our food. Simple thank you comments to all of these daily activities is the easiest way to role model appreciation that they will learn and emulate.

8 Reasons Why Your Child Hates Reading

Are you troubled by your child’s disinterest in reading? Maybe you have a young child just learning to read. You try to encourage the learning by reading together. However, each reading session is a struggle. Your child shuns it like a hated vegetable . Or maybe your child can already read, but just doesn’t want to. They even tell you straight in your face, “I hate reading.”

How did it come to this? Why does your child dislike reading? Basically, it comes down to one thing: the love for reading was never ignited or have been extinguished. Here are 8 ways to kill a child’s love for reading:

1. Reading sessions are more like drilling sessions. Don’t quiz and test children when reading. It’s ok to point things out and ask questions to promote thinking but make sure it stays FUN. Don’t turn it into a pressurized teaching session. Yes, you hope that they learn something from the reading but don’t make that your main objective. Read to enjoy the story. Learning usually takes place when the teaching is not so obvious.

2. Television, video and computer games takes center stage when it comes to relaxation and entertainment. These strongly distracts children from reading. There needs to be a limit to these activities if you want to convince them that books can be entertaining too.

3. Reading books that are too difficult for their reading level. It is very discouraging for children to open a book and not know how to read many of the words. Where is the joy when you struggle to get through a page? Know your child’s reading ability and get books appropriate to their level.

4. Reading sessions turn into screaming and put down sessions. Parents need to hold realistic expectations of their children. Control frustrations when children don’t excel as fast as you wish they would. Watch your tongue and avoid derogatory remarks such as “Can’t you remember that word, we just read it,” or “I’ve told you many times already. What’s wrong with you?”

5. Reading books that are of no interest to them. How do children regard these books? BORING! To a young boy, reading a book on dinosaurs may be more captivating than reading a book about Dick and Jane. Draw your teenagers into reading with books that they can relate too. I know when I was that age I was game for books on love, romance, and friendship. Capitalize on your child’s hobbies and interests.

6. Forced reading. for older children, sometimes homework is in the form of assigned readings. Usually a report has to be handed in at the end. Although this is done under good intentions, it is easy for a child to regard reading as a chore to be done. Very likely too, the assigned reading is not of their choice and therefore, not of their liking. Reading in this situation is like dragging feet in the mud.

7. Peer pressure. This is another factor that affects older children. Kids can be cruel with their branding and teasing. The term “nerds” and “geeks” are usually thrown at those that indulge in books. Your child may very well choose to shun books just to fit in and be one of the “cool kids.”

8. Limiting what children read. Imagine if you loved sci-fi books but was told you could only read classics. What a damper that would be for you right? Be open to what your child wants to read. You may think your child has moved passed picture books but he wants it anyway. Let him. Or you may think reading comic books have less educational value then reading well known novels. Remember, it’s a book in their hands nonetheless. So, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, picture books, comic books, magazines etc… be supportive.

You want to get your child reading, you have to first show that it is fun and enjoyable. Don’t push too hard to get your child to learn to read or read to learn. Only when there is love for reading can the learning begin.

Oriental Trading – Get The Best Party Supplies At Wholesale Price

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Need To Conduct A Missing Persons Search?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want or need to conduct a missing persons search. Perhaps you run a business and you’re having trouble tracking down a customer who hasn’t paid. Perhaps your ex- has taken off and stopped paying child support or alimony payments. Or maybe you’ve just lost track of an old friend, a high school sweetheart.

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Whatever your reasons for conducting a missing persons search, you’ll find that it is beneficial to work with a private investigator. This is true for a number of reasons:

1.A private investigator will have access to databases and other information sources that you will not be able to access on your own.

2.A private investigator has experience searching for individuals using public records and other information, and therefore is able to conduct a missing persons search more quickly than you would be able to do on your own.

3.A private investigator can devote his or her time to finding the person you’re looking for without having to put the rest of his or her life on hold; when a private investigator takes your case, you can feel sure that he or she is working on the missing persons search and you can continue working and fulfilling your other obligations;

4.A private investigator can often complete a missing persons search and locate the person you want to find in far less time than it would take you – often within a day.

Because a private investigator has more experience and has access to additional tools, you can be sure that he or she can complete your missing persons search. All it takes is just a little bit of information from you.

In order to conduct a missing persons search, the private investigator will need to know some basic information. To start with, you’ll need to provide the person’s name and birth date. If you are able to provide additional information like past addresses or even a social security number (information that you’re more likely to have if you are a creditor or you had previously been married than if you are looking for an old friend), the search is likely to take place much more quickly than it will without it.

However, that doesn’t mean that a private investigator cannot conduct a missing persons search with far less information – often an individual can be found with just a name – it just may take a while longer.

A missing persons search can be a time consuming and frustrating process when you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately,

How To Reverse Phone Lookup Easily

Tracking down the identity of an unknown caller is not as hard as you might think. Although you could find out the information you want for free, a lot of your success will depend on luck. It is far easier to get a membership at a private reverse cell phone directory because you are guaranteed to get what you want — owner details, like name, address and wireless service carrier.

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People need to lookup phone number details for a variety of reasons. Whether you are concerned about the kids your teenager has been hanging out with, or need to stop a very annoying prank caller, or even need to stop a harassing stalker, conducting a reverse cell phone trace is a very legitimate means of investigating a questionable person — especially if you suspect your significant other may be cheating on you.

But again, in order to find out an unknown person’s identity for free, you’re going to have to be lucky. The only way you can find his or her private information is if they have willingly put it up on the Internet. That way, you can find it by doing a search with their phone number on the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Otherwise, your only option is to make a small investment with a real cell phone database that allows you to conduct reverse lookups on virtually any phone number.

The reason that you can’t find cell phone details online for free is because of the transitory nature of a cell phone number’s life span. People are always changing cell numbers, and as a result they are just too difficult to track on a consistent basis (for free). Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date cell phone database is simply too difficult and costs too much money for it to be available online for free. People are also worried about having their phone numbers out in the open for telemarketers to exploit, so the government has made it very difficult for people to uncover cell phone number details.

But don’t worry, accurate and current reverse cell phone number lookup directories do exist and are very affordable. The best ones will allow you to purchase a lifetime membership for unlimited searches, or, if you don’t feel the need for unlimited access, you can make a smaller investment for just one lookup. They will allow you to do a free preliminary search to see if the information you are seeking is available in their database, at which point you can decide whether or not you want to get it.

Bet Right And Win Big With The Horse Racing System

You probably can’t stop thinking about her. With her long legs, deep chestnut mane, and soulful brown eyes, she’s the most beautiful you’ve ever seen. You know she’ll make you very happy indeed – when she runs her next race. You’re planning to bet on her to win, and you’re planning to bet big. And when she wins the race, you’ll also win big – with the right horse racing system.

Then and Now

The incredibly entertaining and popular pastime of horse racing has come a long way since the old days. Back then, it was a pastime enjoyed only by the rich and the aristocracy. That has since changed and horse racing is now widely received by the masses with much fervor and perfervid enthusiasm.

In years past, there was no correctly established formal horse racing system. People put their money under the care of hustlers and bookies who wrote out bets in little scraps of paper. As a result, cheating was nothing new and certainly not impossible nor rare.

These days, however, with the increase in patrons and the improvement of technology, state-of-the-art and practically cheat-proof horse racing systems have been developed.

Win or Lose, You Still Win

The average bettor greatly benefits from cutting edge horse racing systems. The new horse racing systems allows for patrons to bet through organized computer terminals manned by professionals in race tracks. Bets are entered into the system and printed out on special paper. This horse racing system prevents the tampering of bets from both sides – the race track and the bettor. As a result, winners receive their fair share of the bounty and even losers hardly feel the brunt of defeat. It certainly beats having to argue with a gang of mean-looking bookies.

Horse racing systems also provide the race’s odds. This is an invaluable tool that you can use, especially if you don’t have a particular horse in mind. The odds and probabilities of the race are calculated real time, so you can be sure that you’re putting your faith – not to mention, good money – on updated information, increasing your chances of winning.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Most of the newer horse racing systems nowadays also allow for remote betting. This means that you can bet outside the race track through independent agents or online. This makes it very convenient for those who can’t physically be on the race track, but want to join in anyway. Furthermore, this also allows you to bet on any horse race all over the world, giving you almost unlimited options. This way, you don’t have to wait for the next local race to get your kicks.

Indeed, horse racing systems takes care of you, the bettor. You must remember, however, that though a horse racing system might have your best interests at heart, not everybody is meant to win. So before you bet big, be aware of the odds, pick the right horse, and trust your instincts. When you bet big, you win big, but only if you bet right.


Terrible Twos – Don’t Miss the Mark

Most parents never fathomed the behavioral changes coming from their child. Most have always loved to be parents even with the lack of sleep coming from a new born. Building memories and sharing new world discoveries with children are amazing to witness, but when children gain more independence, they morph into their terrible twos.

Children don’t come with operating procedures and manuals, so it’s difficult to tailor your parenting style that best suits the child. However, there are times when parents become frustrated with the child and give up. Giving up and surrendering to a stammering, kicking, screaming, and biting child will not do the parent or the child any good. Setting and enforcing rules and standards when you notice a change in the child’s negative behavior, you gave gained an opportunity to mold the behavior into a positive, healthy one.

Children are smart, and notice the stress levels they put their parents through and soon, they master manipulation. This art, adopted by the child can really aggravate the parents. But remember, you are the parent, and you know what works and doesn’t work. Don’t have a moral perspective, when dealing with the child, but use the perspective of working methods. One thing that never works is bribery. Parents use this as a mechanism to help get passed the sassiness of the terrible two’s only to condition their children to respond in a certain manner. Bribery will ruin everything you’ve worked for. It teaches the terrible two, how to be selfish and hold power over the hand feeding them.

A way to counter bribery is to use a reward system. Rewarding has more value than bribing and also offers a more pure relationship with little opportunity for the child to exploit or manipulate the parent. Parent should reward children for positive behavior and not bribe them to act the way they are supposed to in the first place.

Discipline and routine are key elements for dealing with the terrible twos. Once parents have found a working solution for poor behavior, they can implement discipline and routine. 2 year olds need to have structure and routine so there is little room for confusion. Routines help the child understand what expectations are and how to meet these expectations by positive behavior. It’s very important to show your child you love them, especially when they are not acting up. This positive reinforcement is healthy and builds trust.

So what about discipline? Enforcing the expectations deals with discipline and this is where it gets difficult for the parent. Parents must stay consistent and have to be discipline themselves. When 2 year olds start misbehaving, it’s time to make things happen to correct the behavior. Some parents turn their backs to the kids and ignore them on purpose and other parents place their children in time out. These are effective and humane methods, but they don’t work if the parent isn’t committed to enforcing the standard and disciplining the child.

If parents can identify what works for stressful situations, discipline the child, and reward the child with love for positive behavior. The terrible twos will become a walk in the park and parents can enjoy the better moments of that child’s life instead of competing with the 2 year old.

Self Defense for Women

You know that feeling you get when you leave the office late and you’re the only one walking through a dark and empty parking lot towards your car? It’s scary to think that if some random thief (or worse) were to rob you (or much worse!), you would not be able to fend off their attack. When it comes to protecting yourself from danger, whether it be an attacker or a thief or a teenage hoodlum looking to score points with his friends, there are a few general safety guidelines that every women should abide by, and some basic women’s self defense strategies/techniques that every woman should know and be able to execute properly should the situation ever arise.



This is one case where prevention really is the best medicine. If you’re going out, make sure you have a friend and don’t allow yourselves to be separated. If you are going home after a long day at the office, make sure your keys and pepper spray on the same ring, and readily available. By avoiding situations where you could be putting yourself at risk, you are much less likely to become a victim. Always have rape prevention in your awareness in shady situations.

Know Where to Strike

If you do come into contact with an assailant, chances are he’s probably bigger and stronger than you are. Make sure that every hit you get in counts by aiming for vital areas like the groin, testicles, eyes, throat or temple. You aren’t going to have much luck if you and your attacker start exchanging blows. Hit them right where it counts, and as soon as they are incapacitated enough for you to break free, run like the wind.

Make use of natural weapons and strengths Nails, teeth, leg strength

Many women think that they don’t stand much of a chance against a male attacker simple because they don’t carry a gun or knife. What many women don’t consider is utilizing their god given weapons such as their teeth and nails. Clawing somebody’s eye out will make them drop their knife or at least flinch tremendously, leaving you enough leway to escape.

Trust Your Gut

Generally speaking, if your gut instinct tells you not to accept that ride home from the man at the bar, you really should listen. As a woman, you are automatically at greater risk for being raped, assaulted, kidnapped or murdered, simply because you are a woman. But you don’t have to sit back and decide that fate has already chosen its course, rape prevention is of high importance. The majority of victims become victims because they believe they aren’t at risk or they don’t do anything to prepare themselves for defending against an assailant. Be one of the smart ones and have a plan of action in place before the moment arrives. Everybody who loves you will thank you.

Different Uses for Marmoleum

Marmoleum is natural type of linoleum flooring. It is go green approved, and is fairly inexpensive. It is great for families with pets, children, and tight budgets. It is largely known for its exceptional durability and sturdiness. Marmoleum and linoleum flooring comes in hundreds of styles and colors, and many different designs.

Marmoleum is typically used for flooring, and is great for kitchen flooring, because of its durability and the water hazards. It is also used for wall covering. Normally you use tile or wall paper or things of that nature, but again because of its great endurance and sturdiness it is the perfect material to use in bathrooms and in kitchens. Those are the two main rooms that can be the most troublesome due to the amounts of water used in those rooms. You never know when a pipe will break or bust and with kids most people tend to have overrun sinks and tubs from time to time. It is also good to use in kitchens because of its cleanliness ability and helps improve food safety.

Marmoleum Flooring was also used in battleships for flooring due to their durability and their ability to withstand harsh conditions, and constant wear and tear. There is a tougher linoleum product that’s called battleship linoleum, which was mainly used in high traffic public places such as offices and public buildings. The linoleum product was also used on U.S warships, and U.S navy submarines.

Marmoleum is loved by break dancers. Because it’s smooth and soft, it is great to dance on and doesn’t hurt if one would fall. It is often used for the flooring of dance stages.

Marmoleum flooring is also used in hospitals, doctor’s offices and other health related businesses due to its reputation of being one of the cleanest and anti-germ floorings. Marmoleum flooring is also non allergenic which is why it is a popular choice for homes and hospitals. Marmoleum is also used for art making and printmaking due to its smoothness, durability and easier carving abilities, or as flooring in art studios because it is so easy to clean.

There are three different kinds of marmoleum flooring including roll sheets, snap and lock tiles, and you traditional glue down tiles. The simplest of the three is the click and lock tiles; it takes less time and you don’t have to glue anything or make a mess. Marmoleum is quickly becoming the most used flooring and can easily be found in your local large hardware store chains. If you looking for reliable flooring that will last this is the way to go.

Surrogacy – Gay Couple Parents?

Surrogacy is an option for people that for whatever reason cannot carry a baby to term on their own. There is a long history of surrogacy throughout time. It was a very common practice in ancient Rome and Greece to have a woman carry a child for another of course things were done a bit differently then but the idea was still the same.

Today surrogacy can be done to carry another couple’s child to term. There are different ways to achieve the goal of the child being genetically related to its parents and not to the surrogate. Typically the egg or the sperm or both will come from the parents to be.

In the case of gay couple parents surrogacy is an ideal option. It can help parents that are worthy and that should have children have a child that they are genetically linked to.

The Options

Gay couples are not left with a lot of options to have children. They can adopt. They can if they are a female couple use a sperm donor and carry their own child but men are left with the least choices. Surrogacy is the ONLY option for a male gay couple to have a genetically related child.

It is important to a lot of couples to have children that are genetically linked to themselves. A lot of people feel that the bond is stronger between them and their child if they are genetically connected. It can be very important to some people that their child is “theirs.”

Using a Surrogate

There are agencies that specialize in connecting gay couples with surrogates. These agencies can help you find people that have had background checks done and a bevy of other testing done. The advantage of using an agency is that the surrogates are medically tested and go through a battery of psychological tests. There is no federal law about surrogacy in the U.S. Surrogacy laws differ per state and consulting a surrogacy agency in your state is preferable.

A lot of couples use someone that they know to carry their child but this can be a problem sometimes, the relationship is close and there are a lot of feelings back and forth and unfortunately sometimes things go rather sour.

It is of course a very emotional time for everyone involved so if you can keep it a least a bit impersonal and strictly business. An agency can help you as a go between.

Gay couples should be afforded the opportunity to become parents until science catches up!