Fundraising Information

If you are a parent of a child in private school, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, drama club, sports, Honors Society, church, or any other activity, you are probably familiar with fundraisers. Organizations that are not funded by the state, or that do not receive enough funds from the state, must use fundraising ideas in order to raise money for activities, maintenance, academia, or plays. Fundraising is a great way to make money and provide the community with a service or product.

Types Of Fundraising

There are a few different types of fundraising. One type is selling a product for part of the profits. This is common for sports teams or school activities and clubs like drama club and Honors Society. In recent years, companies like Joe Corbys have practically infiltrated the schools to sell their products. Different items like cookies, cookie mixes, candy, chocolates, pizzas, and other foods are popular in middle and high schools to raise money. These are popular in schools because they are relatively cheap, a large portion of the funds raised go to the organization, and the food is usually pretty good.

Another type of fundraising is selling a product for full profit. These fundraisers are popular among church groups and private schools. For these types of raising funds projects, parents, organizations, businesses, and the children donate products or services to sell. The most popular type is a simple bake sale. People donate foods that they cooked to sell and the organization takes the full profit. Another type of this fundraiser is a car wash. People donate their time and service to wash the vehicles and all of the funds raised go towards the organization. A final example of this type of fundraising is an auction in which businesses and parents donate their products or services to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Why Use Fundraising

Fundraising is used for various reasons. Private schools use fundraising to offset some tuition costs for parents. Sports teams in public schools often times do not get adequate funding and must provide their own money to purchase uniforms or equipment. Some clubs like drama club or chorus do not get any funding from the school or the state and are forced to fundraise to raise money for everything from costumes to sets to sheet music and lyrics. Fundraising serves a great purpose in the schools, so support your local school and purchase something from the next fundraiser!

Easy Fundraising Tips And Information

If you are in charge of any fundraising activities, you know how difficult it can be to think of fundraising ideas that are easy and simple. You want a fundraiser that is easy to implement and easy to raise money with, not something that is going to confuse everyone involved. If you read these easy fundraising tips and information on these easy fundraising ideas, you will be on your way to having a simple and easy fundraiser.

Easy Fundraising Tip One: Make It Quick

The easiest fundraisers are the quickest fundraisers. You do not want to have your fundraiser spread out over several weeks or even a month or more. When that happens, people begin to lose interest and students participating in the fundraiser often times lose paperwork and customers. Instead, an easy fundraising tip is to do your fundraiser all at once. You may think that this is not possible, but there are many fundraising activities that can be done in one night. You could do a fifty, fifty raffle at a sporting event to raise money. A car wash also happens over one day and is simple and easy to implement. In addition, you could also do a bake sale. All of these fundraising activities can be done in just one day or one event, making this easy fundraising tip truly easy.

Easy Fundraising Tip Two: Make It Simple

Even if you decide to have a fundraising event that goes over a period of time, make sure that you keep it simple. A simple fundraiser is one that everyone understands and that can easily be implemented. The simplest fundraisers will be something that you already know how to do. For example, the Girl Scouts cookie fundraiser is simple because after years of doing it, everyone understands how it works and how to do it. You could begin a tradition to sell the same things annually and eventually the community will be involved and interested.

Easy Fundraising Tip Three: Make It Useful

Selling cookie mixes or trinkets may not be something that the community will be interested. This easy fundraising tip focuses on knowing your market and selling something that you know they will purchase. Do not try to sell Chanukah items to an area that has no Jewish population for example. Try to find something that the community is interested in and will enjoy having.

If you follow these three easy fundraising tips, you will be on the fast track to fundraising success!