Considering the Future and Ethanol: What is Going to Come?

When we consider the future in general, we must realize that there is a significant correlation between the future and ethanol, and so this is one matter that we must take incredibly seriously into consideration. The reason that there is a relationship between the matters of the future and ethanol is primarily due to the fact that ethanol is considered as being our next readily supply of fuel.

The Future and Ethanol

Ethanol is a chemical which is considered as having a number of different and all just as important factors, and it is also considered as having numerous different benefits. It is considered as being better than even biodiesel, and so basically it is the top choice in regards to an answer as to what we will be using in the future as our main source of fuel.

Although the actual future and ethanol are not completely coordinated side by side yet, it is considered as being almost positively true that ethanol is going to become huge, and that we are all not going to be able to go a day without hearing the word at least once.

As well, in regards to the future and ethanol, it should be known to all that about 10% of the gasoline that is sold in the US is actually a blend of up to 10% ethanol, which is an alcohol that is made by distilling corn, wheat, and sometimes sugar.

One of the problems with ethanol however is the fact that the straw and the stalks that are left after the distillation process get burned by farmers, and if you have ever smelled a sugar cane field that is burning after harvest, then you know that it smells incredibly bad, and you should know that not only does it smell bad, but it is completely unhealthy for you as well.

As well, something that people for the most part seem not to understand or are just ignoring, is the fact that the stalks, once they are squeezed out of all their sugar, are not totally useless as some would say, but rather they can be used for further things.

Basically the most important thing is that everyone learns as much about ethanol as they can before it is too late, so that we can all gain a proper and full understanding on what it is before we are mindlessly using it for various different things.

Ethanol Distillation: The Process That is Involved

The process of ethanol distillation is one which is rather complex and yet one which can be easily explained; ethanol is a chemical that is produced either synthetically from ethylene or from the fermentation of grain or sugar; during the ethanol distillation process, or more specifically, during the synthesis of ethanol, the product stream may be contaminated by acidic impurities, and/or sulfurous impurities.

Additionally, during the ethanol distillation process, in the presence of O2, a small part of the ethanol stream may be oxidized into various carbonyl impurities, of which acetaldehyde is the most probable one; the above impurities may cause such effects as odor, discoloration, inefficient distillation, or poor UV transmission.

More About Ethanol Distillation and Ethanol in General

In regards to learning more about ethanol distillation and ethanol in general, there are many things that should be taken seriously into consideration. For instance, there is the fact that ethanol is also known as ethyl alcohol, and that it is a flammable, colorless, mildly toxic chemical compound with a distinctive perfume-like odor, and it is the alcohol that is found in alcoholic beverages.

Ethanol is something which has actually been used by humans since prehistory as the intoxicating ingredient in alcoholic beverages, and as well, its isolation as a basically and relatively pure compound was in fact first achieved by Persian alchemists who developed the art of distillation during the Abbasid caliphate, the most notable of whom was Al-Razi.

Furthermore, ethanol is an incredibly versatile solvent, as it is soluble in water and with most organic liquids as well, and also, ethanol is used as a solvent in dissolving medicines, food flavorings and colorings that do not otherwise dissolve easily in water.

In regards to its use in fuel and alcoholic beverages, this is produced by fermentation: which is when certain species of yeast metabolize the sugar in the absence of oxygen, and they then produce ethanol and carbon dioxide. Then, the overall chemical reaction that is conducted by the yeast may then be represented by a chemical equation.

Overall it is quite easy to see the multitude of information that sounds ethanol as a whole, and therefore why it is often considered as being a rather complex matter to discuss; however, once you have even a basic grasp on the matter of ethanol overall, then you will be able to come to a better and more knowledgeable understanding overall.