The Advantages of Choosing the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

The Advantages of Choosing the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

If you are planning a Caribbean cruise, you have many options available in terms of itineraries and cruise lines. The Caribbean Princess cruise line is one such choice, as it has been dubbed the original “Love Boat” from the television program of the seventies. One of the largest cruise lines is the Royal Caribbean Cruise line, both in terms of the size of the ships and the voyages available. There are many reasons why Royal Caribbean is a cruise line worth considering, whether you are singly, newly married or a family with children.

A History of Quality

Royal Caribbean cruise line was started in 1968 by three Norwegian shipping companies. With a long history of quality cruising, passengers can rest assured that this cruise line knows how to show its guests a good time. The vision of Royal Caribbean is to equip all of its employees to offer guests the vacation of a lifetime with first class service and dining and the highest caliber of accommodations.

Many Choices in Itineraries

The cruise line travels around the world, with itineraries in the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and many other destinations. Want to see Australia? Take a trip around the coast of Asia? How about the Canadian Rockies? No matter where you want to go and what you want to see when you get there, you can probably do so aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise line. The other big advantage to a cruise line that offers so many different itineraries is that you can find the cruise vacation of your dreams year round with Royal Caribbean cruise line.

Tons of Amenities Onboard

With multiple pools, a miniature golf course, rock climbing wall and ice skating rink, you will never be at a loss for something to do aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise line. And this long list of activities doesn’t even begin to touch on the many types of entertainment and dining that is available as well. These ships have it all; whether you are looking for a quiet corner to relax and unwind from life or on the hunt for the adventure of a lifetime. There is so much to do onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise line; you may never want to get off the ship to explore the ports of call!

The Royal Caribbean cruise line is the perfect choice for passengers of all ages. Singles, couples, families and retired folks will all find plenty to do aboard one of these fabulous ships. Hop aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise line and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

Tips for Choosing a Caribbean Cruise Line

Tips for Choosing a Caribbean Cruise Line

Cruising has become big business today, which is why there are many Caribbean cruise lines to choose from. With such a large selection of companies offering this style of vacation, it can be hard to decide which company is the best one to work with. If you are struggling with making a choice in a Caribbean cruise line, we have some tips to help you make the right selection. While it may seem that all of these lines are equal on the surface, there are some specific differences to watch for that will help you design a cruise vacation best suited to your individual needs and preferences.

Choose by Itinerary

Most Caribbean cruise lines will offer a variety of itineraries into this region, including southern, western and eastern Caribbean voyages. These itineraries will all vary slightly based on the specific islands they will visit. If you have your heart set on seeing a certain area of the Caribbean, you may want to factor this preference into your choice of Caribbean cruise line. You can also look into the types of excursions that the cruise line offers to each individual port. Some will cater more to families and others will be better suited to young couples and singles. This may help you make a choice of a Caribbean cruise line as well.

Choose by Vacation Style

While those with young children may prefer the Royal Caribbean cruise line or another company that caters directly to families, others might prefer a more child-free type of trip. One thing is for sure; these two very different styles of vacation will hardly meet in the middle for a vacation that will please everyone, no matter how hard they may try. Cruises for kids will include excellent facilities and programs for the children onboard, and family-friendly excursions at the ports. Adult only cruises will offer peace and relaxation that you will simply not find on a Caribbean cruise line loaded up with kids. Choose your ship based on which type of vacation they primarily cater to.

Choose by Dining Preference

The original cruise ships usually had scheduled dining times that all guests had to abide by, and that is still true of many Caribbean cruise lines today. However, some cruise companies have gotten hip to the idea that not all passengers enjoy eating according to the ship’s schedule and now offer alternative dining options. If you don’t like the idea of being tied to a precise dining schedule, you may want to seek out a Caribbean cruise line that will provide some of these other options.

The final determining factor in choosing a Caribbean cruise line today is often word of mouth and personal recommendations from family and friends. You can also read reviews of the various cruise lines to find the one that best suits your needs and preference. The right Caribbean cruise line can make all the difference in an unforgettable Caribbean vacation.

Tips for Preparing for a Caribbean Cruise

Tips for Preparing for a Caribbean Cruise

If you are in the midst of planning for a Caribbean cruise vacation, the excitement is probably already mounting as the trip draws near. However, that excitement and anticipation can quickly turn to anxiety and uncertainty as you begin the planning and packing part of your voyage. There is no doubt that the many details and the seemingly huge amount of supplies that must be brought along can begin to feel overwhelming. However, with a few Caribbean cruise tips under your belt, you will be ready to greet the sun and sand in style.

Planning your Itinerary

The first step in planning your Caribbean cruise is choosing the Caribbean cruise line and itinerary that you want to take. Once you have this information, you can begin planning what you will need to pack and other planning steps that will need to be completed. For example, most islands that your ship docks in will have special excursions planned for the guests of the Caribbean cruise line. These excursions need to be booked in advance and are a separate expense from your cruise package. By booking those mini-trips early in the planning process, you will have a better idea how you will be spending your days so you can plan and budget accordingly.

Choosing your Attire

The other part of planning a Caribbean cruise that can be a bit more complicated is choosing what clothing to pack. Between resort wear for the ship, beach wear for excursions and evening wear for the ship’s dining room, it can be more planning and packing than the average Caribbean cruise traveler bargained for. However, savvy packing will make all the difference in easier travel days and sufficient room in your compact stateroom to hold all of your personal supplies comfortably.

The best packing tip is to choose a single color scheme for your travel wardrobe and then mix and match a few pieces throughout your Caribbean cruise vacations. Men can rent tuxedos on the ship for formal nights to save on packing space, and women can bring a single basic black dress that can be dressed up with different accessories for a whole new look. By bringing just a few pairs of shorts and tops that can be worn with most of them, you will be able to greatly cut down on your packing space for your Caribbean cruise.

Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses and a camera to capture all of the special moments on your Caribbean cruise. By planning ahead and practicing good packing strategies, your Caribbean cruise vacation will be worry-free and completely wonderful!

The Absolute Best Western Caribbean Cruise Costa Maya

The Absolute Best Western Caribbean Cruise Costa Maya

If you are looking to do something different on you Caribbean cruise, I highly recommend looking into Costa Maya. Costa Maya has quickly become very popular and is now when of the best western Caribbean cruises you can take. If you are looking to go to Mexico, but do not know what to look for then this best western Caribbean cruise is perfect for you.

What Makes Costa Maya The Best Western Caribbean Cruise Destination

Not rich in history but rich in history may sound strange, but it is this that makes Costa Maya stand out as the best western Caribbean cruise. The best way to describe it as an amusement park for adults on a private island. This area was created from scratch specifically for cruisers and tourists, so naturally it has everything you would want to make it a best western Caribbean cruise. Nestled right near the border of Belize, this man made village has bars, restaurants, shops and pools all around. There are performance stages and all manner of entertainment for travelers including its own crocodile pit.

One of the big fears traveling throughout Mexico is the drinking water. The founders of Costa Maya worked with Coca-cola to create an internal water sanitation system so that all of the water in the park is safe to drink. While this is all interesting and makes Costa Maya great, it does not put it on the level of best western Caribbean cruise destination. For that you will have to venture a little bit outside the friendly man made village.

Here you will find Chacchoben, a Mayan city dating back to 350 A.D. Here you can explore and experience the ancient history of the Mayan peoples and still be able to venture back to the comforts of civilization when you are done. This crazy juxtaposition of worlds is what makes Costa Maya truly unique and the best western Caribbean cruise destination.

You can also visit Majahual, a costal sea village home to fisherman and some of the freshest and most ceviche you will ever find. White sand beaches, shallow surf, and many locals make this a hot spot for relaxation.

If you get a chance, swing by this new and unique tourist destination and see everything it has to offer. With some of the most modern amenities in the Mexican Caribbean, you can truly enjoy everything that this paradise has to offer.

Choosing The Best Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

Choosing The Best Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

There are so many spots to go on your Caribbean cruise that choosing the best southern Caribbean cruise destination is almost impossible. I say almost because in my mind there clearly is a best southern Caribbean cruise spot. I have been on many a Caribbean cruise so I feel that I can with confidence say the best southern Caribbean cruise destination is Oranjestad in Aruba.

Why Oranjestad is the Best Southern Caribbean Cruise Destination

The best southern Caribbean cruise destination differs from the best western Caribbean cruise destination in that it is highly influenced by the Dutch settlers while the western spots have a distinct Spanish feel.

Located on the gorgeous southern coast, Oranjestad is the traditional Dutch capital of Aruba. Historic, tall multicolored houses and windmills dot the landscape combining carved wooded structures with open air Dutch tiled open air patios. This charm is in contrast to the natural Caribbean beauty of the island but appears to have been blended together perfectly to give Aruba its unique atmosphere. Throughout the island you can find snorkeling, scuba diving, exotic beaches, unique restaurants and shops and a teeming nightlife.

If you plan to go to Aruba I can recommend a couple of activities. The first must see is the open air market in Oranjestad. Fruits and other tropical products are out and display for you to purchase and sample. Stroll through this genuine market and see all that the Caribbean has to offer. Unique wines, liquors and other exotic goods are all there for you to browse.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful spots in the entire world is De Palm Island. This is a private island paradise that offers visitors a barbecue lunch and snorkeling in some of the most pristine waters in the world. This water is packed full of coral and exotic marine life for you to explore.

One of the biggest draws to Aruba is the shopping. The island features duty free stores that let you purchase merchandise at 25-50 percent off of what you pay in the States or Europe, so pick up some souvenirs and save a bundle.

As you can see there are many features to Aruba that make it a popular destination for all types of people. There is literally something for everyone on this island paradise, but you really have to go there to see it for yourself. I recommend booking a cruise with a stop here so you can see all that it has to offer.

The Best Eastern Caribbean Cruise Destination

The Best Eastern Caribbean Cruise Destination

If you are looking to plan you cruise and want to stop at the best eastern Caribbean cruise spot there are many different locations to choose from. For me there are many different ones and choosing the best eastern Caribbean cruise location will come down to personal preference. While I can not tell you what the best eastern Caribbean cruise destination is, I can give you some advice on what to look for when finding your personal best eastern Caribbean cruise spot. Many of these same things will hold true for finding the best southern Caribbean cruise spot as well, so take note when planning your trip.

Must Haves For The Best Eastern Caribbean Cruise Spot

The first thing you need to have is beaches. Beaches are what truly make the Caribbean great, and miles of white pristine sand are the most iconic representation of this paradise. I would look for an island with extensive public beaches that are within walking distance of lodging. These should be easy enough to find and almost all of the destinations have access to this.

Part and parcel with the beaches is snorkeling and scuba diving. The coral reefs in the Caribbean are some of the fines in the entire world and if you enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving then finding a location that has unique and fun dives is a must. Several of the islands give you the opportunity to dive on a real shipwreck, and if you can I highly suggest taking the chance to take advantage of this.

Next up is shopping. One of the best aspects sometimes overlooked on the Caribbean islands is the shopping. Many of the islands offer duty free shops where you can get 25-50% the price you would normally see in the US or Europe. Specialties of these shops include jewelry and gems, so if you are looked for a prized memento I suggest finding an island that has many shops where prices are competitive.

Last up is dining. There are some islands that have unique restaurants and even more unique cuisine. I would take some time to do research on the islands and their local cuisine and if you find some you like, be sure to plan a stop.

As you can see there are many things that go into planning the best eastern Caribbean cruise spot. My personal suggestion is your first to the Caribbean to schedule as many different stops as you can. This way you can see as many different things as you can and find what you truly enjoy to better plan your next trip to this paradise.

What is the Top Caribbean Cruise?

What is the Top Caribbean Cruise?

I have been on every Caribbean Cruise out there and for me there is one destination that stands out as the number one spot on any of the best eastern Caribbean cruises. What makes it the top Caribbean cruise spot? Is it the endless miles of gorgeous beaches? Is it the amazing shopping and cute little stores? Is it the unique snorkeling spots? The answer is yes to all of them. To truly be consider the top Caribbean cruise spot you really need to have all of those things.

The Number One Top Caribbean Cruise Spot Saint Maarten

Some people love Saint Thomas and Saint Croix, but for me the one spot I always have to go when I am in the Caribbean is Saint Maarten. There is so much to do here that there is no way that you can not consider it to be the top Caribbean cruise spot out of all the options. Whether it is snorkeling, shopping or just laying on the beach Saint Maarten has it all.

Orient bay has almost one and a half miles of beaches so that you have more then enough real estate to pick you spot. After a fun day relaxing on the beach you can go into town and try one of the many French Cafes that are all over the island. Offering first class cuisine in a unique and absolutely original environment, this area has been called the French Riviera of the Caribbean.

If you are looking to go shopping you can take advantage of the great prices at the islands duty free shops. Many of these stores will have prices at 25-50 percent less then what you would see in the United States in Europe. Merchant compete daily for your business and prices on jewelry and gems is very aggressive, so if you are looking for mementos this is the time to get them.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can go to Shipwreck cove and explore endless coral reefs and tropical fish. In addition there are actual shipwrecks that you can scuba to if you are a true adventurer. You can also take a Kayak tour of the many lagoons, estuaries and rivers that empty into the ocean. These trips offer a unique look at the many exotic birds and wildlife of the island.

As you can see Saint Maarten has a little bit of everything for everyone. This makes it to me the top Caribbean cruise destination in the islands. It is up to you, but whatever you want to do you can bet that you will find it here in Saint Maarten.

Royal Caribbean The Best Caribbean Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean The Best Caribbean Cruise Line

There are many reasons that Royal Caribbean is the best Caribbean cruise line in the world. From their history to their current execution of the products they offer Royal Caribbean has everything you would expect from the best Caribbean cruise line in the world. The have cruises running all over the world and each brings something new and different to what the company has to offer.

What Make Royal Caribbean the Best Caribbean Cruise Line

In 1968 three Norwegian shipping companies came together and formed what was to become the best Caribbean cruise line in the world today. The then commissioned the Song of Norway the first ship in the fledgling companys fleet. It was completed and entered service in 1970. The second ship, the Nordic Prince, entered service in 1971 strengthening the already blossoming company. With this ship Royal Caribbean pioneers the concept of air/sea cruises by including air fare to Miami where the cruises began. In 1972, another ship the Sun Viking enters service. This establishes Royal Caribbean as a power house in cruise world with three world class ships offering seven and fourteen day cruises throughout the Caribbean.

The company was growing so rapidly that Royal decided to stretch the Sun Viking by placing an 85 foot section in the middle. This increased the capacity of the ship from 700 to 1000 people and was the first time this was ever attempted on a ship this large. In 1980 the same thing was done to the Nordic Prince. In 1982 the Song of America enters service. It is twice the size of the Sun Viking and can hold up to 2000 passengers.

In 1986 Royal Caribbean firmly establishes itself as the best Caribbean cruise line in the Caribbean by founding and building its own tourist destination Labadee. Royal continued to grow and expand, opening cruises that went all around the world. They still however continue to be very dedicated to where the cruise line was started in the Caribbean Islands, making it the top Caribbean cruise in the world.

From humble beginnings Royal now boasts some of the top chefs in the entire world. Complimenting this is some of the most opulent and plus accommodations you could ever wish to have. On top of this the list of exclusive stops you can choose from with Royal is unmatched throughout the world. You can search but you will not find a cruise line company that offers as many different cruises with as many amazing amenities that you can not find anywhere in the world.

Some of the Best Caribbean Cruises

Some of the Best Caribbean Cruises

There are many options available to you when you are looking for the best Caribbean cruise. I think that perhaps the best way for you to start deciding what is the best Caribbean cruise for you and your companions is probably for me to just tell you about my favorite one. I have tried several, but to me the best Caribbean cruise I ever went on was the Heart of the Caribbean from Royal Caribbean this seven night eight date cruise was jam packed with adventure and fun. Royal Caribbean is one of if not the best Caribbean cruise lines in the world.

The Heart of the Caribbean Best Caribbean Cruise Anywhere

This best Caribbean cruise starts in San Juan, Puerto Rico and does an eight trip around the Caribbean. From Saint Lucia breathtaking peaks to seeing Saint Thomas in a min-sub, this cruise has it all. Each and everyday has something new for everyone on board, unless it is you second time taking it.

Your first stop on the cruise is in Oranjestad, Aruba. Located on the southern coast of Aruba, this historic Dutch capital features traditional, multicolored houses give a completely unique feel to this majestic island. The Dutch and indigenous peoples have mixed to give Aruba a feel all to its own. In addition to the traditional side are many beaches, snorkeling and robust nightlife.

Next stop on the best Caribbean cruise is Willemstad, Curacao. Curacao is the larges of six islands in the Dutch Antilles. It seceded and gained its freedom in 1954 but like Aruba before it there is still a very strong Dutch influence on this island. On this island you will have the unique opportunity to explore the Hato Caves. There you can fine a mystical underground lake. Once you cross it you can enter two large cavers that have ancient Indian pictographs. This is one of the most memorable spots on this best Caribbean and a must see for any true explorers.

The next stop is Philipsburg, Saint Maarten. The Spanish originally inhabited this paradise, but they decide to leave in 1648. After they left Dutch and French soldiers hid on the island and shared its bounty amongst themselves. The French and Dutch decided to split the island in two, and this is how it remains today. Amazing beaches, landscapes and shopping are the hallmarks of this tropical get away.

As you can see it is all the unique stops you get to go to that makes this cruise one of the best in the world.

What Do You Get With Cruise Deals To The Caribbean?

What Do You Get With Cruise Deals To The Caribbean?

If youve recently taken advantage of a cruise deal to the Caribbean, its likely that you told everyone you know that you just took the best Caribbean cruise. What made it the best cruise, however? Was it the atmosphere? Was it all the amenities? All the great food? All the great people? Or was it a combination of all the above? Its likely that your cruise deal to the Caribbean provided you with the ultimate in relaxation, fun and that tropical vacation experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

What Dont You Get?

Instead of asking what you get on a cruise deal to the Caribbean, you should ask what dont you get. When you book your cruise deal to the Caribbean, you get a cabin with a large comfortable bed, a steward who will come and clean your room everyday, youll get a TV and often refreshments. And thats just in your cabin. The entire cruise ship offers food, fun, entertainment, pools, sunbathing and so much more than youll never get bored. The best part is that you dont have to drive anywhere, cook anything, clean anything, or do any work whatsoever. All of your wants and needs are taken care of by the cruise lines friendly and attentive staff. That makes any cruise deals to the Caribbean well worth the money.

Get Off The Ship

Cruise deals to the Caribbean dont just involve the entertainment on the ship. There are also the ports of call youll be visiting. You can get off the ship at these ports of call and mingle with the natives, you can shop, or you can take part in excursions such as horseback riding, snorkeling and scuba diving just to name a few. These excursions and shopping cost extra so youll want to find the best cruise deals to the Caribbean so that you can save up for all of the extra things you want to do.

Cruise deals to the Caribbean are perfect for the entire family. Young or old, there is so much to do on and off a cruise ship that nobody will ever get bored. Between the delicious food, the entertaining and friendly staff, the other passengers youll meet as well as all the entertainment, shopping and tourist photo opportunities, there will be fun for everyone involved so that everyone can easily say they just took the best trip if their lives.