The world of gourmet coffee

Congratulations. You ve decided to enter the world of gourmet coffee. It s a world where the coffee is the tastiest and freshest possible, where the beans have traveled from the coffee fields to the roaster to your mug as quickly as humanly possible. It s a world where you can shop from coffee dealers from all over the world. You ll find beans from Africa with their red wine flavors, for instance, or Central America with their smooth acidity and easy drinking taste. What s more, whatever gourmet coffee you choose, you can be sure that our master roasters will accentuate the exquisite flavors and aromas of each and every blend.

That means your gourmet coffee will arrive at your door with the insurance that all varieties will have consistent quality bean after bean. You see, coffee roasting is as an art. Our roasters know that each coffee bean is an individual, possessing a different size, shape, color, and density. Each demands unique roasting heat and timing to draw out its full flavor.

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The Folgers coffee pods for customized coffee

The Folgers coffee pods system also allows you the chance to customize the size of your cup of joe, as well as the strength of your brew. Pick from a cup size, for instance, of seven ounces, nine ounces, or 14 ounces. Choose a light breakfast blend, an afternoon pick me up strength, or the toe clenching, rocket fuel variety of brew.

What s more, the Folgers coffee pods system makes it easy to brew a precisely measured portion of coffee. It gives you a freshness every time you make java, which would only be attainable normally if you opened a can of coffee each time you brewed. The coffee pods are easy to clean up after, leaving no messy coffee grounds, soggy filters, or dirty baskets. Plus, a single cup of coffee means you won t have the face the problem of wasting an entire pot of coffee.

You can buy Folgers coffee pods in a variety of flavors, such as mild, medium, and dark, along with regular and decaffeinated varieties. Folgers also has its most popular roast blends, like Classic Roast, Classic Decaf, 100% Columbian, and French Vanilla. In the future, you may also be able to purchase pods that make cappuccinos, lattes, and many other hot beverages. Forget about the future for now, though. Jump on this delicious opportunity now, in the present.

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