The world of gourmet coffee

Congratulations. You ve decided to enter the world of gourmet coffee. It s a world where the coffee is the tastiest and freshest possible, where the beans have traveled from the coffee fields to the roaster to your mug as quickly as humanly possible. It s a world where you can shop from coffee dealers from all over the world. You ll find beans from Africa with their red wine flavors, for instance, or Central America with their smooth acidity and easy drinking taste. What s more, whatever gourmet coffee you choose, you can be sure that our master roasters will accentuate the exquisite flavors and aromas of each and every blend.

That means your gourmet coffee will arrive at your door with the insurance that all varieties will have consistent quality bean after bean. You see, coffee roasting is as an art. Our roasters know that each coffee bean is an individual, possessing a different size, shape, color, and density. Each demands unique roasting heat and timing to draw out its full flavor.

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The Folgers coffee pods for customized coffee

The Folgers coffee pods system also allows you the chance to customize the size of your cup of joe, as well as the strength of your brew. Pick from a cup size, for instance, of seven ounces, nine ounces, or 14 ounces. Choose a light breakfast blend, an afternoon pick me up strength, or the toe clenching, rocket fuel variety of brew.

What s more, the Folgers coffee pods system makes it easy to brew a precisely measured portion of coffee. It gives you a freshness every time you make java, which would only be attainable normally if you opened a can of coffee each time you brewed. The coffee pods are easy to clean up after, leaving no messy coffee grounds, soggy filters, or dirty baskets. Plus, a single cup of coffee means you won t have the face the problem of wasting an entire pot of coffee.

You can buy Folgers coffee pods in a variety of flavors, such as mild, medium, and dark, along with regular and decaffeinated varieties. Folgers also has its most popular roast blends, like Classic Roast, Classic Decaf, 100% Columbian, and French Vanilla. In the future, you may also be able to purchase pods that make cappuccinos, lattes, and many other hot beverages. Forget about the future for now, though. Jump on this delicious opportunity now, in the present.

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Coffee pods – The new way at home

Pods are fast becoming the hot new method for home coffee brewing, and Folgers coffee pods are leading the way. Folgers coffee pods bring the taste of classic coffeehouse coffee and a very easy way to brew java to the comfort of your own home.

It is an amazing technology that allows you to take the self-contained, individual Folgers coffee pods and turn them into a delicious pot of coffee that you ll be proud to share with your houseguests. This technology is an exclusive system that forces hot water through the ground beans at an extremely high pressure. It s no coincidence that this technique is the one that most leading coffeehouses use the most. It s also no coincidence that this system makes consistently a top-notch, single serving of coffee in under a minute.

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Sugar-free line ups of coffee syrup

Lately, with diabetes such a big worldwide concern, as well as the emergence of low-carb diets, the top flavored coffee syrup manufacturers have put out sugar-free line-ups. These don t lose out on flavor. Many of your favorite coffee flavors will be a part of this new sugar-free line, including vanilla, hazelnut, almond, caramel, Irish cream, chocolate, raspberry, and amaretto. With these natural flavors, though, you won t miss the sugar.

Instead, most manufacturers are adding a blend of sugar free and calorie free sweeteners like Splenda, which is a natural sugar free sweetener. Now you have no choice but to enjoy your delicious triple mocha nut cappuccino with all of those delicious syrups added for rich and fulfilling flavor.

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Dozens of flavors

The top flavored coffee syrups offer dozens of flavors to choose from. This isn t a trend in the coffee world started just a couple years ago in the States. Nope, professional coffee makers around the world have relied on all of these flavors for years to please their clientele. The best brands offer rich and natural flavors. The syrups should get this profound taste from pure and natural ingredients.

The manufacturer takes the base ingredients, the natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar, and makes them into a highly concentrated syrup. You ll notice that this list of ingredients does not include any fat or cholesterol. All top syrups should be free of these bad compounds. Check the label of the syrup at your favorite coffee house to be certain.

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Coffee revival in USA

The coffee revival across the United States has led to an explosion in the types, tastes, and sizes of coffee beverages. They come now in variety of delicious flavors, with a variety of crazy exotic-sounding names, like frappaccino and mocha latte. One of the reasons that so many different drinks are available is the flavored coffee syrups that coffee houses use.

Don t get worried. You just had a raspberry nutmeg latte yesterday, right, and you re worried whether you or not just blew your diet? Well, it won t be the flavored coffee syrups in your beverage that will ruin your good eating habits. These concoctions don t have bad ingredients to ruin your health. They just bring great taste to the mix.

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Blending different levels of roasts

Great espresso is actually a blend of many different levels of roasts. In Italy, the traditional espresso makers, or baristas, use three coffees in their blend. Usually in these traditional Italian espresso blends, one coffee is the potent Robusta bean, which has more of a caffeine punch than America s favorite, Arabica coffee.

Whatever blend you are using, you know you ll get good expresso coffee reviews as a top-notch barista if you can make your shot of espresso with the creamy, cinnamon colored foam on top, called crema. Complete your Italian transformation by following the proper drinking customs, too. First, cup your hand over your nose and breath in the espresso fumes for a minute or two. Then swallow down the contents of your traditional shot-sized demitasse cup in one gulp.

Thanks to positive expresso coffee reviews, word of mouth, and the overall coffee craze, it is easier and easier to experience this secret taste of espresso. It has also opened the door to all sorts of espresso-based drinks such as the latte and the cappuccino.

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Getting you hands on expresso reviews

You can t get your hands on anything more valuable than expresso coffee reviews if you re a fan of the heady beverage. Expresso coffee reviews could help you find the perfect blend of grounds to use in your espresso machine to produce that perfect shot of liquid Italy.

However, just as important as expresso coffee reviews is a thorough knowledge of what it takes to make a demitasse of legal speed. No matter what type or blend of expresso beans that you use, for example, always make sure that your beans are finely ground and tightly packed. Then, when water and steam are forced through it, the coffee will release the proper amount of delicate oils, which are normally lost in your standard automatic drip coffee machine.

The exact taste that you get out of these oils depends on what blend of coffee beans you use. You can use really almost any kind of coffee to make espresso. But the pros keep track of expresso coffee reviews and select a blend of coffees beans. These beans don t have to be all a dark roast.

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Tips to use your Espresso

Keep tabs on your high-test java when using espresso machines by following these tips, too. First, remember that espresso should only take 15 to 20 seconds to brew in machines that have good pumps. You should see a darkish-brown foam, called crema, on top while the espresso is dripping into the cup. Then, when all of the tasty essence of the espresso is extracted, the liquid dripping out of the filter will be a whitish-brown. That s when you need to put a stop to your brewing process, or else you risk a funky tasting espresso.

You can tell you followed these steps correctly by measuring your finished product. A properly created espresso will be one to one and a half fluid ounces: approximately the size of a liquor shot glass, or for you kitchen experts, about a half of a small demitasse cup. Any more, and you might have forced more water through the grounds than appropriate. In this case, espresso machines will impart a bitter taste. Hopefully, however, this advice has helped you create the perfect pour of espresso.

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Selecting the right machine for your coffee

To make the ultimate pot of coffee, it is crucial to know what kind of machine to use. Your have your typical drip machines and the old-fashioned presses and hand brew machines. Not to mention, manufacturers now offer innovative pod coffee machines, which shoot steaming water through coffee packets. All the experts agree, though, espresso machines are for you if you want to make the richest cup. Your next question, however, is what are the techniques that experts recommend for using espresso machines.

As with regular coffee machines, your best bet with espresso machines is to grind your coffee to the proper consistency. In fact, proper grinding is tantamount when it comes to espresso. Mixing too coarse a grind of espresso grounds will leave your finished product watery and weak. Mixing too fine a grind, on the other hand, will leave your espresso too extracted and bitter.

To get the happy medium, java junkies all agree. Use a special espresso grinder or burr grinder with espresso machines. This will guarantee the best flavor in your espresso. A special espresso or burr grinder will work because it releases the espresso bean essential oils and tastes.

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