How To Track An Android Phone – 2 Apps You Need To Know About

Smartphones are truly fantastic and revolutionary devices. One downside they do have is that they’re small and expensive. That means they’re easy to lose and not something you want to have to replace very often.

Fortunately, there are several Android phone tracker apps designed to help you get your spiffy Droid back in your hands.

Here are the two I recommend. The first is the one you install if you still have your phone in your possession and are simply planning ahead just in case you lose your phone and the second is the app you’ll need to get if the phone has already been lost as it can be installed and activated remotely.

1) Where’s My Droid

While the basic version of this app is free, it does have a pro version that allows you to remotely lock and wipe your phone as well as allow you to track your phone with a landline phone for $4. It’s not a bad deal by any means but the basics do plenty if you want to do this on the cheap.

Where’s My Droid will do two very important tasks for you. The first is the one I use
it for most of the time. You can send a text message to your phone (keep in mind you can send text messages for free through Gmail so you don’t even need a phone to do this) that will turn up the volume on your phone even if the phone is on vibrate or silent.

That means if your phone is floating around your house or apartment but you’re just not sure where, you just send a text message to your phone and your ringer will be going off at full volume for the next couple minutes so you can go find it. Trust me, this really comes in handy for when your phone has fallen between the couch cushions or some similar place.

The second task is one you probably won’t need to use very often at all but when you do, you’ll be glad it’s on your phone. You can send a text message (again, this is a specially coded message that you pick – kind of like a password) to your phone and your phone will reply back with its location on Google Maps. You can click on the map and zoom into see right where your phone is and it’s accurate to roughly 20 feet so you can get a really good idea of where the phone really is.

2) Plan B

This app is developed by the same people who developed the security suite for Android – Lookout Mobile. Like I mentioned above, this app is meant to be installed after the phone is already missing and there’s no need to install this one ahead of time as it’s singular purpose in life is to be remotely installed, activated, and send you the location of the phone (for security purposes they send location info to your Gmail account).

Once installed, you can use a friend’s phone to send a text with the word “locate” and it will reply with it’s location.

Yes, there are other specialized apps out there for real time tracking or even apps for keeping track of your kids but I’ll let you explore those other apps on your own if you need them. For most people, the two apps I listed above will be more than enough to help you track down your phone if you ever lose it.
In fact, I’m hoping that someday I can get an app like this for my wallet, keys, and shoes – those all seem to go missing on a regular basis as well.