Getting an Unbiased Opinion: Car Insurance Price Guide

There are many different resources that allow individuals to get a car insurance price guide for different insurance companies that are on the market. There are also resources that show which cars are more expensive to insure than others in general so that individuals can make a wise choice overall when purchasing a new car and all the expenses that go with it.

Some websites allow individuals to do a car insurance price search in which they will input their general information into the site, including where they live and the make and year of their automobile, and then will pull up a list of the different car insurance companies with the quote that goes with each of them according to the information that was given. Individuals can then usually change information about the type of plan to get another picture of the car insurance price guide for various companies according to that different plan.

Information Sources

There are several ways other than a website to get a car insurance price guide. One way is to contact an insurance agent. There are two different types of agents on the market. One works for one particular insurance company and therefore is more biased in their opinion of the company, wanting to sell that companies insurance policy. However, these agents will also be knowledgeable about the competitors on the market and will be able to give individuals a car insurance price guide that shows how their company is better than the others on the market. Another type of agent will sell insurance policies independently, meaning that they will sell policies from different insurance companies, not being tied to just one of them. This type of agent will be able to give a better rounded picture of the car insurance market and which policy would be more likely to meet the needs of the individual who is searching.

Another place to look for a car insurance price guide is through car insurance comparison websites which will list the amount of customer satisfaction with the different car insurance companies, including price as one of the evaluating factors. One such site is through the state government’s website for every state, through the department of insurance. This site will most often have the amount of customer complaints that have been launched against different car insurance companies, including the area of the complaint, so that individuals can be informed about them and make a wise decision in choosing a company.

Getting Low Price Car Insurance May Not Be In Your

Car insurance is one of the biggest expenses of owning a vehicle. It is often confusing to understand the options when shopping for car insurance and the low price is often appealing. But it is really the wisest course of action? Maybe but maybe not. Let’s take a look at a guide to car insurance prices.

Not Having Insurance Or Just The Bare Minimum

Of course, cheapest is to not carry auto insurance at all, but that’s not really even an option in today’s world unless you are extremely wealthy and enjoy taking risks. Most states insist on car owners having at least the minimum, liability insurance. This is to protect the person you hit your liability insurance will cover the car of the person you hit, but your car will be left just as damaged as when you left the accident. If your car is a junker, a cheap car that is not expensive to replace or repair, then fine. You don’t want to be paying even low price car insurance for a vehicle that isn’t worth the insurance costs every month. But if your car is worth more, just liability insurance isn’t adequate.

If Max rear-ends a Volvo, and only has liability insurance, the Volvo can be repaired through Max’s liability insurance. Max’s VW bug won’t be covered at all.

Having Collision Insurance Added

If you add collision insurance, it won’t be the lowest price car insurance, but you’ll be more covered. Collision covers your car for whatever you hit, or the accident you cause.

If Julie takes her car to Tuscon and has collision insurance on it, as well as liability, and gets into an accident by turning left right in the path of another car, both her Buick and the other person’s Toyota can be repaired.

Fully Insured

To be fully insured, though it won’t be low price car insurance, you will want to add comprehensive insurance.

Millie is driving in the woods and, out of nowhere, a deer runs across the road. Millie hits the deer she couldn’t safely avoid it and now has a very damaged front quarter panel. With comprehensive insurance, she’s ok. It will cover her deer damage. Without it, she’s on her own.

And The Amount Of Coverage

What type of coverage is a huge portion of the cost of auto insurance. But another aspect is what level of coverage you choose. For example, if your coverage is 25/50/15, it is very different from 100/300/100. When you are comparing low price car insurance, but sure you are comparing the actual coverage and not just the price. You will want the most insurance your budget will allow.

How To Get An Accurate Car Insurance Price Quote

Looking for auto insurance? It’s not a task any of us enjoy. It takes too much time wasting time in an agent’s office while he does who knows what (but we’re convinced he’s taking his sweet time since he’s there all day anyhow), we don’t understand it liability? Comprehensive? Collision? (Does anyone other than the agent get this stuff?), and it ends up costing us more than we anticipated, usually.

There’s not much we can do about the pains of getting a car insurance price quote, especially low price. We can do our shopping online, where most car insurance sites offer free price quotes. But then we may not know what we’re getting as well as in an agent’s office, where he or she would explain what we’re buying. And as for what it costs, can we do anything about that? What goes into figuring the rates, anyhow? We all know that a driver’s driving record has a part a huge part but what else affects your price quote for car insurance? Let’s take a look.

Gender Has A Big Role

Whether you’re male or female as a big part in determining a car insurance price quote. Statistics show that men tend to take more risky behavior, especially if they’re younger than 25 years of age. Sorry, guys, but the statistics influence rates as much as anything, and there’s not a lot you can do about that except get older.

Marital Status Helps

If you’re under 25 years old, your rate will usually be lower, whether you’re male or female. Statistics show that those who are married tend to drive more carefully than those who are single. Thus, getting married does have benefits when it comes to getting a car insurance price quote!

Pulling Your Credit

For most companies, your credit will influence your car insurance price quote. Studies show that there is a correlation between your financial responsibility and your driving responsibly. The better your credit, the more likely you are to be more careful in your driving habits. This is an area where you can do what you can to improve your credit, and it can help your rate in the long run. Another option is to find a car insurance company that doesn’t pull credit to use in determining rates. There aren’t a lot of them out there, but there still are some. If the company seeing your credit could pose a problem for you, look around for one where your credit won’t be a factor.

New Driver? Or Experienced?

Car insurance companies, in an effort to minimize their exposure to risk, will give a better rate to someone who is a more experienced driver. New drivers are much more likely to take risks and drive more erratically. So, as time goes on and you have more years of successful driving behind you, your rate will improve.

A Look At Issues That Make Up Your Price For

When you’re buying car insurance, you might be astonished at the price. Sometimes car insurance can be expensive! Especially if you are not a perfect driver, or fit in other categories (explained below) that puts you into a high risk group. What are these risk factors, and what can you do about them?

Male Versus Female

In the contest between male and female, there are many things males will win. Generally, in feats of strength, like lifting weights or arm wrestling, there is no contest men tend to be stronger. But part of the things that make them male, like the testosterone that courses through their bodies, are also the things that make them a higher risk to insure. Males tend to drive faster and more offensively, and thus are more likely to get into accidents. Insurance companies don’t like accidents, so they charge more for male customers. Sorry, guys!

There’s not really anything you can do about it if you’re male, you’ll usually have higher priced car insurance. At least until you’re a bit older.

Age And Experience

If you’re a young driver, your car insurance price quote will be higher. This is because of two factors: First, being young, and second, being less experienced. Both of these factors, taken by themselves, would be enough to make your rates go up. Taken together, as it usually goes, a higher price for car insurance is inevitable. Once you’re a bit older, typically 25, the rate will go down.

Are You Married?

If you’re a male (or female) and you’re under 25 years of age, but you’re married, lucky you! Your price for car insurance will be less, because studies show that marriage has a way of helping young adults drive more responsibly.

How’s Your Credit?

Some insurance companies check credit before they give you a price for car insurance. While you may not like it if you’ve got bad credit, there is something you can do. Shop for an insurance company that does not pull credit. They are still out there, but a bit harder to find.

Checking Your Driving Record

And, of course, taking a look at your driving record is something all car insurance companies do. They want to know what kind of history you have while driving, so that they know what sort of risk they are taking on when they price your car insurance. The best thing you can do for this aspect of the pricing is to drive more safely! Don’t get in accidents, and don’t cause them. Don’t get citations from the police most will affect your driving record negatively. Be more careful as a driver, and your record will improve.

Price and Quality: Car Insurance Company Comparison

There are many different aspects to consider when doing a car insurance company comparison, such as the car insurance price, the quality of customer care, and the coverage of the different policies. There are certain websites and companies that do car insurance company comparisons on a regular basis which are a great resource for individuals who are either searching for car insurance for the first time, and for those who are thinking about switching over to a new car insurance company.


One place to start researching when doing a car insurance company comparison is to go to the state’s department of insurance where there will usually be a listing of the different car insurance companies along with the customer complaints ratio that have been launched against that company. It is also useful to check the same companies on other state’s websites as well since a company might be doing fine in one state because they do not have as many customers there, but are horrible in another state and individuals need to be aware of any problems.

Another place to research a car insurance company comparison is to go to J.D. Power’s Consumer Center. This company does research on the different car insurance companies and collects data from their customers on all aspects of how the company does business. In this way they can give the companies marks on how well they do in customer service, handling claims, and the pricing for the different plans according to the research from their customers.

There are also financial ratings on the different car insurance companies, comparing their strength in the market today. This helps to give the individual comfort knowing that the company indeed has enough money to pay out on a claim, rather than resisting it because the company itself is in financial trouble. These ratings can be found at A.M. Best or Standard & Poor’s.

Another place to find out information from a knowledgeable source is to work with an insurance agent, usually one that is an independent agent who will sell policies for many different companies rather than just one. That way the agent is more apt to give unbiased information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the different companies so that the individual can get a better car insurance company comparison. One other place to gather information from an unbiased source is from a body shop, since they have to deal with car insurance companies and their customers on regular basis and are familiar with the complaints that come with each company.

How to Choose a Top Car Insurance Company

Sometimes an individual will become dissatisfied with their old car insurance company and will start the process of looking for a top car insurance company to replace the old one. When this is the case, individuals will not only want to know how to choose a top car insurance company, but also how to smoothly do the transfer from the old company to the new one so that they do not have to pay two car insurance companies at once.

Normally the transfer will be done at the end of the term for the old policy, so that the new policy is written to activate a day or two before the old one expires, with the old company notified that they will not be renewing for the next term. This means that individuals will normally have about three months from making the payment on their old policy to research and find a new one to get in place at the end of that time. Some individuals may pay monthly, every six months or yearly, so they would have to do the same thing or see if their insurance company will pro-rate the money on the old policy.

Where to Look

When looking for a top car insurance policy, individuals will often check car insurance company comparisons. These can be found in different magazines as well as online at different websites which allow users to input their basic information and will give them a list of different car insurance companies with the quotes to go with them. This allows individuals to compare pricing and also car insurance plans in order to choose the one that is right for them and their family.

Another place to look for a top car insurance company is to check the state’s department of car insurance since they will often have car insurance companies and the ratio of customer complaints that have been listed with them for each company. In addition, body shops are another great place to get a feel for the quality of customer care given by a car insurance company since body shops have to deal with car insurance companies on a regular basis. They will usually be able to tell customers which companies seem the easiest to deal with and have the least amount of complaints from the customers.

J.D. Power and Associates is another resource that individuals should check when searching for a top car insurance company to switch over to since they collect information from car insurance policy holders across the country so that they can list out the findings from that research. They tell what the overall customer satisfaction is with all different areas of the car insurance coverage experience, from pricing to claims.

Being Careful When Choosing a Direct Car Insurance Company

Choosing the top car insurance company is vital to individuals abilities to drive without a worry, knowing they are covered in the event of an accident, whether their responsibility or the other person’s. There are car insurance brokers on the market today that will help individuals to choose a car insurance policy. Some of these brokers are independent and will sell car insurance policies for multiple car insurance companies, not being tied to one. Direct car insurance company brokers will sell car insurance for one company only, so they are often not as unbiased as other brokers, but they may be able to match or give a better deal than other companies since they do work directly for a car insurance company.

Research and Communication

One benefit of working with a direct car insurance company is that the broker that is in charge of the account will know the individual personally so that any issues or concern can be brought directly to them to handle. If individuals buy car insurance online without using a broker, then they have to handle issues themselves and have to talk to the third party who does not know their case specifically and may not be able to efficiently handle their case.

When searching for a direct car insurance company, there are certain steps that can be taken to find the best deal for the make and year of the car that the individual has. First, there are many different websites that compare pricing of different agencies. Most of these sites will require individuals to put in their information so that a more accurate quote can be given to them from various agencies.

In addition, there is a department of insurance for every state in the country which will often list out the customer complaints that are given about different direct car insurance companies. This can help individuals choose a company which is better at working with their customers so that there are fewer complaints about them to the state’s department of insurance.

Another great place to find a good direct car insurance company is to talk to body shops in the area and see which companies that they recommend. They have to deal with car insurance companies on a regular basis and know which ones complete claims with the least amount of difficulty for both the body shop and the customer. This can help to insure that the individual will be more confident and pleased with their choice.

Internet Driving: Online Car Insurance Company

Car insurance is a necessary and critical service that an automobile owner should purchase. Often the minimum requirements for car insurance are dictated by governmental oversight, but can also be adjusted to provide greater coverage by the individual.

In addition, as long as an individual drives a vehicle they need to ensure that they are operating that vehicle responsibly. That responsibility includes the purchase of automobile insurance on a monthly basis or paying up to six months at a time for insurance coverage.

Therefore, it is important to purchase quality automobile insurance. Subsequently, that process includes the finding of a quality car insurance company and making sure that the coverage is personalized.

How To Find A Car Insurance Company

There are many ways in which an individual looking for car insurance can accomplish this goal. Two of those particular ways of finding a car insurance company is by searching locally and by using the Internet to look for an online car insurance company.

If wishing to find a local or direct car insurance company and agent there are many ways that this can be accomplished. First of all, the interested customer can ask friends and fellow employees has to what direct car insurance company they have a policy with. This recommendation from others is often a good way to find any good local car insurance company because the individual recommending their local car insurance company has a good experience with them.

In addition, another way to find a local car insurance company is to go with a reputable nationwide company that has a local presence. This method of obtaining a policy with a local car insurance company is often a good method to follow since the company has a larger presence. Therefore, the assumption would be that this company offers quality car insurance as well as assets to cover insurance needs.

Another excellent method today of finding a car insurance company is to use the Internet and to find an online car insurance company. This is a particularly good method of finding car insurance based on a number of reasons.

One of the more popular reasons for dealing with an online car insurance company is the convenience that this method offers. This convenience is based on the fact that the finding, researching, price comparisons and service of the online car insurance company can be attained. In addition, the customer, if so inclined, does not need to deal with any agent, but simply provides the information required by using the convenience of the Internet and computer generated form.

Also, when an individual needs to renew their policy or obtain certain documentations for proof of insurance it is easy to obtain the documents. Generally all the individual needs to do is to access their individual account and request any documentation that is needed. Once this has been accomplished, the online car insurance company transmits the needed documentation to individuals and attaches the needed documentation.

Getting More Than Insurance: Best Car Insurance Company

Car insurance is a mandatory requirement that most governmental entities require in order for an individual to operate a motor vehicle on public streets, highways, freeways and interstates. Often, the legal requirements for insurance coverage require certain minimum amounts of insurance that cover certain potential motor vehicle liabilities. Specifically, those liabilities can include collision, medical, etc.

Therefore, it is important to have insurance coverage and coverage that meets the particular driving needs of the driver and their family. Also, it is important that the individual contract with the best car insurance company available. In order to engage the best car insurance company, it is important to know what constitutes a quality car insurance company and how to locate the best car insurance company.

A Best Car Insurance Company Defined

First of all, when wishing to find the best car insurance company it is best to define what a best car insurance company is. Therefore, it is important to look at a number of factors that feed into this definition of a quality car insurance company.

First of all, when it comes to insurance, the potential customer wants to find a car insurance company that will back up their car insurance claims. Therefore, as part of the definition of best car insurance company it is important to find out if the company has ever denied any claims and if so what has been the rationale of the company in not paying out.

Secondly, it is important to find a car insurance company that is easily accessible. This is due the fact that often accidents happen at inconvenient times or do not fall during the hours of 8 to 5. Therefore the definition of a best car insurance company would be one that has claimed service 24 hours a day.

Finally, it would seem that the definition of the best car insurance company is one that offers personalized policies. This simply means that each driver is unique and drives differently. Therefore, a best car insurance company will be sensitive to that uniqueness of their customers and offer different rates based on different driving styles. For example one individual may not drive long distances and therefore their cost and coverage may be different from the individual who spends more time on the road.

Or in some families there may be multiple drivers. Therefore it is important that the car insurance company offers a reduction in premiums based on the fact that there are multiple drivers in the family.

How To Find The Best Car Insurance Company

Probably one of the most powerful ways to find the best car insurance company is by using the Internet. This is due to a number of reasons.

Some of those reasons that make this a powerful way of finding an insurance company include convenience. In particular this convenience translates into the fact that the customer can take their time in locating a car insurance company and making sure that they conduct significant research on this company. Some of that research can include the quality of their customer service, the policies that they offer, what are the various amounts of dollar coverage that these policies can be written for, the premiums that will need to be paid, etc.

In addition, the individual may decide to go with an online car insurance company. This choice also has its advantages. Some of those advantages include lower premiums because of the company s lower overhead, communicating with the online car insurance company through the Internet and receiving needed documentation through electronic means.

Partnering With A Good Car Insurance Company

Insurance is generally provided to an individual who pays a monthly premium to an insurance company which in turn activates an insurance policy. An insurance policy will pay the individual a set amount of money when an unforeseen accident causes damage to the insured property. An example could be a fire in a home with the insurance policy paying the insured home owner a set amount of money based on the policy.

Additionally, there are many types of insurances available on the market today. Some of those types of insurance can include home insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, etc.

One other type of insurance is car insurance. Also, it is important to remember that there are many car insurance companies. Therefore, it is important to know how to find a car insurance company and questions to ask of a car insurance company.

How To Find A Car Insurance Company

There are many ways that an individual can utilize in order to find a car insurance company. Specifically, two popular methods of contracting with a car insurance company include locating an insurance company locally or by utilizing the Internet.

Therefore, if an individual wishes to conduct business with a local car insurance company they can obtain local references. Those references for a local car insurance company can be derived from co-workers, friends, family, etc. Often these references are valuable because they come from customers of these insurance companies and are from people that may be trusted.

Additionally, conducting insurance business with a local car insurance company may be the best car insurance company to buy insurance from for a number of reasons. Specifically, one of those reasons includes receiving personal customer service from an insurance agent who represents the insurance company locally.

Questions To Ask Of A Car Insurance Company

When shopping for insurance it is important to ask a number of questions in regards to the automobile policy. These questions pertain to the rates and possible discounts offered by the car insurance company and help the potential customer receive the best coverage at the lowest rates.

Some of those questions should include any discounts offered by the insurance company. For example, the customer should ask about a discount in the premium cost if the individual has taken a defensive driving course.

Or other discounts may be offered if special safety equipment is installed on the vehicle that is to be insured. For example if a car theft or GPS system is installed there may be a discount offered on the insurance premium due to these protective devices installed to deter auto theft.