Eberlestock J79 Skycrane II in color COYOTE

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The J79 Skycrane II is a modular load bearing system consisting of three primary bags: the basic J79 pack, the pull-out G1 “Little Brother” pack, and a removable fanny/courier pack. These components comprise the basic system, with a volume of 4475 cubic inches.”Average customer rating 5 star’s”

Add our optional J2SD Spike Duffel to get J3SD Super Spike Duffel to reach its maximum capacity of 8375 cubic inches (duffels not included with basic pack system).

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Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack (Coyote Brown)

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The Eagle is a burly, cold-weather pack that has a sleeping bag compartment for easy access.

With top-load and front panel access and a lid that converts to a fanny pack or a shoulder-strap pack organizer, the Eagle is a versatile pack that stows all your gear and keeps it readily accessible.

“Average customer rating 4 star’s”

Compatible with kelty satellite radio holder and battery holder (sold separately).
Puncture-resistant construction stands up well to the rigors of travel and camping.

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Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack (Coyote Brown) by dm_501c13c9da89d

Character backpacks for kids

Character backpacks imply customization with special cartoon figures that fascinate and delight your child. Kids have the tendency of identifying their world with that of the characters in fairy tales and cartoons, which is why your little one will not only like but simply love the idea of being able to take Spiderman with him / her at kindergarten or school. The character backpacks are available either ready made in special collections or as part of the offer provided by some suppliers who leave the client the possibility to decorate the backpacks according to their preferences. Here are a few tips to make your choice easier.

The design of the character backpacks could rely on several techniques from which painting and embroidery are the most well known. Another customization option would be printing with various dyes. Starting with painting, it is very important to purchase good quality character backpacks that don’t show the risk of discoloration, fading or peeling. The dyes used for the painting of the character backpacks are usually non-toxic and of organic origin, but you should also check once again that these standards are met. Otherwise, deterioration is possible when washing, not to mention the risk of your child’s coming into contact with hazardous products.

Embroidery is the best solution for the design of character backpacks, though more expensive to create, it definitely equals durability. Hence, when looking for resistant character backpacks, choose embroidered models as they will last longer and endure more as compared to the printed or painted variants. Mention must be made here that the type of design also depends on the material the character backpacks are made of. Painting works for almost any materials, whereas embroidery matches canvas only. Under certain circumstances you can even have the character backpacks customized according to your specifications.

Serial characters backpacks are available in most toy shops or online. The order on the Internet implies quite a serious time gain for busy people; they make great gifts on your kid’s birthday or for Christmas. Choose the characters on the backpacks carefully, and in case you want to surprise your kid, make sure to know what his / her preferences are. One other aspect to keep in mind is the adequacy of the age group. Always ask yourself whether the characters backpacks match your child’s interest. More mature children will react differently from little ones, and here the parent knows best what the siblings need.

Good cheap book bags for students

Book bags are a real necessity for every student: they have to be resistant, durable and most important comfortable. In fact here you have the features of the right product in case you want to purchase one. Book bags are meant to bear heavy weights which is why manufacturers have to meet and respect some quality criteria. Here are some tips about the best ways to choose book bags for students.

For young children, book bags need to be as attractive as possible, even customized if parents can afford it. Thus, many book bags in this category are designed in very pleasant colors including pictures of cartoon or fairy tale characters. Such book backs must have appropriate pads so as to avoid the discomfort created by shoulder straps for instance.

Show the children how to maximize the efficiency and the comfort of book bags by avoiding over-loads. The student should be able to make a careful selection of the items he or she needs during the day. This means that the unnecessary books can be left either at school in the locker or at home. Any load heavier than 20% of the total body weight is dangerous for your child’s health and potentially leading to the appearance of back problems.

The first consequence of the incorrect use of book bags is back pain, particularly if the student carries the bag on just one shoulder. Then, injuries to the spine and muscles are also possible without proper care and a correct wearing of such backpacks. Moreover, deficient postures could equally result from the improper wear of the book bags.

Adjusting straps on chest, shoulders and even waist are mandatory if you want to insure optimal carrying of the book bags. Thus, the backpack should be worn at least two inches above the waist, otherwise the student’s tendency will be to lean forward. The same happens if the straps are too loose as the wearer tries to compensate for the modification in the body weight center by changing the posture.

Last but not least, the book bags also have to match the group age of the students. Teenagers are keener on their look and will surely want something cool. It is probably a good idea that parents don’t buy book bags on their own without consulting their kids first, since adolescents are really fond of their opinions and they will wear only what they like.

Best school backpacks for students

Students have to carry books, notebooks and other additional stuff for their classes, which is why parents should be careful enough to buy the best school backpacks possible. This means that there should be a combination of ergonomic design and fashionable features that appeal to kids and youngsters. The posture problems and the various back, neck and shoulder pains that are associated with weight carrying find their roots in the defective usage even for the best school backpacks. They are often worn only on one shoulder causing an imbalance of the weight and a higher stress on a single body part. If the student wears both straps and belts then, the comfort and the posture are assured.

You can recognize the best school backpacks either by looking for online reviews or by making some simple basic checks yourself. Thus, make sure that the straps are padded and wide so as not to dig in the child’s shoulders. The best school backpacks should be always placed in the middle of the back and tight enough so as to be kept in place well. The free arm movement is also very important meaning that the student should be able to have access to the backpack easily and comfortably.

It’s no use being keen on the best school backpacks if you’re child doesn’t know how to pack things in the first place. Thus, you need to teach him / her to remove unnecessary things and only carry the minimum necessary for the day. Moreover, the use of the compartments when repacking instead of just dumping the items inside is also important since a good shape of the backpack doesn’t affect the balance and the body posture. Maybe you’re child will not follow such advice all the time, but if random packing happens only now and then, you should still be content with the situation.

The best school backpacks also include belts to be fastened around the hips and the chest for a correct and safe weight distribution. The presence of additional items such as reflective patches on the backpacks could also be useful particularly if your child rides a bike or walks a lot early in the morning or at dusk. And last but not least, rolling backpacks could also represent an ideal solution to replace the traditional weight carried on the shoulders. Even so, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a wheeled backpack since the circumstances may not be appropriate for it.

Teen Backpacks – Few good choices

No age group is as preoccupied with their look as teenagers: they are the ones to care most whether the clothes they wear and the teen backpacks they use to carry their books or sports gear are cool or not. Backpack manufacturers have therefore created special product sections targeting teenagers. Teen backpacks distinguish themselves by the modern cut, the materials used, the number of pockets, the arrangement of the straps, the colors and by a whole range of other features. Logos, customized images, characters and monograms are also part of the common trend to be cool and original in as many ways as possible.

Shopping for teen backpacks should not be too challenging. Depending on the activities of the adolescent one will buy a smaller or a larger backpack. For instance, in case he or she needs the backpack both for school and for practicing some sport, the need for a well compartmented item is a true must. Vivid colors, daring combinations of fabrics and the alternation of straps represent some more of the specific details that teenagers look for in the backpacks they purchase. Girls will usually be pickier than boys, since they are more keen on matching their teen backpacks with the clothes they wear.

Teen catalogs whether online or on paper support usually include special sections with teen backpacks. The prices usually vary depending on the producing company, the materials used and the complexity of the design. Parents should let their adolescent sons and daughters choose their own bags as a way of making sure that their siblings will be content with the choice. It is often the case that a parent buys a backpack for a teen and he or she is disappointed to see that the young one does not find the bag appealing at all.

Fashion is the one with the loudest voice, regardless of whether we are talking about teen backpacks, clothes, shoes, sports gear, jewelry and so on. The latest trends are more difficult to identify in terms of the teen backpack features, but surely, a laptop backpack for instance will look much cooler than a regular school bag. Though popular with younger students, rolling backpacks are not at all among the teens’ preferences, since no one likes to keep pulling at the backpack on the school hallways. All in all, the teen backpacks choice should belong to the user: the teenager will recognize immediately whether it is his or her style.

Why sling backpacks are too good to resist?

Sling backpacks are very difficult to resist as they are considered trendy, good-looking and practical at the same time. Many people buy sling backpacks or sling bags just because they go well with their image, with the style, the color and the material of the product having a heavy word to say in the matter. Sling backpacks work well for a variety of occasions as they can be used by students, travelers, business people and anyone else who likes it. Sling backpacks truly make a smart purchase if you care to look for some minor details before making up your mind about what product to choose.

First of all, the color of the sling backpacks should not be a problem, particularly if you are looking for something casual, formal-looking or an item to match a certain purpose. Thus, black, red, brown and white are usually the favorite for the majority of sling backpacks regardless of the cut and the design as such. The sling backpacks should be tried at the store with some items that weigh similarly to your regular loads. You should be able to move freely when wearing one, not to mention that it should feel good when walking or riding a bike.

The popularity of the sling backpacks comes from their high functionality and mobility. The very big difference they bring as compared to traditional conventional bags is that they can be carried on just one shoulder. The carrying capacity of the sling backpacks is identical to the one of the regular backpacks with the easiest accessibility possible to the contents. In case you want to carry some small electronic equipment such as a cell phone or an iPod, many sling backpacks have special zipped pockets for such purposes. Reviews and market research clearly indicates so far that slings make the perfect backpack choice for college students and for people going on short trips.

The materials sling backpacks are made of usually include nylon, cordura, leather and other varieties of waterproof materials. Take great care with the type of shoulder straps of the model you choose: the straps have to be neither too soft nor to strong. All sorts of foams are used for the filling of shoulder straps so that they may bring all the necessary support while staying incredibly comfortable. The zippers and the bottom of the sling backpacks are other areas to take a careful look at before making the purchase.

Skateboard for both men and women

Designed to carry skateboards and the adjacent gear required by this sport, skateboard backpacks come in a variety of shapes, models and designs being widely available for pretty affordable prices. Most of the times they look like regular backpacks and you only get to see the difference when you look at the compartments: these are especially created to meet the needs of any skateboarder. The main storage method of the skateboard is vertically, inside the skateboard backpacks. This makes transportation really easy allowing freedom of move and high comfort levels. There are two major types of skateboard backpacks: for women and for men.

Women’s skateboard backpacks cover modern design features with space enough to store the skateboard easily. The skateboard as such is secured inside the backpack with the help of some straps that make the vertical position not only possible but highly compatible too. The only difference from the male models consists in the feminine design and colors. Always check the straps to see how well they are padded, particularly since such elements also protect the skateboard from bending and even cracking. If the product does not include such elements, you should definitely look for something else.

Men’s skateboard backpacks are surely much larger and bulkier if compared to women’s models. They usually have all sorts of pockets with a larger one dedicated to the vertical storing of the skateboard. Interior padding is essential to protect the board as such and just like in the case mentioned above, the straps have to be meet some quality standards for a maximum protection. In addition, you will also find side mesh pockets designed for the carrying and easy access of water bottles, CD player headphones and other necessary or optional items of equipment. Do not make the mistake of overloading the skateboard backpacks as the extra weight will make them difficult to carry.

The online offers for skateboard backpacks allow web visitors to take advantage of a very generous product collection displays. One surely has the chance to find the ideal skateboard backpacks by simply visiting web pages and making price and quality comparisons between the various items available. Tips and general advice on the best way to choose such special bags could also be found with a minimum search. Online shopping has therefore gained supremacy when it comes to sports purchases since, the time that would be wasted on visiting shops could be spent in a much more pleasant way.

Skate backpacks for teenagers

Skate backpacks are surely larger nowadays with the new tendency of making the skateboard a little bit longer than before. Such a design slightly improves the speed and the riding features allowing one to improvise and have fun more freely. Skate backpacks are basically similar to the school bags students use to carry their stuff to and from school. If the skate backpacks have a special strap system, the board will be put in the biggest compartment that resembles very much to a sleeve. Generally speaking, skate backpacks are pretty affordable in terms of price, with only the top brand names being more expensive than the rest.

The market potential for skate backpacks is pretty wide due particularly to the teenagers’ preference for skates and skateboards. Skate backpacks allow the storage of the basic skating gear plus they leave you room to carry a bottle of water and some other small trifles you find necessary. The complexity of the design is therefore relevant in the number of compartments and pockets available. Even the most complex of designs will not cost more than $100, but you can have a look at the prices yourself, by checking one of the many online shops that sells skateboarding equipment.

The skate backpacks should have ergonomic straps for both the chest and the shoulders as well as good fabric construction. This means that the seams must be reinforced and the pockets padded with another resistant material. Depending on the model, all sorts of prints, logos and embroidery are available for the skate backpacks. Most of the designs are pretty common, without anything spectacular in themselves. The reason for the apparently dull look is simple given the fact that the stress falls on the very practical nature of these products. To put it in a nut-shell, most skate backpacks follow classic design lines.

Additional to the main compartments specific to the most skate backpacks there could also be some iPod pockets, a drink holder as well as a school organizer. Therefore, skate backpacks can very well become multi-functional if necessary. One wouldn’t surely carry two backpacks: one for school and one for the skating equipment, hence, there have to be one to match all the needs. Consequently, it is very important that when you purchase such an item you think well about whether you are going to use it on other occasions too or just for the skateboarding purposes.

School rolling backpacks for kids

School rolling backpacks are the right substitute for the classic book bags that put too much pressure on the back. Designed with a special handle included, school rolling backpacks are the right choice for your child when he or she is too fragile to carry the heavy burden of the school books. There is actually an increased awareness tendency concerning the use of bags that no longer strain the muscles and lay pressure on the bones the way some backpacks used to. The systems of straps, pads and now the rolling features included have contributed to the creation of the safest backpacks possible if used correctly.

There are a few details to take into consideration in order to check the quality of the school rolling backpacks. First of all, you need to measure the handle and see whether it is long enough to prevent your child from bending to carry it. Then, make sure there are no school rules that forbid the use of school rolling backpacks; some institutions have taken up this measure because of the high tripping risk and the accident hazard associated with these items. Most school rolling backpacks also have the back carrying option that can be used occasionally, which is why they are considered a very happy combination of features.

Buy school rolling backpacks only if you know for sure that they will not be an impediment for your child. Sometimes, such bags could become difficult to use on bus aisles, in narrow corridors and on rough terrain. Moreover, there could be problems with the curbs and the stairs, but for such cases the child would have to put the bag on the back. Parents should teach younger children how to operate the pulling and pushing device. Only purchase such an item to your child in case you are sure he or she will like it and use it properly.

Rolling backpacks are available in a variety of online shops so that you can get a pretty complete picture of what you are going to buy. A wide range of designs, colors, models for boys and girls makes the choice a true joy. Sometimes, parents even decide to buy a school rolling backpack as a birthday or Christmas gift. Whichever be the case, make sure you also respect the child’s preferences, since it is very important for them to build a good look or a pleasant personal image.