Reading By Ear: The Audio Book

The concept of audio books is by no means new but they are easier to obtain now and are available in more applications than ever before. Originally, audio books were done on tape cassettes, but now they are readily available on CD, MP3, or as downloads from web sites. Generally they are sold, usually in CD form, rented, downloaded at a price, or are obtainable from libraries, but there are also free audio books available as downloads from various web sites.

The original audio books tended to be more in the range of study material – learning languages, various motivational courses, or literary study aids, not to mention an array of promotional material but they have developed to cover a much wider spectrum. Educational material in this form has boomed. Voice recordings of published books exist either in the form of actors reading parts, or of someone reading the book to an audience. In some cases, stories are published books, in other cases the audio books are specially written for this medium. Sci-Fi forms a large part of the audio book market, including serialization of scripts specifically written for the medium.

Whether your objective is study, entertainment or use as a remedial tool, there are audio books readily available to suit your requirements.

Uses For And The Convenience Of Audio Books.

One of the most obvious benefits of the audio book is the benefit to those who suffer from impaired vision. There are others, though, who are unable to read and would benefit hugely from being able to listen small children and anyone else who has not yet learnt to read. Audio books make education a reality even for the illiterate, but they also offer a world of entertainment, information and knowledge despite peoples inability to read.

For many of us, the audio book gives us an opportunity to catch up on some reading in situations where we dont normally use a book. Driving a car, for example, particularly if you are cursed with peak hour traffic every day. Even using public transport, many people are uncomfortable burying the faces in a book they want to be alert and see what is happening around them. The audio book is the answer out with the MP3 player, and youre conscious of two worlds at once.

If youre good at multi-tasking, its a boon. Listen to your favourite stories, inspirational material, or learn something new while going about routine housekeeping tasks, or any other routine work, for that matter.

The audio book certainly adds an element of convenience to our lives, particularly now that we have such a variety to listen to.

Keeping Audio Book CDs in MP3 Format Is Cheaper And

Keeping Audio Book CDs in MP3 Format Is Cheaper And More Flexible

As the years go by technology is continuously improving itself. One great improvement in the audio industry has been the mp3 file format. By keeping your audio book CDs in mp3 format you are giving yourself more options on how you store the CDs and what you can do with them.

Save Money By Using MP3 Audio Book CDs

Downloading mp3 audio books to put on CD can be done in numerous places on the web. It is one of the most popular formats for audio files available. Once you have downloaded several audio books to put on CD you may be surprised to discover that it is not hogging your hard drive space like older audio formats used to. The compression on mp3 files is far greater and is more cost effective for you to use as you will not need as much storage space to save all of your downloaded mp3 audio book to put on CD.

One great advantage of keeping your audio book CDs in mp3 format is that each book will require fewer discs to tote around. As the mp3 format takes up less space than older audio formats you can save money by using fewer CDs to copy your audio books to.

Ways To Get The Most Out Of My MP3 Audio Books

By keeping your audio book CDs in mp3 format you have more options for how you can choose to listen to your book. You can listen to them as CDs in a standard mp3 CD player which is a great option for the car. If you are looking for a more portable option and you do not want to have to carry around a bulky CD player and several discs to enjoy listening to your favorite audio book you can listen to it on a small digital music player instead. Digital music players can fit into the palm of your hand and typically weigh very little. The CDs that would typically make up your audio book are eliminated because the digital music player stores the audio files on the device itself. This makes it very convenient to travel with as well.

Of the most popular places on the internet that have a wide selection of audio books available for download you will notice that the majority of them use the mp3 format. It will be easier to manage your audio book collection if all are in the same format. You might be disappointed when you try to add an audio book to your digital music player only to discover it is in an older format that it does not support.

Used Audio Books On CD Are Great Alternatives To Paying

Used Audio Books On CD Are Great Alternatives To Paying Full Price

If you like to listen to your audio books on CD multiple times but you do not like the large price tags that typically come with an audio book, consider purchasing a used audio book on CD instead. The advantage of a used audio book on CD is that you can listen to them repeatedly over the course of several years without having to return the audio books to the library or rental store. Renting requires that each time you want to listen to the audio book again you would need to take a trip back to the library in order to check out the book.

Things To Watch Out For When Purchasing A Used Audio Book On CD

When purchasing used audio books on CD make sure you examine the surface of both sides of each of the discs that make up the book. Look for any cracks or scratches that could have damaged the discs. The last thing anyone wants is to have the last disc of their book ruined leaving you in suspense as to how the book actually ends.

Also make sure that each disc that makes up the book is in the container. While this is almost as bad as the disc being ruined it is certainly bound to be frustrating and inconvenient for the buyer.

Some people prefer to keep their audio books CDs in mp3 format so that they can have a backup on their computer. This alleviates having to worry about your used audio books on CD getting banged up in the car. Having a backup also ensures that if you misplace one disc in the series your audio book is not ruined. All you need to do is create another copy of the missing disc to fill the void in your collection.

What If A CD In The Series Is Dirty

If you purchase a used audio book on CD and realize when you get home that one of the discs is dirty try washing it with warm and liquid soap. Use caution while you clean your used audio book on CD to prevent additional damage. Make sure when you clean you start from the center of the disc and pull straight outwards. Do not run your fingers around the CD to avoid putting scratches on the disc. Once your CD is cleaned let it air dry and then test it out to make sure it works properly.

Free Audio Books On CD Can Prove To Be Priceless

Free Audio Books On CD Can Prove To Be Priceless

By downloading free audio books on CD from the internet you can save money and avoid having to return them to the library or rental store when you are finished listening to them. The internet is home to dozens of websites filled with numerous types of free audio books on CD that can be downloaded and enjoyed by everyone.

It is likely that while you are looking for free audio books on CD you will come across a lot more variety and different types of audio books than you would see at a library or bookstore. Some may be very short and cover unique topics while others could be several CDs in length.

Some Great Types Of Free Audio Books On CD

If you have children do a search for childrens free audio books on CD and you will be able to choose from a large selection of available titles. Audio books are great for children that might be too young to read on their own. Downloading free audio books on CD is also a great way to entertain your children in the car. Since you cannot read to them yourself while you are driving you can play the audio book for them to listen to instead. This will help pass the time on the drive and make the trip more pleasant for everyone.

If you are interested in learning about foreign languages check out some free audio books on CD that introduce you to popular vocabulary of a particular language. It is much easier to learn to speak a second language by hearing how the words are pronounced versus trying to figure out how to pronounce words out of a book.

Free audio books on CD are also available on numerous travel topics. If you are going to travel somewhere new on your vacation considering downloading a free audio book on CD about your destination. During your travels there you can listen to the audio book to really get a better feel for where you are going and some great things to do and see while you are there!

As an alternative to free audio books on CD you can look for used audio books on CD. Frequently people will buy audio books and listen to them once with no intention of ever listening to them again. While they can make a little money selling them to a used bookstore, you can save a little money by purchasing your audio books used.

Pick Unabridged Audio Books On CD To Enjoy Books Without

Pick Unabridged Audio Books On CD To Enjoy Books Without Having To Read Them

Choosing to listen to unabridged audio books on CD is a great way to enjoy your favorite books without ever having to read them. It is easy to think of a reason as to why you should not read a book. Too many chores to do, not enough time, too tired, or maybe you just do not have the patience to sit down and read.

By picking up an unabridged audio book on CD you can throw out your excuses for why you do not have time to read. Now you can listen to an unabridged audio book on CD while you are completing all of your chores.

Pop in disc one of your unabridged audio book on CD and turn on the vacuum sweeper. Knocking out your chores will seem like fun for a change. If you need to pick up the kids at soccer practice make sure to take your unabridged audio book on CD with you so you can listen to it on the drive.

Some Of The Advantages Of Listening To An Unabridged Audio Book On CD

You no longer have to spend several hours flipping the pages of a novel. Just find an unabridged audio book copy on CD of the book you would like to read. Pop the CD into a player and you can immediately begin to enjoy the book without ever having to read a word. This is great for those who have trouble seeing the words on the pages of book. If you get headaches or eyestrains while you are reading, listening to an unabridged audio book on CD is another way that you can enjoy the books you want to read without suffering in order to do so.

Another bonus is that you can download free audio books and put them on CD. A quick search on the internet will yield dozens of sits that have a variety of audio books that can be downloaded on to your computer. Once you have them downloaded you will want to copy the contents of audio book onto a CD so that you can carry them with you so that you can listen to them in the car or while doing your chores.

If you are worried about the length of the unabridged audio book on CD that you are thinking of listening to, see if there is a version of the book that has been recorded in a shorter format. If you decide that you loved the story you can always listen to the unabridged audio book on CD for an encore.

Do Not Waste Money When You Can Rent An Audio

Do Not Waste Money When You Can Rent An Audio Book CD Instead

Renting an audio book CD is a great idea to help save some money. Times are tough and practically everyone is looking for ways to cut their budget. Purchasing an audio book CD can sometimes cost more than if you were just to buy the actual book. By renting an audio book CD you can still enjoy a relaxing hobby without breaking the bank.

Great Things About Renting An Audio Book CD

Often you have a wider selection to choose from when looking for an audio book CD to rent. Sometimes a bookstore will only carry new releases or bestsellers in audio book CD format. So if you are looking for something a little more unique than what you might find on a top ten list check out the selection of audio book CD rentals at your local library.

One great thing about getting audio book CD rentals from the library is that all the libraries in the county tend to be linked together. What this means is that you have an even greater selection to choose from than what is in any one particular library. Checkout their card catalog if you cannot locate the audio book CD you want to rent and see if you can instead find it at a different library in the county.

One thing to watch out for when renting an audio book CD is that not all audio books are presented in their full unabridged versions. If you are looking to listen to the entire book from beginning to end as it was written by the author make sure you rent an unabridged audio book CD to avoid disappointment. This is particularly true for those that have read the book and choose to listen to its audio book CD presentation afterwards. You might end up confused when you realize some parts are missing and wonder if you are confusing it with another book.

If you find that you love to read but never have the time to do so consider renting an audio book CD instead. Now you can listen to your favorite books online while still being able to accomplish other tasks at the same time. You can have the best of both worlds without having to spend money if you end up not enjoying it.

If you rent your audio book CD from a movie rental type of company you might have the added bonus of being able to purchase a version of the audio book at a greatly reduced price.

Entertain Yourself With An Audio Book On CD

A great way to relax and pass time is to listen to an audio book on CD. An audio book on CD can be a little expensive. If you think you might enjoy listening to an audio book one great way to test them out before you buy one is to rent an audio book on CD. By renting an audio book on CD you can save money while still enjoying listening to one of your favorite books. You can find them at many video rental stores and at your local library.

Great Places To Relax And Enjoy An Audio Book On CD

If you are headed to the beach this summer do not forget to pack a CD player in your luggage. Now look through your collection of audio books on CD and pick your favorite. While you are enjoying lying on the beach you can relax and listen to a great story during your vacation.

If you are taking a long plane flight you might be concerned about passing time and being bored. Bring an audio book on CD will help to alleviate boredom by keeping you entertained for the duration of the flight as they tend to be several hours in length. Before you know it you will have arrived at your destination!

A long commute to work each day is another great opportunity to pop in your favorite audio book CD. Instead of getting frustrated by traffic you can occupy your thoughts with the book you have chosen to listen to. Long commutes have the tendency to eat up audio books on CD pretty quickly. If you enjoy listening while you drive you may want to head to your local library and check out a few new ones to enjoy each week.

Runners also can enjoy listening to audio books on CD. Whether you are out jogging on trails or running on a treadmill, listening to an audio book is a great way to distract yourself from the exercise. Maybe you might even run a few extra miles because you got to a good spot in your book and you wanted to keep listening to it.

Depending on what type of job you have you might be able to listen to your audio book on CD at work. What a better way to relax while you are working than with a good audio book on CD. Make sure to consult your employee handbook to make sure that it will not violate any rules.

Where to Download Audio Book: Top Sites

If you are interested in learning where to download audio book, you should know the good news is that you have a plethora of options available to you here. Because of the power and resourcefulness of the Internet, there are literally thousands of different websites that you can go to if you want to know where to download audio book.

Here are a few of the top websites from around the world that will be worth you checking out if you want to download an audio book CD.

Libraries on the Go

The Libraries on the Go site is a great one to check out if you want to know where to download audio book. Using this site is very easy, and if you ever need help there is a quick guided tour that you can take which will explain everything and show you just how great of a company they really are.

They offer one of the largest selections of audio books around, and so no matter what name or genre you may be looking for, you should be able to find it here.

The Audio Bookstore

Then there is also The Audio Bookstore which will be worth checking out if you want to know where to download audio book. They are dedicated to bringing customers the very latest audio books available in downloadable format. Their large online collection allows users to instantly download audio books to any iPod or MP3 player, and they offer various categories to choose from.

Browse through their collection to find audio books by some of the most well known authors in the world, from James Patterson and John Grisham to Stephen King and Ernest Hemingway.

Some of their downloads are free but the ones that do cost money are affordable, so you can always get a great deal no matter what book you are interested in downloading. Even the new books are reasonably priced for download.

These are certainly not the only places out there, so if you want to know where to download audio book, you should really take a bit of time to browse through the selection out there and find the download site that is best for you.

For instance maybe there is a particular genre that you are interested in that you cannot find at the basic audio download site so you will need to search more thoroughly and find a site that offers it.

How to Download Audio Book Tips

If you want to know how to download audio book, there are a few tips that will be really helpful to you here. Whether you want to know where to download audio book tips or advice on any other area of learning how to download audio book, the following information will be very helpful to you.

Find the Right Document

Of course if you want to know how to download audio book, the first thing you are going to need to do is find the document that you are interested in downloading. Find the book that you would like to listen to on tape, CD, or whatever format you are interested in, and once you have done this, you can click its name, and read more about it on the description page.

If you take your time, you should be able to find a website that offers these downloads and reviews of them as well, so you can see what other people had to say about the downloads and whether or not you think they are the best.

Make a Special Directory

One of the best how to download audio book tips is to make a special download directory. Especially if you are going to be making a lot of these downloads, the best idea is going to be for you to keep a separate directly, made special for these downloads, so you always know where to find them if you ever need them for anything.

This will also help by keeping the rest of your documents clutter free, as you are keeping all of of the downloads in a single place.

Install the Software or View the Document

The last tip on how to download audio book discussed here is to install the software or view the document. Merely removing programs from their compressed archives does not always mean that you are going to be able to run them right away, and many programs will need to be installed.

WinZip makes it easy for PC users, and so once you know what you are getting into, all you have to do is click the Install button and let the WinZip program take care of all the work for you. Mac users on the other hand should open the read-me file after expanding an archive to get specific installation instructions.

These are just a few of the most basic tips and you are really going to want to get as educated as you can if you want the downloading process to be as simple as possible.

Tips on How to Download Audio Books Online

If you want to know how to download audio book, there are a few tips that will come in very handy for you to know.

Especially if you have no idea how to download audio books online at all, these tips will be incredibly useful and help make sure not only that you choose the right site to download from but that you know how to download audio book so the downloading will go as quickly and smoothly as possible.


One of the best tips when you go to download audio books online is to check and see how long the download is going to take. Obviously you dont want to be sitting around for hours waiting for your file to transfer, so make sure that when you go to download audio books online, the download rates are fast.

You should also only stick to downloading from reputable companies, so that you know everything is legit and that everything is going to go as smoothly as possible. Always do a bit of research and background on the company, so you can see how long they have been in the business for and even read reviews on the company so that you can see what past people had to say about the downloads.

Of course one of the most important steps is to make sure that they have the audio books you are looking for. You should always take a bit of time to browse through a sites collection before going through with any download.

Make sure that they have the genres or specific audio book that you are looking for and if they do, they are probably a company that you are going to go back to time and time again.

Protect Your Computer

Of course if you are using your credit card to pay when you download audio books online, you want to make sure that any site you go through has a website that is privacy protected so that no one can hack in and get your personal information. However you are also going to want to make sure that your computer is going to be protected so you want to make sure that the downloads are safe as wells o that you will not get viruses on your computer either.

If you want to know how to download audio books online, you should have found this information very useful, and it will at least help get you off on the right foot and help get you started with your downloads.