Reading By Ear: The Audio Book

The concept of audio books is by no means new but they are easier to obtain now and are available in more applications than ever before. Originally, audio books were done on tape cassettes, but now they are readily available on CD, MP3, or as downloads from web sites. Generally they are sold, usually in CD form, rented, downloaded at a price, or are obtainable from libraries, but there are also free audio books available as downloads from various web sites.

The original audio books tended to be more in the range of study material – learning languages, various motivational courses, or literary study aids, not to mention an array of promotional material but they have developed to cover a much wider spectrum. Educational material in this form has boomed. Voice recordings of published books exist either in the form of actors reading parts, or of someone reading the book to an audience. In some cases, stories are published books, in other cases the audio books are specially written for this medium. Sci-Fi forms a large part of the audio book market, including serialization of scripts specifically written for the medium.

Whether your objective is study, entertainment or use as a remedial tool, there are audio books readily available to suit your requirements.

Uses For And The Convenience Of Audio Books.

One of the most obvious benefits of the audio book is the benefit to those who suffer from impaired vision. There are others, though, who are unable to read and would benefit hugely from being able to listen small children and anyone else who has not yet learnt to read. Audio books make education a reality even for the illiterate, but they also offer a world of entertainment, information and knowledge despite peoples inability to read.

For many of us, the audio book gives us an opportunity to catch up on some reading in situations where we dont normally use a book. Driving a car, for example, particularly if you are cursed with peak hour traffic every day. Even using public transport, many people are uncomfortable burying the faces in a book they want to be alert and see what is happening around them. The audio book is the answer out with the MP3 player, and youre conscious of two worlds at once.

If youre good at multi-tasking, its a boon. Listen to your favourite stories, inspirational material, or learn something new while going about routine housekeeping tasks, or any other routine work, for that matter.

The audio book certainly adds an element of convenience to our lives, particularly now that we have such a variety to listen to.

Keeping Audio Book CDs in MP3 Format Is Cheaper And

Keeping Audio Book CDs in MP3 Format Is Cheaper And More Flexible

As the years go by technology is continuously improving itself. One great improvement in the audio industry has been the mp3 file format. By keeping your audio book CDs in mp3 format you are giving yourself more options on how you store the CDs and what you can do with them.

Save Money By Using MP3 Audio Book CDs

Downloading mp3 audio books to put on CD can be done in numerous places on the web. It is one of the most popular formats for audio files available. Once you have downloaded several audio books to put on CD you may be surprised to discover that it is not hogging your hard drive space like older audio formats used to. The compression on mp3 files is far greater and is more cost effective for you to use as you will not need as much storage space to save all of your downloaded mp3 audio book to put on CD.

One great advantage of keeping your audio book CDs in mp3 format is that each book will require fewer discs to tote around. As the mp3 format takes up less space than older audio formats you can save money by using fewer CDs to copy your audio books to.

Ways To Get The Most Out Of My MP3 Audio Books

By keeping your audio book CDs in mp3 format you have more options for how you can choose to listen to your book. You can listen to them as CDs in a standard mp3 CD player which is a great option for the car. If you are looking for a more portable option and you do not want to have to carry around a bulky CD player and several discs to enjoy listening to your favorite audio book you can listen to it on a small digital music player instead. Digital music players can fit into the palm of your hand and typically weigh very little. The CDs that would typically make up your audio book are eliminated because the digital music player stores the audio files on the device itself. This makes it very convenient to travel with as well.

Of the most popular places on the internet that have a wide selection of audio books available for download you will notice that the majority of them use the mp3 format. It will be easier to manage your audio book collection if all are in the same format. You might be disappointed when you try to add an audio book to your digital music player only to discover it is in an older format that it does not support.