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Trade involves the transfer of the owned goods or services from one person or entity to another in exchange for other goods or services or for money.

Classified advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, online or other periodicals which may be sold or distributed free of charge. “Buy Sale Trade” is one of the top leading Classified ads online site on the internet where you can list anything you have to sell and buy something quickly and easily. You can list your computer, electronics, antiques, collectibles, real estate and general merchandise.


The site is privacy derived, so the buyer, seller or trader is 100% unknown where as the individual makes him/her identity. Thes site protects the identity of the people to keep our individuals safe from harm. Classified ads are a great way to list items or properties for sale without creating an auction-style or fixed price listing. You can create classified ads on “Buy Sale Trade” to let millions of buyers around the country to see your listings or focus your selling locally.

Advertising on “Buy Sale Trade” is quick and easy process as it starts with registration which takes only a couple of minutes and become a member.

3 Reasons To Choose “Buy Sale Trade”

1) Laser target your audience
2) Quickly and easily track and measure your ad performace to get better ROI
3) Affordable cost for premium listings

Key Features For Sellers And Buyers…

• My Account
• Listing
• My Active Listings
• My Expired Listings
• Messaging Systems
• Browse by thumbnails
• Seller’s Other Listings
• Tell-a-friend
• Contact Seller
• Listing Extras
• Attention Getters
• Featured Listing
• Better Placement
• Bolding

And lot more….

They have put great effort into this to ensure that our buyers and sellers alike should be benefitted and also find the best deals on the net that they ever come across. Buyers/Sellers will find a simple listing process with the ability to upload photos with their listings. You can visit “Buy Sale Trade” for more information.

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