2009 Upper Deck Series 1 Baseball Trading Cards


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One thought on “2009 Upper Deck Series 1 Baseball Trading Cards”

  1. fun with every box…and it continues
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    ** EDIT **

    Upper Deck 2009 baseball is fun in every box.

    you get 10 total packs loaded with stars and subsets like team leaders, season highlights, and team checklists.

    There are several dozen or so inserts, but in my about 4 blasters, i’ve been constistently pulling out O-Pee Chee (old school baseball card design), Team USA, Team USA Retrospective, and Starquest.

    Starquest has several different variants including, purple, blue, emerald, gold, etc.

    Upper Deck predictors is back, but with a twist such as the NL winning an All-Star game, or the DOW Jones hitting over 15,000, etc.

    There is also Historic Firsts, wich includes a Sara Palin “first women vice-president” card and a Barack Obama card as well.

    Each blaster carries 1 jersey card, and this is the neat thing. Upper Deck produced over 91 different jersey cards, so they are really hit or miss depending on what you’re looking for.

    through now updated 7 total box blasters i’ve gotten…

    -J. Willingham, Florida

    -R. Ankiel, Cardinals

    -A. Pujols, Cardinals

    -C. Buchholz, Red Sox

    -J. Weaver, Angels

    -J. Hamilton, Rangers with blue swatch (my personal favorite)


    -Derek Jeter, Yankees with a pinstripe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Series 1 has 30 total rookie cards and on average, you’ll get about 3-4 per box, but the most coveted one of course if Tampa Bay Rays left handed gun slinger, David Price.

    it eludes me.

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