Marine Air Conditioning: An Overview

With all the different brands of air conditioners that are out there on the market today, it is no wonder why it is often so difficult for people to be able to efficiently and appropriately decide on a single air conditioning system for themselves.

Marine is one of the many companies which manufacture air conditioning systems, and by far it is one of the best. Marine air conditioning systems are available in basically all forms, and includes central chilled water air conditioning systems that are all air systems, central chilled water air conditioning systems that are air and water systems, and direct expansion systems.

All Air Systems

There are both advantages and disadvantages to each of these Marine air conditioning options. In the central chilled air conditioning systems, some of the main advantages are that the central plant is located in unoccupied areas, hence facilitating operating and maintenance, noise control and choice of suitable equipment. There is no piping as electrical wiring and filters are located inside of the air conditioned space.

Air and Water Systems

In regards to the central chilled water air conditioning systems, some of the main advantages are individual room temperature control, reduced size of central air handling equipment, outdoor air supply is positive and zoning of central equipment is not required. There are separate sources of heating and cooling for each space available as needed to satisfy a wide range of load variations.

Direct Expansion Systems

Finally in regards to the direct expansion systems, some advantages are no wall are openings required; longer expected life than air-cooled heat pumps; lower noise level because condenser fans are eliminated and energy for the heat pumps can be metered directly to each tenant. The total life cycle cost frequently compares favorably to central systems when considering relative installed cost, operating costs and system life.

Overall it is quite easy to see just how much information there is to know about Marine air conditioning systems in general and how many different Marine air conditioning options there are. However Marine is known as being one of the best companies of all in this regards, and so if you are going to get an air conditioning system you definitely want to go with them. It may be slightly more expensive to opt for Marine air conditioning, but it pays for itself in the long run with less maintenance needed and in the short run with higher efficiency and thus lower electricity bills.

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