Houston Air Conditioning Keeps South Texans Cool

With daily temperatures typically hovering around the three-digit mark, to residents of Houston air conditioning is almost a necessity for survival. With high humidity levels typical in southern Texas and its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, the heat and humidity combination makes Houston air conditioning installation and repair a prosperous business.

Depending on the brand of system installed a repair service specializing in that brand as a certified technician may be needed. While air conditioning works essentially the same on all brands, there may be some repair technique unique to each brand. Many times one Houston air conditioning company may not be able to obtain the correct parts for servicing a unit distributed by a manufacturer different from the one with which it deals. Several companies may work with several manufacturers but very few will work them all.

Additionally, if the unit is still under factory warranty having a person not certified in factory-trained repairs may void the warranty, regardless of the Houston air conditioning repair company s certifications. Having warranty service performed by a qualified service center will usually be paid for by the factory as well and with many Houston air conditioning repair shops, finding the right one should be easy.

First Theaters Air Conditioned In Houston

Is was in 1924 that the first movie theaters in Houston were cooled by air conditioning as Carrier Engineering installed their centrifugal units at the Texas and Iris Theaters. Using a bypass downdraft systems to the theaters in Houston air conditioning meant more business as patrons found the movies more enjoyable in air conditioned comfort.

Based on a conduit design created in 1924, for numerous buildings in Houston air conditioning is piped throughout the structure. This is a far cry from original construction designs requiring window air circulation in structures that kept them slim with exterior windows in every room. This evolvement allowed buildings to be built with interiors that were not adjacent to exterior walls. Additionally, for many ships in Houston air conditioning is a must as they traverse the Houston Waterway to inland ports and helps with food preservation and shipping as well.

When traveling through Houston air conditioning can make the ride more enjoyable in a car, a bus or by train all thanks to innovations in the air conditioner industry. From whole house and building units to single-room air conditioners, without air conditioning many daily rituals would be uncomfortable to perform. Even in the 100-degree heat of Houston air conditioning makes playing baseball in the Astrodome possible.

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