Different Types of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Central Air

Central air conditioners are the most well known and widely used types of air conditioning and refrigeration, and the energy efficiency of a central air conditioner is measured in a unit called SEER seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The SEER is the cooling output divided by the power consumption, with climate and other variables factored in. Basically, the higher the SEER, the better, and a rating of 10 is considered as being the minimum for new systems.

Installing a central air conditioner is very simple, and when your new air conditioner is installed you want to make sure that the dealer places the outdoor compressor in a shady area. This is because in turn this will help to reduce energy use by up to 10 per cent, and obviously this is a good thing. On top of this you will want to make sure that you have at least one-foot airflow around the entire unit.

High Velocity Air Conditioning Unit

Then another option you have when it comes to air conditioning and refrigeration is that of a high velocity air conditioning unit, a relatively new technology. This can be added to almost any home, even those which do not have existing ductwork. Instead of bulky metal ductwork, this technology uses flexible tubing only two inches in diameter, and the insulated tubes can be threaded behind walls or inside closets without damaging any of the sheetrock or plaster.

In this method of air conditioning and refrigeration, instead of large metal registers, you will have a two-inch vent in the ceiling or high on a wall that is nearly invisible when painted; this system overall is also much quieter than air conditioning through traditional metal ductwork.

Window Air Conditioners

Another type of air conditioning and refrigeration are the window air conditioners, which are measured by a simpler calculation of EER, or energy efficiency ratio. You need to keep in mind the fact that the EER can vary greatly between models, and so you need to be sure to read the Energy Guide label carefully before purchasing.

Whatever air conditioning and refrigeration unit you decide to go with, make sure that you take your time in the decision process, so that you can enjoy the best results possible; both today (as far as cooling is concerned) and at the end of the month – when the electricity bill arrives!

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