MacPaw Setapp Review – Instant Access To Your Best Premium Mac Apps At One Place!

We all are familiar with how tiresome sifting through thousands of apps in the Mac app store just to find the best one can be. Have we even talked about how much money one has to pay to keep these apps running on their computer? This is where Setapp comes in.

You already know what an app store is all about right? Now, you also know how much you pay in order to make use of premium apps available on an app store right? How about you pay a fixed “subscription” fee and gain access to use tons of premium Mac apps like CleanMyMac X, iThoughtsX, Disk Drill, Bartender, iStat, Boom 3D, Downie, Flume, BetterZip, WiFi Explorer, and lots more…

What is Setapp?

Setapp is a subscription-based service that is designed by MacPaw Inc. a company thrilled by the elegance of Mac OS, as an alternative to the Mac app store. With the launch of Setapp, Mac users can now get to know and use more new apps they may have never heard about prior. At a flat monthly subscription fee, users can access more than 100 apps at no extra cost. Imagine a Netflix experience but in this case for apps and exclusive for Mac users.

If you own a Mac without having the Setapp installed on it, maybe we have to check if you really know what you’re missing. Setapp is like an app store power house that houses quite a lot of awesome Mac OS apps and allows you to use its entire app at a fixed monthly or annual subscription price.

Setapp – Get 200+ Apps for Mac in One Suite

There are over 120 unique Mac OS applications available on Setapp and they are really good and useful apps. Instead of buying each app separately, now you can have instant access to entire library of mac apps at one place. Honestly, Setapp is a very good and everyone who uses Mac should consider having on this for sure. Currently, over 15, 000 Mac users are already using Setapp and probably, after reading this Setapp Review, you may join the queue (grins).

Setapp Top Mac Apps


The most interesting part of installing Setapp on a Mac PC is that you’ll only pay a fixed subscription fee and gain access to tons of premium app.

A monthly subscription fee of $9.99 with no commitment. (usage on two Macs)

An annual subscription fee of $107.88 or a monthly bill of $8.99.( Usage on two Macs.)

50% for student users who sign up using a.Edu email. (Usage on one Mac.)

Up to 3 additional Macs can be added to one account for $4.99 per month.

The apps on Setapp are not just premium per se, but, they are equally useful apps. With that said, an ardent Mac user who gets through a lot of productivity apps will definitely find these apps very helpful.

System Requirements for Setapp

Unfortunately, irrespective of your Windows OS version, you cannot gain access to use this App Store; specifically, Setapp is designed for Mac OS and it is almost compatible with all Mac OS version. However, for Mac users, below are the system requirements for installing Setapp;

Mac Operating System:macOS 10.10 or higher
HDD space: At least 450MB free space

Benefits of Setapp

At a small monthly fee, Setapp allows you to access 100+ apps spread across different categories such as task management, personal finance, productivity, writing & blogging, education & research among others.

All apps available on the service, are carefully handpicked to suit your needs. This means you cut on the time spent trying out tons of useless apps on the store.

Every software on Setapp is the latest version without ads, in-app purchases, or upgrade fees. Everything is captured in their subscription fee thereby allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Comes with a 7 day free trial with unrestricted and unlimited access to the entire app library. This is without needing to give out your credit card information. The risk of forgetting to cancel your trial offer and suffering automatic billing is eliminated.

For App developers and businesses, Setapp offers a platform where they can sell their service with spending resources and time on advertising. They just need to put in work on their applications and Setapp does the rest for them.

Features an appealing, well organized, and user-friendly interface that is quite easy to use. All you have to do is just specify the category then click on the search button. Setapp will then populate a list of apps able to perform the task you need.

There are over 100+ apps on Setapp at the moment while many more continue to be added on the platform. This is without a corresponding increase to the subscription fee!

Actually, the app is very easy to use; it comes with a user-friendly interface and the apps are just arranged in a way that you will easily get the exact you want. Also, all apps available on Setapp is developed by MacPaw. With just one low monthly fee, you will get unlimited and unrestricted access to premium Mac applications including CleanMyMac X (an awesome app for keeping your Mac running smooth), Disk Drill, Bartender, Yoink, Gemini 2, Netspot, and more…

How to Download and Use Setapp

First, you will have to signup and create an account with Setapp. Initially, you’ll get a free 7-day trial (credit card not required) to explore all the features/contents of the app. After the trial period, then, you’ll have to subscribe to the monthly/annual service plan to continue using the app. You can extensively manage your Setapp account from your account dashboard. Even so, you can delete your account if you do not like the app.


Apart from hosting amazing premium apps such as CleanMyMac X, iThoughtsX, Disk Drill, and Bartender iStat, Setapp doesn’t seem to have attracted the top guns in the industry yet. Therefore don’t expect to find the Adobe or Microsoft suite of apps for Mac. However, let us keep our fingers crossed as the number of apps keeps on increasing.

If like me, you like to explore different third party apps for use on your Mac, then installing Setapp should come as a no brainer to you. However, if you only use a few apps that are not from third parties, then sticking to the Mac app store would be a better idea.

For those of you who are curious but still not sure about the service, I would advise you to use Signup for Setapp Free 7-Day Trial Now! and see whether it’s for you.

10 Common Dropshipping Mistakes Newbies Make

Making mistakes is common when you’re new and learning the ropes. While one can be patient and remedy mistakes gradually when following other business models such as affiliate marketing… but with ecommerce, you need a faster reaction time.

Since you’ll be spending money on advertising and may even be paying monthly for Shopify and other apps, it’s imperative that you remedy mistakes quickly so that you’re in the green instead of languishing in the red.

The best way to remedy mistakes is to avoid making them. Below you’ll find a list of 10 mistakes that most newbies make when they start a dropshipping business. By avoiding them, you’ll be in good stead and your business will see success sooner.

1. Expecting quick profits

The concept of dropshipping is easy in theory, but difficult in practice. You’ll need to go through a process of trial and error before you discover winning products and campaigns.

Let’s not forget the nerves of steel you must have to keep losing money on ads until you find a winner and scale it up to massive profits.

All of this takes time and if you’re expecting quick profits, you’ll be disappointed… and may not have the patience to stay on track until you succeed.

2. Selling trademarked products

Selling trademarked products such as plush toys with Disney or Pokemon images, etc. is a big no-no, especially when the manufacturers are not licensed to use these images.

Not only will your store be taken down immediately (by Shopify), but you may face litigation and so on. So be very careful when selling products with popular brand images and so on.

3. Not opening a niche store

All beginners to dropshipping should start off with a niche. Trying to run a general store is not only expensive, but also lowers conversions. For example, if you have an art store selling mini-sculptures and so on, someone who buys one piece may buy a few more.

But if your store has too much variety and your sculpture is being sold next to a posture corrector and a pet pooper-scooper, the customer will just buy the one art item and leave – and you’d have lost the opportunity to make more sales.

4. Slow loading site

Research has shown that 1 in 4 people will close a web page if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load. You definitely want a site that’s blazing fast.

5. A small budget

You’ll need 2k to 5k in funds to be comfortable when trying to get your dropshipping business off the ground. A lack of funds will hamper your ability to tweak and test until you find a winning product and ad.

6. Insufficient research

Exercise due diligence when choosing a supplier, products, ad platforms and so on. There are several moving parts to this business. All need to work seamlessly for your ecommerce store to operate as an efficient and reputable sales machine.

The only way to ensure that you’re getting it right will be to do your research well and choose the best options.

7. Selling low quality products

Selling low quality products will not only result in returns and complaints, but will also affect your reputation with your payment processor. You must ensure that what you’re selling is of high quality.
Order the product first or ask the supplier to send you a sample. This will allow you to know if the product is of good quality and worth selling.

8. Not checking shipping times

Long shipping times are a no-no. Sometimes, a product may have fast shipping times to the U.S. but may take a month for the same product to reach Australia.

You must be aware of the shipping times to the different countries. Making your customers wait ages for their product will result in refunds, chargebacks and other problems in your business.

9. Not having a system to handle returns

The problem with dropshipping is that the customer usually doesn’t know that you’re the middleman and not the manufacturer. So when they wish to return a product, you need to know where they’ll send it.

To your place? To the supplier? How will you handle the returns?
You’ll need a system for handling returns.

10. Quitting too soon

Last but not least, a dropshipping business is a marathon and not a sprint. Quitting too soon will mean your business dies a premature death. So give your business the time and attention it needs till it succeeds beyond your wildest dreams.

Avoid these 10 mistakes at all cost and your dropshipping journey will be faster and less painful.