How to Choose a Winning Dropshipping Product Quickly & Easily

One of the biggest challenges marketers face when doing dropshipping is finding a winning product. While many products may look good, ultimately, the market will decide if they like a product or not.

Until then, it’s a matter of trial and error for the marketer. While this sounds straightforward, it’s actually a test of patience because you’ll need to spend money on advertising and tweaking your ads until you find a winning ad.

But a winning ad can only work if you have a winning product. This is what you need to look out for…

Does it solve a problem?

The hottest selling dropshipping products solve an immediate problem. For example, posture correctors, pet care gadgets, etc.

A product that solves an immediate need tends to often be an impulse buy. Your ads will convert better when the prospective customer immediately realizes that the product will make their life easier.

Which brings us to the next point…

Mass market appeal

Since most marketers tend to use Facebook ads which are displayed to a wide audience, the more mass appeal your product has the higher the conversions will be.

If a product is too ‘specific’, most people will not click on the ad or buy the product.


This is another important factor to be aware of. Sometimes when a product is trending, every marketer and his neighbor tries to get in on the action. The end result is that there’s overexposure and most people who would want to buy the product have already bought it.

Sales will decline and if you get in too late, you’ll miss out on most of the profits. So it’s imperative that you choose a product that’s growing in popularity… and ride that wave upwards instead of choosing the product when the market is already saturated.

How unique is the product?

Generally, the product should NOT be available in big stores like Walmart, Amazon, etc. If the customer can buy the product from these places, they’ll probably not buy it from you.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of the product must make price less of an issue. For example, a roll of sticky tape which can hold up bricks and seal leaks is unique. You can’t really figure out the price.

The dropshipper who is able to source the product for $2.50 a roll will be able to sell it for $15. The consumer who’s unable to guess the price of the product will willingly pay $15 because of the perceived value of the product – and the fact that it’s not available in stores.

Minimal customization

Every extra step that a potential customer has to take will inevitably lead to a lower conversion rate. Your product should be simple to purchase and have very few options to customize or none at all.

You want a seamless buying process. Dropshipping products such as pet gadgets, car accessories, etc. are easier to sell.

Clothing and other products that require one to choose their size, look at sizing tables, choose the color, etc. require more mental energy… and many people will just click off the website than go through the buying process. So that’s something to be aware of.

Other factors

Besides the main pointers above, you should also take into account shipping times, product reviews, the demand for the product and the profit margin.
Do your due research and it’ll take a while – but this is time well-spent. Choosing a winning product to sell is one of the cornerstones of successful dropshipping. Then it’s just a matter of getting your advertising right.