Teachable.com & Skillshare.com: An Affordable Online Learning Community

If you are writer or author, there are quiet a lot of online teaching platforms available on the internet today to launch your own online courses. To start with, I have listed 2 most popular online course platforms.. Teachable.com and Skillshare.com


1) Nice platform to build your own brand.
2) No restrictions or cap on pricing
3) Use your own domain with full customization
4) Course hosted on their platform
5) Ability to create blogs to drive traffic & build audience
6) You get full access to your leads (email address)
7) Both free (14 day trial) and paid (basic, pro & business) plans available
8) Easy to use straightforward interface
9) In-built ability to handle EU payments with VAT
10) Ability to embed HTML/CSS scripts in the lectures
11) Quizzes and assessments
12) Video lectures


Teachable.com platform is very user-friendly, simple, and does work for many writers & authors who are interested in launching their online courses.

Click here to visit Teachable.com for more info


Are you in search of an amazing online learning and teaching community? Or you need an affordable online learning platform where you can learn a skill or earn as a teacher. Then your best bet should be subscribing to Skillshare.

Established in 2011, Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers over 100 classes in 12 categories which include, creative writing, music, entrepreneurship, gaming, design, business, writing, marketing, crafts, technology, photography, film, cooking, fashion, DIY,culinary arts amongst many others.

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The company’s mission is to provide students with an affordable online learning community that is engaging, and convenient. On the platform, students are encouraged to communicate with each other, access video instructions from their teachers, complete assignments and get feedback from the student’s discussion board.

Professional who are interested in becoming instructors on the platform can easily teach a skill by creating their courses and earn money. Skillshare offers compensation for teachers as students enroll in their classes, they can also earn from each student who subscribes as a premium member on the platform.

For the student, Skillshare empower them to excel in their careers, pursue their passion and improve their lives. It gives them access to a catalog of premium classes once they upgrade to premium membership.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of using the Skillshare platform?


• Interactive teaching and learning
• Professional instructors
• Standardized course platform
• Free course
• Affordable
• Discounts available
•Premium upgrade available


• Lack of direct teacher-student contact
• No strict standard for video lectures
• The learning process isn’t so simple when compared to other platforms

Skillshare.com – Join Skillshare Today and Get Two Months
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What are the outstanding features of Skillshare?

Some of the outstanding features of Skillshare include…

• Over 14000 courses: At present, you can find over 14000 skill development courses on the platform. Topics range from technology, business sectors, motion graphics, and arts among others

• More than 2 million students: At present, Skill share has over 22 million students from different parts of the world

• Compensation for teachers: Instructors can earn a big share of the total profit

• Catalogue of Premium Classes: Premium members have access to unlimited materials on the full skill library of Skillshare

• Provides lectures in English: Also, the primary language of communication between teachers and students on the platform in English making it very easy for people to understand

What are the available plans?

Skillshare offers three different plans. The free, premium and team enterprise plan. As a student, you are free to choose a plan that works best for you. You can have access to video intro on Skillshare without registering on the platform, however, you will need to create an account before you can take a full course.

On the free plan, you have access to over 1,000 free courses as well as discussions and workshops.When you upgrade to the premium plan for $9.95 monthly, you will have access to over 15, 000 courses. You also have the option to save courses offline and access them at your convenient time. The profit from paid subscription on Skillshare is used to cover the cost of running the platform, paying professionals and avoiding all unnecessary ads.

Finally, if you are searching for an affordable online training site with independent and endless class option, then Skillshare should be your first option. The platform offers a unique learning community for students and an opportunity for teachers to earn.

Skillshare.com – Join Skillshare Today and Get Two Months
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