RugSpa – Imported Rug Cleaning Specialist

Its true that rugs give exotic and sophisticated touch to any home or apartment. Moreover, oriental rugs adds aesthetic feel and character of your living space. Originally these rugs were only available by import but today high quality oriental rugs can be purchased from reputable manufacturers in the USA. “RugSpa” was started 100 years ago by their ancestors who began manufacturing hand-knotted wool oriental rugs in Sivas, Armenia for export to America and Europe. Richard Kirishian, a third generation oriental rug importer knew early on and recognized the need for his customers by offering hand washing quality rug cleaning throughout USA.

But, today there are quiet a lot changes happened in the rug cleaning industry. But, still RugSpa maintains his quality to provide superior rug cleaning at affordable price even today. RugSpa specializes in cleaning handmade, hand-knotted, luxurious wool, oriental silk and persian rugs. They provide 100% guarantee on work and if not satisfied, they will fully refund your rug cleaning charges, no questions asked.

So, when it comes to oriental rugs, just don’t settle for anything less than a highly professional rug cleaning. Sure, at time it may look quiet easy and also be tempting to takle the problem yourself, but it would backfire. The reason because, oriental rugs requires gentle and effective approach to cleaning.

The highlight of RugSpa is that they hand process every rug separately and provide you with very finest and most comprehensive rug cleaning process, so that it removes dirt, pet stains, allergans, toxins and carcinogens. RugSpa experts employs a unique state of art 8 step pre-inspection and cleaning process to ensure top quality oriental rug clearning, for more information visit RugSpa – How it works. RugSpa also specializes in the repair & restoration of oriental rugs, especially for rugs of value and antiques, all work done at their in-house plant by highly experienced professionals. So, it means quality of your rug repairs are guaranteed.

RugSpa nationwide rug cleaning business has grown, and continually upgraded their equipment to offer one of the most state of the art professional rug cleaning operations in the industry. You can trust us with your fine rugs and even your priceless antiques. Your rugs will be returned to you thoroughly cleaned and beautifully restored. The RugSpa cleaning process is 100% organic and specially formulated with gentle soaps and with lot of clean cold water rinsing. So, be rest assured that your valued oriental rugs are not just cleaner, but also healthier for you and your family!

Graphic Creations Made Easy With Software

A basic understanding of computers is all a person needs to create their own graphics with today’s design software. Even with just small amount of design understanding, people can still use simple design programs to build their own cartoons strips, holiday cards, flyers and invitations. Your business and yourself can save money on special occasions by using one of the several user friendly affordable programs that are out there.

The number one choice for design software by both professionals and amateurs is Adobe PhotoShop. By cropping, recoloring and adding special effects, PhotoShop allows users to change photos anyway they wish. Entirely new pictures can also be created by using special drawing tools, or existing pictures can be modified anyway the user desires. PhotoShop uses a system of “layers.” By using layers, separate pieces of a picture can be changed while keeping the changes separate. For example, you can change the color on the bottom layer without affecting the color on the top layer. If you wish to draw more than creating full pictures, Adobe Illustrator may be the choice for you.

PhotoShop is a pixel-based program while Adobe Illustrator is vector based. What does this mean your probably asking yourself? When you make a picture in PhotoShop, you must use a certain resolution. A computer screen displays 72 pixels per inch for a clear picture, but when you print a 72 dpi picture, it appears blocky and blurred. If you are making a picture for printing in PhotoShop, you need to use 300 pixels per inch to get a nice, sharp image. Because Illustrator is vector-based, it uses a system of paths rather than pixels. In simple terms, it uses lines rather than colors. This means that everything you create in Illustrator can be enlarged up to any size you wish without ever becoming blurry or grainy. Designers often use Illustrator software to build logos for a variety of advertisements. The same picture or logo drawing can be used on a small business card or enlarged to fill an entire billboard.

For those wishing to create simple greeting cards or party invitations, there is a variety of user friendly software programs made specifically for these purposes. Many offer templates for several print sizes and folding options. For the more experienced user, the software program Quark is an excellent print layout tool. Adobe InDesign also offers professional quality layout options along with many of the same tools used in Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. If you are to use these two programs, you will easily be able to create professional quality materials with InDesign.

There is a wide variety of file types used in graphic software programs. Most have their own native formats that can only be read by the parent programs. PhotoShop files have a .PSD extension, and Illustrator files are AI, making them only accessible by PhotoShop. When you are working with a work in progress, it is a good idea to save files in these formats, as they offer you the greatest flexibility in altering your creation. However, once you have completed your work and are ready to print your materials, you can save them in a variety of ways. Web pictures should saved as JPEGs, GIF or TIFF files. Pictures ready for printing are best saved as EPS files, to preserve color accuracy. If you plan to send graphics via e-mail, PDF offers the greatest flexibility, as most computers have Acrobat Reader, the program needed to read the PDF file type.

No matter what software fits your needs, making digital graphics can be a enjoyable and simple hobby, or even a professional career. It can take some time to get used to the terminology, but once you learn the tools of digital art, you will be on your way to building functional and decorative graphic masterpieces to share with the electronic world.