Microsoft excel tutorial in easy to follow videos

Do you want to learn Excel fast but are tired of reading thick manuals or attending expensive courses? Well, there is a much better solution – the ExcelSecret Video Course. This is a Quick And Easy-To-Follow Excel Video Course that will take you through each and every useful function within the extensive program of more than a hundred videos.

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As you can see, it’s quite a comprehensive course consisting of both the very basic and advanced special features of Excel.

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Introduction To Excel
Basic Terminology
Create New Worksheet From Template
Saving Workbook
Types Of Data
Inserting Symbols
Copying Across Separate Worksheets
Formatting Multiple Worksheets Simultaneously
Inserting And Deleting Cells
Editing Cells and Undoing Changes
Introduction To Formulae
Simple Functions
Statistical Functions
PMT Functions
What-If Analysis
Linking Formulae
Text Alignment
Colors And Patterns
Inserting Drawings, Clip Arts And AutoShapes
Plus Much More Advanced Lessons !

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