Your Mind is the Best Tool for Outdoor Survival

If you should ever become lost and stranded in the wilderness, what is the best tool to ensure survival? Is it your pocket knife or fire starter? No, neither of these items are your best tool for survival. It is your mind that is your greatest asset and it can help you to survive in nearly any outdoor survival situation.

Survival The End Days!

Realizing you are lost or stranded in the wilderness can be very scary, frustrating, and confusing. Try not to panic. Breathe deeply and let your mind focus. It is a good idea to sit down for a few moments and relax until you can think clearly. There is no need to waste energy by wandering around aimlessly. Direct your emotions into positive activity such as getting your bearings or choosing the location for your shelter.

Gather your thoughts together. Take this time to assess the situation. Take a good look at your outdoor survival kit. Check your pockets, backpack, or vehicle for items that may be useful. You have valuable items that can be very helpful around you when you stop and think about it.

Now is the time to make mental notes of the outdoor survival skills that you have learned in the past from reading, watching TV, or school. What was it that you planned to do in survival situations? You have undoubtedly thought this through before in your mind. Now is the time to instill your plan and bring it to action.

Try not to over think the situation. Do your best to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Prioritize what needs to be done for survival. Make a mental to-do list and get started.

Protecting yourself from the elements is usually the first priority. Look around and see what options are available for shelter. Use items in the environment to lessen your work. Nature may have already provided the shelter you need. Look for caves or overhangs, for example.

Building a fire is of utmost importance. Fire can fend off dangerous and annoying animals. You can also use a fire to signal for help while staying warm. Once you have your shelter in place, you may need to start a fire for melting ice, cooking, or heat.

Locating water is another priority that should be high on your survival to-do list. Everyone needs water to remain hydrated. Dehydration results in weakness and lowered mental capacity. These are two problems you can live without. Do not wait until you are out of water to search for a water source. This is not a good plan of action. You want your mind to be functioning at its highest capacity.

Trying to maintain a positive attitude is absolutely key to your survival in this extreme situation. Keep your thoughts clear and productive. Assessing the situation and using what is available will allow you to survive. Prioritizing things to do will help to keep your mind focused on your goal of survival. When you can remain focused and well rested, your mind will work well to provide you the positive attitude you need to get through the survival situation.

Survival The End Days!

Building Websites Was Tedious Until I Discovered Site Builders

Site builder tools are a valuable option to everyone including both the novice and professional web designer. If you’ve ever tried building a website on your own, you know how time consuming it can be. With all of the HTML code to type, building a site on your own can take you months to design, not to mention all of the frustration involved. You probably already know that HTML code is not too forgiving; one small error can drastically change the look of your pages.


All of this valuable time spent designing your site and fixing errors could be used in other areas of your business. With web builder tools you can avoid all of the headaches and spend more of your time effectively running your business. Using web builder tools is both hassle free and easy. The directions are simple enough for anyone to understand.

Another point to consider is the longer it takes to build your website, the more online sales you are missing out on. Many times people are tempted to just hire someone else to do the job for them, but this is usually not the most cost effective choice. Webmasters can often be very expensive, especially if they are charging you by the hour and not a set fee for the job. With web builder tools you can have a professional looking website up and running in no time at all. Unlike webmasters, web builder tools will not put a dent in your wallet. They also allow you to have more of an input on designing your site. This can be very important for two reasons. First of all, when hiring someone else to build your site it is often difficult to explain just how you want everything to look. You can tell them what you want, but your idea and their final product may not always match. If revisions need to be made to your site, this will take more time and may even cost you more money. Secondly you will no doubt want to make changes to your site occasionally. It can be a bother trying to contact a webmaster and set up a time for your site to be updated. Often times they may not be readily available when you need them. With web builder tools you have the option of making updates to your site whenever you choose.

If you own multiple websites and earn a great deal of your income online, you can greatly benefit from using web builder tools. While you may be able to effectively design sites on your own, think of all the time that must be spent doing so. Web builder tools can save you countless hours of time and allow you to concentrate more on running your business instead of working on your site. This extra time can be used to increase your income by learning marketing tools to help sell your products. Another point to consider is all of the updates that you make to your site on a regular basis. You may offer monthly specials or product discounts on a regular basis. Web builder tools allow you to make the necessary changes to your site without devoting a great deal of time. Making quick updates to your site is not a problem with web builder tools.

Most companies offering web builder tools understand that their customers have varying needs. That’s why they offer several different packages for customers to choose from. Whether you just need a small site designed to market your product, multiple email accounts, web blogs, shopping cart, or have a rather large website to build, web builder tools can assist you in designing the site of your choice. If you later decide to add more features or pages onto your site, upgrades can easily be made to your account. With all of the features they have to offer, web builder tools are a good option for business owners of all types.